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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,271

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Speaking from a Berner perspective,

the amount of work that's been accomplished has been absolutely incredible. Tens of thousands of events throughout the country, tens of thousands of volunteers phone banking, hosting events, people actually going to Iowa from all over the country, on their own dimes, all for one candidate. One. No other candidate is garnering anywhere near this many boots on the ground and boots on the ground is all that matters on election day. I'm 60 years old and I've been waiting a very long time for the people to rise up against the monied interests that have usurped our Democracy. Now is that time and we are the people who can make it happen. We're more than living history, we're part of it.

Sanders to Receive Secret Service Protection

Source: The Hill

Sanders joins Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson as the only White House contenders with details from the agency.

It is not clear what prompted the move or what Sanders’ code name will be.

Carson and Trump each requested protection last year amid their turbulent presidential campaigns, and Clinton retained her detail from her time as first lady.

Trump's code name is "mogul," a nod to his status as a billionaire businessman, while Carson's is "Eli," a reference to the Biblical prophet. Clinton goes by "Evergreen."

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/dem-primaries/267607-sanders-to-receive-secret-service-protection

Annnnd the Headline on CNN:

"Bernie Sanders: 'We Will Raise Taxes." (And nothing after that. They sort of forgot about the offset parts.) CNN, owned by Time-Warner, a large contributor to the Clinton campaign.


ATTN: Iowa Bernie Supporters

Californians (and other staters) are looking to travel to Iowa January 29 - February 2. We're in need of Bernie Iowa supporters to volunteer to house people for those few days. As you know the campaign is completely volunteer-driven and people are getting there on their own dimes. Lots of us are on a limited budget and are car pooling there and back but we need Bernie supporters in Iowa to put people up to cut down the costs. PLEASE, consider doing this if you can possibly help out. If you think you can do this, PM me and I'll forward an email from the campaign with information on what to do next.



The DNC Comes Full Circle

The original purpose of the DNC was to function as a central organization, or hub, to which field organizations could connect with the national party. The DNC was to represent the Democratic Party . They were there to get Democrats elected, get out the Democratic Party message, run candidates for office and to raise money for campaigns.

The 1990's saw the DNC's Third-Way conversion under the Clintons. The reason was that the Democrats were losing the fundraising battle by a 3:1 margin. Their answer was to abandon the New Deal's tenet for representing the poor and middle class in order to make nice with the corporations and their millions. Glass-Steagal: Gone; NAFTA: enacted; Welfare "Reform": Enacted. All benefited the .01% and hurt the poor and the middle class. Sadly, that trend continues today (TPP).

Fast forward to 2015/2016. After 30 years of Third-Way policies, where is the DNC? Under Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats and the Senate. They are again losing the fundraising race by a 3:1 margin. So, the DNC managed to sell their souls, and ours, for nothing -- they're back where they started.

And after all those failures, DWS still has her job. I've spoken with die-hard, and I. mean DIE-HARD Democrats who are furious with her. Communications to/about the DNC is overwhelmingly negative. Her VP's have spoken out against her autonomy and her obvious bias towards one particular candidate. People are still livid about her debate schedule which has been severely counter-productive to the DNC , so, why is she still there? There's only one possible answer and that is that certain important people want her there. If that doesn't speak loud and clear as to what has happened to the Democratic Party I don't know what does. This is it. The Democratic Party needs to make a decision. Will they continue with The Third Way, representing the .01%, or will they start representing We The People again, as they once did? For those of us who are unrepresented in the Halls of Congress, let's hope they find their way back to us, otherwise, they'll go down in history as the architects of their own demise.

DU Class of 2001, Check In!

So, I was just wondering how many of us that joined in 2001 are still here and how you found your way to DU.

I heard about DU from two different sources; Skinner was on CSPAN right about the time one of the political message groups I was in started talking about DU so I got curious. I started lurking about July 2001 and actually joined about November.

So, who else will be celebrating 15 years on DU?

For Bernie Supporters in Southern California

Don't know if you caught this but Bernistas are going to be marching BEHIND the Rose Parade this year. They're asking for volunteers to join them. Here's the link in case you're interested:


So, in summary . . .

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz tried to go after Bernie Sanders at a time she thought would cripple his campaign -- right before the third Democratic Party Debate (strategically scheduled 6 days before Christmas on a Saturday night). Result: Bernie's getting more attention from the press than he has received before all this happened, his campaign raised $1 million within 24 hours after the incident and he's up another 4 points in New Hampshire (now up by 14 points).

The pushback to Wasserman-Schultz was immediate. Jeff Weaver's first press conference showed what professionalism, and integrity, looks like. He was ready with the facts, stated them, and fired a volley right back at the DNC for unmistakably siding with the Clinton camp. This has been brewing for several months and the DNC fired the first salvo. Weaver hit back hard, followed by DFA and Move On. David Axelrod, a died-in-the-wool Yellow Dog Democrat came out and admitted the DNC had their fingers on the scales for Hillary. That came from the White House. Remember, they did the same thing in 2008 (regular, unexplained access to the Obama campaign data) so Obama knows of what he speaks and he's telling the DNC to knock it off. Shortly after that, Wasserman-Schultz caved.

This issue is far from over as the Sanders campaign has not withdrawn the lawsuit. By opening up this can of worms Wasserman-Schultz opened the DNC up to legal action. That means Discovery which means ALL records, including data excursions into the Sanders data by the Clinton campaign, are subject to review. The lawsuit also calls for an independent auditor.

I think we are witnessing historical events here.

Don't you just love the "Give 'em enough rope" strategy?

It's truly magical. Sit back and let your opponent do all the work for you. DWS got Bernie more publicity than he's seen the entire campaign, disgusted Hillary supporters are jumping ship to the Sanders camp, and Hillary's reputation for dishonesty just grew exponentially.

Personally, I think we should keep DWS. She's worked wonders for the Sanders campaign.


Just got a solicitation from the Bernie campaign, citing the DNC's withholding their OWN information.

The Sanders campaign is going to turn this into gold! I'm lovin' it!
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