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So, why isn't Trump taking his salary as president.

He obviously needs the money. Is it because he would have to publish his taxes if he did?

Trump's core supporters hate us more than they love him.

That's why NONE of his multiple scandals stick. He represent payback to Liberals who they blame for their failures and frustrations in life.

I have an NFL question.

Why do the NY Jets exist?

If you report massive losses on your tax returns but massive profits on your bank loan applications

isn't that fraud?

NYC Central Park's Conservatory Garden

If you're worried, understand this: high turnout stops all chicanery

If the turnout is high, Trump loses so big that it would be impossible for any chicanery to over turn the results. Trump has never, ever been above 50% approval during his tenure in office. The public hates him. Every single poll taken since March 2019 shows him behind Biden except for 5 which showed him either tied or 1 point ahead.

Trump is struggling in right leaning Iowa. The Joni-Ernst-Chuck-Grassley-Kim-Reynolds Iowa. If a Republican is not ahead by at least 5 points in Iowa, he's done in the other midwest swing states. The same is true for GA and TX.

Stop worrying and turnout.

If the SCOTUS strikes down the ACA, how about an emergency Medicare Option?

Just create emergency Medicare Option for everyone who lost their coverage.

Tell me why that won't work.

6 year old little Irish girl hilariously insists on going to the pub

Democrats should not delay Amy Coney Barrett's nomination. Let it proceed.

They should attend the hearings and make sure that the public hears her views. Make her answer her writings on everything from the ACA to choice to labor to her hypocrisy on nominating a justice in the last year of the presidency.

Make Sens. Gardner, McSally, Collins, and Tillis defend this selection in their races.

Our Democratic leaders need to fully understand that we are in a partisan era and act accordingly

Watching HBO's documentary series, "Agents of Chaos", was like taking several punches to the gut. Perhaps the worst punch was President Obama's reluctance to make it clear to the public at the time that Russia's intelligence services were actively interfering in our elections by hacking the DNC and our state election systems. President Obama wanted to make a bi-partisan statement with members of congress, but McConnell refused. Why? Because Russian interference was helping Republicans.

That's the world we live in. Republicans are willing to allow our national security to be compromised so long as it benefits them. So, the whole argument, "if we do x then Republicans will do y", is pointless because the Republcans are doing "y" right now. In addition to reaching out to foreign governments for election assistance. They're packing the courts. They're in the process of putting three justices on the court that they had no "institutional" right to do so. They're stepping over epidemic experts which has inhibited our ability to fight the virus all because it helps them politically with their base.

We don't live in a bi-partisan, "let's all get along" world. Power begets power. The game plan going forward should be acquire power to rectify wrongs and build a future for this country without trying to be pals with Republcans. They're not our friends. Treat them that way.
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