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We're not only going to win this thing, but we may have already won. Still, vote though.

No. I don't have any data or links or anything to support my post title. It's just my very non-scientific hunch. If you count the votes of those that have already voted, Biden may have already won. Trump needs a massive turnout and win a large percentage of that turnout to over take Biden's lead.

Like I said, I have no evidence to support this, except the Biden campaign, and other Democrats, are unusually quiet. I've heard little to no stories about campign in-fighting. No criticism of campaign strategies by other Democrats. No complaints from Democratic candidates. This signals to me a calm confidence that I've never seen before.

Let Lady Mormont fire you up for election day! Answer the call! The North Remembers!

Why American public transit is so bad - Vox

Nordic Train Sounds - Conductor Cabin View


Question about adding more seats to the SCOTUS and potential Republican retaliation.

If the Dems say add 4 seats, not all 13 SCOTUS justices would hear every case, right? It would still be nine justices (selected from the 13) that would hear cases. Is that right?

So, if the Republicans get back into power and add another 10 justices, they would still be selected from the 23, and then the Dems would add 15 when they get back in.

Thus, even if there are like 857 justices on the SCOTUS, only a selection of them would hear cases and there would be no guarantee that the majority of the selection would be conservatives.

I would be okay with 150 justices (3 per state). That would make the court more representative of America.

My new thing. Relaxing sounds videos, and I may have found the best!

Relaxing Train Sounds and Blizzard Howling

Is Joe sending Justice Roberts a message with his 90-day commission to study rebalancing the court?

The ACA will be heard and voted on by the SCOTUS by the time Biden's commission makes its recommendation. If SCOTUS rules that the ACA is unconstitutional, then Biden will ride the wave of anger and resentment which will expand the court.

Is Biden trying to tell Roberts that if you allow the ideologues to run amok, I have no choice but to expand the court. Democratic fence sitters like Joe Manchin will have to support expansion since his state will lose the Medicaid expansion.

West Virginiaís leaders opted to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) starting on January 1, 2014, providing coverage to low-income adults, most of whom have jobs but no option for employer-sponsored health insurance. The federal government paid the full cost for the expansion population for the first three years, but gradually reduced the funding split until reaching a 90/10 split in 2020, which will remain fixed in future years.

Under the expanded eligibility guidelines, adults age 19-64 are eligible for Medicaid with a household income up to 138 percent of the poverty level. Medicaid expansion significantly exceeded the 93,000 people that West Virginia had initially projected to enroll by 2020 under the expanded eligibility guidelines


Rasmussen has Trump at +1 nationally. LOL!

No. Not a state poll. A national poll. There's no way on earth that Trump has a 1% lead nationally. This is a bullshit poll designed to close the polling averages gap.


Would this drive your pets crazy?

KFC scented fire logs. With your house smelling like Chicken, I imagine your pets would all over you, right? Or, maybe I'm wrong.

KFC has brought back its fried chicken-scented 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog for a third year, and this time itís being sold exclusive at Walmart Inc.


The Obamas. Halloween at the Whitehouse.

I like watching videos from the before times.

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