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Member since: 2001
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George RR Martin is not happy about the Giants...

picking Daniel Jones in the NFL draft:

If you've been paying attention to the NFL draft lately, you have something in common with George R.R. Martin, the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series on which "Game of Thrones" is based. Martin was born and raised in New Jersey and devoutly follows both the Jets and the Giants, and has been known to blog about his feelings on each team from time to time.

This weekend was no different, as Martin took the time to jot down his thoughts on each team's draft haul despite the fact that "Thrones" was airing one of its most anticipated episodes yet. And your man George R.R. Martin is NOT thrilled that the Giants took Daniel Jones at No. 6 instead of Dwayne Haskins.


The Republicans are nakedly grabbing power to further their agenda while the Democrats...

fervently want to return to some sort of "normalcy". At some point, the Democratic congressional leadership has to understand that there is no return to normalcy.

What needs to be done today is the creation of a select committee in the House to investigate the president. You don't have to call it "impeachment". Call it whatever you want. But that committee needs to be raining subpoenas on the White House like a tsunami. If Trump wants to fight them all in court, so be it. Dare him to. But if people don't comply, order their arrest. Call Trump's bluff.

Not standing up to Trump will weaken efforts to replace him in 2020. Don't rely on presidential election polling data a 18 months ahead of the election as comfort. Take more aggressive action now or risk losing big in 2020.

Thanos...The Night King... [SPOILER ALERT]

Two threats to humanity down. One more to go...

My NO SPOILERS review of Avengers: End Game

Ever get one of those loyalty cards from your favorite sandwich place where the 10th sandwich is free, and once you get to that 10th sandwich, you order your favorite with the works. That feeling of bliss. That's Avengers End Game.

If you're a fan of the films in the series, you will be more than satisfied.

If you're not a fan, you will still enjoy the camaraderie of the cast, well written dialogue, and the social diversity of the film. It's well done.

1967 - London Street Scenes

What a time to be alive:

Mitch McConnell is one of the most powerful people in our government. Yet, KY is in top ten of...

...the poorest states in the nation. What good is that power if it doesn't translate into better life outcomes for the people that he represents. Also, what does that say about who he truly represents. The people of KY or Republican donors?

Why Clothing Quality is Declining In Your Favorite Brands

After Gore was cheated in 2000, we did nothing.

After Bush cooked intelligence and lied about WMDs, we did nothing.

After torture was revealed, we did nothing.

After Gitmo was discovered, we did nothing.

After Wall Street pushed us into a financial collapse, we did nothing.

So, is it any wonder that Trump could think that he can break the law? And, if we do nothing about this, just imagine the next crime by the next Republican president.

The Senate should NOT be taken into consideration when it comes to impeachment.

The impeachment clause of the Constitution does not have language that states, "only impeach if you're 100% sure that the Senate will vote to convict".

The House's constitutional duty is to investigate possible crimes by the President and vote to impeach if they find good cause to do so. The end.

Worrying about the senate or the 2020 elections or the media or Trump's response, all of that is simply not relevant. If there's enough to warrant an impeachment then it's their duty to do so. If the evidence is compelling enough and the Republicans do not remove Trump from office, then that is on them. That's a political decision that they're making.

Now, I am not saying that the Democrats should definitely impeach. They need to do their own investigations, gather the evidence, the testimony, and come to a conclusion.

Giving up on impeachment because of Mitch McConnell is the kind of thing that makes Democrats like me lose all confidence in the Congressional Democratic leadership.

If your dog or cat could text you....

What would they say?
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