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Democrats: The White Working Class Isn’t Voting for You, So Stop Pandering to Them

Here’s the thing about white working-class voters: they have been fearful and reactionary for a long time—since before Brexit, or the recession, or NAFTA—hell, since before the Lost Cause. And liberals have been coddling their tender sensitivities for just as long. Yet they always vote for the other guys. And they’ve never needed an economic crisis or a failure of institutions to feel that way! Weird, I know! Remember the 1950s? The greatest economic boom in history, the time when the white working class had it better than they ever had before? Strangely it did nothing to at all to slow the raging anti-Semitism, homophobia, and fear of “communists” exhibited by the white working class during the McCarthy Era. Just as the widespread, sustained prosperity of the 60s and 70s somehow didn’t keep them from voting for Richard Nixon and George Wallace in huge numbers, or from rioting against school integration in the North. Huh.


Another point that the article misses. African Americans and Latinos are also largely working class, but they don't get lumped into the same demo. The racial implication here is that they don't work like their White counterparts do. They don't face the same economic anxiety like their White counterparts do. They get government support whereas their White counterparts do not.

Cat shaming doesn't work

Comes across as Cat bragging more than shaming:

It was not factory jobs that created the great American middle class

It was a combination of:

1. Government intervention into the management of companies that forced them to collectively bargain with workers.
2. Labor laws e.g.the 40 hour work week and OT pay
3. Lack of foreign competition
4. Discrimination against African Americans and Women which limited competition for White men and raised their wages
5. Fear of the spread of Soviet communism for which a large middle class would act as a buffer

None of these things would return if we brought back every factory job in the world onto American shores. If that were to happen, you would have to pay American workers the same wage as the factory workers in other nations. Otherwise, these companies would not be able to compete. For example, if Apple made every product in the U.S., they would have to pay their factory workers the same as Samsung or go out of business.

Folks, globalization is here whether you like it or not. There's nothing that a president can do.

An old man music rant here. Show me a current song that can match this.

What kind of musical instrument is this?

How do you play it?

Globalization, trade deals, and immigration is not what's killing the middle class

in either the US or the UK. People are conflating the two. What is killing the middle class is their reluctance to vote for politicians, across the board, that will invest in the American people. It's voting for Republicans here like Brownback and Cameron in the UK who push massive austerity programs which rob the middle class of vital benefits like education and healthcare.

There's this myth that factory jobs create a middle class, and that is just wrong. Even if we brought back every factory job in the world back to the US, the middle class would be in the same condition that it's currently in. Those factories would still have to compete globally and that would mean that wages and benefits would have to reflect the global markets. Additionally, environmental regulations would have to be relaxed as well.

For example, Carrier air conditioning has to compete with Korean and Chinese manufacturers for market share. Forcing them to operate entirely in the US would mean they'd either have to cut wages or go out of business.

The answer to rebuilding the middle class is not shutting yourself off from the world. The answer is to vote for pols on state and federal levels that will spend money on education, infrastructure, research, etc. Borwnback is doing more to destroy the middle class than China could ever do.

Brexit? Is that a Baylon Greyjoy move?

Balon Greyjoy was the head of House Greyjoy and Lord of the Iron Islands. The Iron Islands are one of the constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms and House Greyjoy is one of the Great Houses of the realm. House Greyjoy rule the region from their seat at Pyke and Balon also holds the title Lord Reaper of Pyke. He was a hard, ambitious and ruthless man.

Balon declared himself King of the Iron Islands and rose in the rebellion against the Iron Throne to revive the "Old Way", which had once led the ironborn to rule much of the western coast of Westeros. He was, however, defeated in a bloody war. His elder two sons were killed and his third son, Theon, was taken by Lord Eddard Stark as a hostage for Balon's good behavior and obedience.


You cannot vote globalization and technology away without hurting yourself even more

You want high quality products like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, flat screen high-def TVs, Prius, affordable clothes at Old Navy, computers, etc., etc. If you want goods and services at reasonable prices, then you have to accept globalization, immigration, and technology that make these things possible.

Sorry, but buying only American made products is not practical nor reasonable. Protectionism would only bring higher priced goods, less services, long delays, and a slower economy as consumers spend less which would lead to greater job losses. Be wary of policies that make you feel good, but are not really good for you.

The answer is to develop career skills that make you marketable in a global economy.

British Millennials: You've stolen our future


Many youngsters are also worried leaving the European Union will mean isolation. A reader comment on the Financial Times that has been widely shared on social media said: "The younger generation has lost the right to live and work in 27 other countries. We will never know the full extent of the lost opportunities, friendships, marriages and experiences we will be denied."

Many students have also expressed worry about their ability to study abroad in other European Union countries in the future.

There will be a net-migration out of Britain of its most talented young. They will leave to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Things like the Brexit is why I own gold and silver.

I'm not 100% invested in precious metals, but I have some. There are global systemic risks that are far outside of your control that can fuck up your investments in a heartbeat no matter how cautious you are as an investor or saver.
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