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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,988

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Game of Thrones Future Love Connection???




Both are tall, fierce warriors. They'd be perfect together. If there was a Westeros Match.com, I think that there would be a love connection here.

Where Are Mitt Romney's African American Staffers/Surrogates/Supporters?

Same question goes for his Latino and GBLT Staffers/Surrogates/Supporters?

If You Are Under The Age of 50 and If Paul Ryan's Budget Passes, You Will Have To Leave The USA

when you reach retirement age. You will not be able to get health insurance coverage at that age, and you will need it.

They Key to Non-Violent Protests Is To Win The Police Over

Not confront them with sticks. Doing so puts you in a confrontational position. If you hit cops with sticks, then they will turn on you.

Read up on Gene Sharp's From Dictatorship to Democracy:

Paraphrasing here:

div class="excerpt"]Defiance strategists should remember that it will be difficult or impossible to disintegrate the dictatorship if the police, bureaucrats, and the military remain fully supportive of the dictatorship. Strategies aimed at subverting the loyalty of the dictators' forces should be given the highest priority.

pg. 64


Damn You VH1! Damn You!

You put on the Top 100 songs of the 90s, and now, I can't stop watching. My head is full of ear worms. I'm getting nostalgic.

And I just cannot stop watching your damn show. I have things that I have to do.

So, I Have The Right To Stalk Someone and If They Fight Back, I Can Kill Them, Claiming Self Defense

Is that what some DUers here are arguing?

Do I have that right?

MFM Believes In Teaching The Right Habits Early On

If Corporate Sponsorships in Sports Upset You, You Will Enjoy This Snippet

This is from an article on Grantland.com from Justin Halpern, the author of "Shit My Dad Says". It's about his days in Little League:

...two adjacent baseball fields were about a mile from my house, and twice a week my team, the San Diego Credit Union Padres, would gather there to practice.

"You should just be called the Padres, not all that bullshit about credit unions," my dad said, as he drove me to the field on the opening day of the season when I was eleven years old.

"But the credit union pays for us to have a team," I said.

"Yeah, well, I pay for you to do everything, and you don't see me making you wear a shirt with my giant goddamned face on it."


My Huge Beef with the NBA

So, whenever a superstar player drives towards the hoop and gets touched, it's an automatic foul? We've seen Michael Jordan, Kobe, Dwayne, and LeBron get this treatment from the refs, and I believe that it cheapens the game. It basically means that you can't play defense on them, and teams without a superstar have no chance of winning a series.

Thus, given that only a few teams have a superstar or will ever get one, then those teams have no chance of ever winning, and in David Stern's NBA, the only team that has won a championship without a hall of fame player was the Detroit Pistons in 2004.

Mitt Romney is Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho"

If you hear Huey Lewis and the News coming out of his campaign bus, run like hell.
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