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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,987

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The least offensive post in the history of DU

The NY Jets have only scored one TD in 4 pre-season games. Nothing "offensive" about them.

--On Edit--

I'm not a Jets fan. Their owner, Woody Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson empire, is a Repug and is considering running for the senate in NJ.

My Neighbor Got Her Dog Back!!!!

She's an elderly widow. Her dog was stolen back in June, and I saw her today with her dog. The dog is injured though, and I will let you know what I find out.

"A chair is still a chair. Even when there's no one sitting there" -- Burt Bacharach

"But a chair is not the White House
And the White House is not a home for the Republcans"

Instead of Panicking, Donate Money or Your Time

or volunteer at a local charity. Or, just do something else with your time instead of watching the Republican convention. I watched the season finale of "Newsroom" during Eddie Munster's speech. (BTW, I love the show, but Sorkin makes the female characters look like high school girls and it makes me cringe. Also, where are the GLBT characters???)

Any way, the Dems will have their convention next week, and we will all feel better. Obama is the best Dem politician out there, and you don't see him panicking.

I've learned a lot about leadership from Obama. I've learned how to be relaxed and focused on the tasks ahead without letting your emotions take over your actions. Be calm and tackle the day ahead.

How Can You Be "Pro-Life" and Call for Draconian Cuts to Medicaid?

Isn't access to healthcare necessary to prolong life? What kind of life can you have if you cannot get treatment for ailments that kill you?

Poor pregnant women, children, the elderly rely on Medicaid in order to live, and if Ryan's cuts are passed into law, they may die. Isn't this rationing healthcare?

Doesn't life extends beyond conception and birth,

4 Years Ago, Sarah Palin's Convention Speech Won Over the Media

and it gave the McCain campaign a big boost. We all know what happened afterwards.

Stop going nuts over one speech.

Where The Hell Is W?

There are only two living former Republican presidents, and one of them, George H.W. Bush, is ill and cannot attend. So, why isn't the healthiest former Republican president making an appearance at the 2012 Republican convention?

And, why isn't the media reporting about this? This isn't the Soviet Union. You cannot just write former leaders out of the history books.

The Republicans build W, and they should own him.

Where is W?

My "Breaking Bad" Prediction

Walt is buying that gun in New Hampshire to either kill Jessie or Skylar. One of them is in witness protection.

WARNING: Graphic Cuteness At Video Link

If you have some sort of allergy to incredible cuteness, please do not click on this link below. If you still click on the link and suffer a cuteness over load, I cannot be held liable:


Question for Libertarians: What About The FAA Inspecting Planes?

If they're against government regulations and are willing to allow corporations to self-regulate, are they comfortable with the airline industry self-inspecting their planes without govt oversight?

Okay, I get it that the market will weed out the bad players. No one will fly on a bogus inspected plane. But what about the safety of the people on the ground when the damn planes fall out of the sky???

--On Edit--

I found my answer:

Private groups would likely evaluate each airline and make suggestions for safety improvement. Airlines would probably pay for inspections in the hopes of getting the ‘Seal of Approval’ from such organizations. Prudent consumers would fly only airlines that received high safety ratings; without such certification, an airline would be unlikely to survive.
Airlines lose money when lives are lost. They face lawsuits from victims or their families and loss of business from frightened consumers. Airlines therefore have great incentive to avoid safety problems. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose by killing their customers.


Oh, just like it was okay to deregulate banking because the banks wouldn't want to lose money and their public reputation.
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