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I think I've had it and didn't know

My "normal" temperature is 36 C. For most people it's 37 so that's what they use for the base line. I'm old and going through male menopause which means brutal hot flashes that leave me feeling crappy and exhausted.

For about 3 weeks my temperature was 37, I felt feverish and just plain crappy but was able to stumble through work, where I had my temperature taken and the usual battery of questions. I was also getting daily hot flashes.

Since I didn't know for sure what was making me feel crappy and I wasn't officially "running a fever" I assumed I was OK. Then they added a "do you feel feverish" question but by that time I was feeling better.

I can't go get tested for the usual perverse logic of if I'm not tested, I haven't had it, but if I test positive for having had it and gotten over it, I can't work.

U.S. drops tariffs on Canadian aluminum, avoiding retaliation

Source: CTV news

OTTAWA -- The United States is lifting its 10 per cent tariff on Canadian aluminum, retroactive to Sept. 1, backing down from the trade dispute just hours before Canadian retaliatory measures were to be announced.

This major move was announced by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. In a statement, the top American trade official cited “consultations” with Canadian officials and an expectation that trading of aluminum is likely to balance out in the months ahead, as why the Americans decided to withdraw what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called “unjust” tariffs.

Read more: https://beta.ctvnews.ca/national/politics/2020/9/15/1_5105292.html

Canada declares economic war on US and wins

You are aware that Trump's implications about Covid in Democratic areas is a logical fallacy, right?

It’s called Fallacy of the Undivided Middle and relates to Correlation is not Causation.

Here’s the structure:

All cows are brown.
My dog is brown.
Therefore my dog is a cow.

Let’s say one of the main reasons for a cluster of Covid cases is crowding such as in urban areas. Urban areas tend to vote Democratic. See where I’m going?

Rescued a gosling in a parking lot

Couldn’t make it up the curb. Gave it a boost and improvised a ramp out of some junk. Daddy honked thanks and flapped his wings.

I dig a post hole, plant the post, now there isn't enough dirt to pack the hole

How does that work?

Did I hear that correctly? Trump decided not to shut down virus task group because it's "popular"?

I can read soooo much into that.

Here is why Trump put Pence in charge of combatting the virus

Trump was put into power by his base. Here is what they wanted:

-pack the courts with conservative judges in order to put women’s rights back to the Stone Age. Basically overturn Roe v. Wade, ban contraception then implement Handmaid’s Tale. Mission well on its way.

-bring about the Rapture. The nuclear war in Iran fizzled. Now a plague has come down the pipe so he’s done everything in his power to dismantle anything in its way. Now he’s put religiously insane, scientifically illiterate Pence in charge of making sure it happens.

My garage door just emailed me

Ok, this is getting ridiculous and scary.

I’m old. I’ve used a hand cranked telephone, my first computer job involved punched cards, a relative used a Model T as their working vehicle and I saw Sputnik.

My parents had a double car garage with a big metal door that you had to put up and down by hand. If the balancing spring broke you were fucked until somebody came over to fix it. Years later we got a roll up door that worked a lot better. Then along came electric garage door openers. Then they worked with a remote.

Telephones progressed to rotary with relays then push button with tones. Then my workplace handed me a mobile phone the size and weight of a brick. Computers went from mechanical to tubes to transistors to ICs to this god forsaken monster I’m holding right now.

It bemused me that I now use my “telephone” to open my garage door. Now it’s bitching it wants a new battery and knows what kind.

Are we far from Skynet?

Holy Crap, I know why Trump encouraged Turkey to invade Syria. It's a campaign promise

I was listening to POTUS on SiriusXM and somebody mentioned Trump making a campaign promise to “stop endless war”.

That’s a dog whistle.

It seems weird that Trump is supported by the Rabid Religious Right given his speech and behaviour. They believe he is a reincarnation of King Cyrus brought back to do two things.

1. Overturn Roe vs. Wade

2. Bring on Armageddon and the end of the world so they have The Rapture in their lifetime.

In other words he intends to stop endless warfare by starting the final war.

The invasion of Syria is the first step in destabilizing the region. If he is allowed to continue, the nukes will be flying by year end. He’ll probably push the first button.

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

First time at a canabis store

Craftygal is a kidney patient and has issues with nausea, migraine headaches and pain. Traditional medicine isn’t doing the trick so out of curiosity I dropped into a local cannabis store. There’s two within walking distance of my house.

The store is in a strip mall. When they moved in they completely redid the place. The windows are greyed out with one way viewable plastic so you can see out but not in.

When you go in past the big sign saying “you must be 18+ to enter. ID mandatory” there’s a big rectangular counter with 3 people inside. They were young and well but casually dressed. Overhead are big TV displays with brands and prices.

A approached one of the people, explained Craftygal’s situation and that I’m a truck driver and can’t be contaminated with THC. He brought me around to the other side of the counter where there were more TV displays of canabis in pill form. After a disclaimer that they were unable to offer medical advice a long discussion ensued with everybody contributing on the merits of combinations of CBD and THC. We eventually settled upon a bottle of 15 pills of something or other for $CAN20 + tax. I paid up and was sent over into a cubbyhole in the corner where another clerk dispensed it.

Everybody was friendly and knowledgeable and I intend to go back.
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