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Le Taz Hot

Le Taz Hot's Journal
Le Taz Hot's Journal
October 30, 2012

Not seeing any storm news other than NY and NJ

Nothing from the other affected states/areas. Pennsylvania? Vermont? Connecticut? I'd like to know what is happening in areas other than NY & NJ.


October 29, 2012

East Coast DUers: How Are Things Where You Are?

I'd be interested in knowing about the ongoing conditions in your area. The whole world is watching this so it would be good to have some first-hand accounts for those of us who avoid social media (and/or don't have TV service).


On edit: Please state your area/state if you can. Thanks.

October 13, 2012

I Want to Hear from All DUer's, Regardless of Post Count.

We were all new at one time and just because someone has a low post count doesn't mean he/she is a troll. It's a guilty-until-proven-innocent scenario that is off-putting and certainly does not reflect the open tent we should be practicing here. Just my opinion. To all our new DU posters (except the trolls): WELCOME TO DU!


October 7, 2012

Need a Really Good Baked Bean Recipe.

I have lots of cookbooks and there are recipes on line but I'm looking for recommendations from the DU cooks 'cause you guys always have the BEST recipes.
Anyone have a tried-and-true recipe -- the kind that people talk about for days? I'm having a 50th birthday party next Sunday for my husband (he's a young 'un) and the theme is going to be Southern overall (he's a Suhthuhn gentlemen) but there will be a few exceptions in the menu and this will be one of them.

Thanks in advance,


October 7, 2012

Prop. 37: A Lesson in Labeling.

I found a link to a graphic which answers the questions about what will need to be labeled and what won't:

First generation gene manipulation: Labeled
By-products from animals that eat GMO feed: Not labeled.

October 5, 2012

No on 37 Forced to Pull TV Ad . . .

After Misrepresenting Stanford University

Oakland: In a blistering admission of their own lack of credibility, the opponents of California’s GMO labeling measure yanked down and re-shot their first television ad after they were caught misrepresenting Stanford University in the ad, according to the Los Angeles Times. The ad identified Henry Miller as a doctor at Stanford University, without disclosing that Miller actually serves as a researcher at the Hoover Institute, a right-wing think tank at Stanford.

The ad violated Stanford's policy that prohibits consultants from using the university's name for political purposes. Stanford officials also insisted that the ad be reshot to remove the vaulted university buildings in the background, according to the LA Times. Millions of California voters had already seen the ad which has been running hourly in major television markets across the state.

“The scandal over the Henry Miller ad is proof positive of the lack of credibility and lack of integrity of the No on 37 campaign, which is at this very moment unleashing a $35 million ad campaign of lies on the voters of California,” said Stacy Malkan, spokesperson for the Yes on 37 California Right to Know campaign.


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