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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 30,987

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What is or what is not porn? And, who or what gets to decide what is or is not porn?

We keep having these intense debates and threads, but we don't even have a definition of porn. Your definition of porn will be different from my definition of porn, and that will be different from another person's definition.

For example, this year's Cannes film festival's Palme d'Or winner is the film, "Blue is the Warmest Color", and it features a very explicit lesbian love scene. The movie has caused a controversy. Some say it exploitative, yet it won the Palme d'Or.

If we cannot even agree on what is or is not porn, then how can we really have a debate about it?

The Iran deal is THE primary reason why I voted for Obama

I wanted two things from an Obama administration: (1) no more wars in the Middle East and (2) rollback of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and I got both.

If McCain had won in 2008 or Romney in 2012, we would be gearing up for war in Iran. Bank on it.

BTW, John Kerry is kicking ass as Sec. of State

That is all.

Okay, so, Michael rowed the boat ashore. Big deal!

Really, what was so special about rowing the boat ashore. Millions of people all over the world do this every day.

Question about "The Walking Dead" (SPOILERS)

When the Walkers amass outside the fence of the prison, why not douse them with gasoline/lighter fluid/some type of flammable liquid and set them on fire with a blow torch? Stabbing them individually at close range seems to be a futile effort.

Si DU tener un foro idioma español?

Sí o No?

¿Dónde trabaja?

Yo trabajo en un bufete de abogados.

Tienes hambre? n/t

En edición. Lo arreglé.

How would you grade the overall quality of the NFL this year?

I would give it a D+. Yes, there are a few good teams like the Broncos, Seahawks, and Colts, but for most of the other teams, their play has been inept.

I get paid to not lose my shit

That's really my job. I get paid to NOT tell people to go "F**k themselves".
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