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Looking to adopt a cat

Lost two cats to old age over the past couple of years; Smokey, a Russian Blue tabby cross and Tyger, a brown/black Tabby.

Smokey was a feisty cat, who loved a good wrestle and terrorized the house with random attacks. Tyger was a huge old Tom. The dogs didn't know what to make of him 'cause he outweighed them and refused to be chased so they made him an honorary dog including frequent baths, which he seemed to enjoy.

Humane Society cats

I've met Foster and he reminds me of old Smokey. Smokey looks like old Smokey. Had a staring contest with Coach and he won. Tin man looks a lot like Tyger.

I'm scared. Maureen O'Connel said "Rand Paul" and "voice of reason" in the same sentence

Context: being interviewed by Julie Mason on Sirius' POTUS channel - The Press Pool concerning the Republican debate

Specifically she was noting that of all the candidates' wacko ideas on way to do about ISIS/L such as "carpet bombing", his were the relative voice of reason

Why are Republican Presidential candidates afraid of a brokered convention?

What is a brokered convection?
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