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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,271

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For Bernie Supporters in Southern California

Don't know if you caught this but Bernistas are going to be marching BEHIND the Rose Parade this year. They're asking for volunteers to join them. Here's the link in case you're interested:


So, in summary . . .

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz tried to go after Bernie Sanders at a time she thought would cripple his campaign -- right before the third Democratic Party Debate (strategically scheduled 6 days before Christmas on a Saturday night). Result: Bernie's getting more attention from the press than he has received before all this happened, his campaign raised $1 million within 24 hours after the incident and he's up another 4 points in New Hampshire (now up by 14 points).

The pushback to Wasserman-Schultz was immediate. Jeff Weaver's first press conference showed what professionalism, and integrity, looks like. He was ready with the facts, stated them, and fired a volley right back at the DNC for unmistakably siding with the Clinton camp. This has been brewing for several months and the DNC fired the first salvo. Weaver hit back hard, followed by DFA and Move On. David Axelrod, a died-in-the-wool Yellow Dog Democrat came out and admitted the DNC had their fingers on the scales for Hillary. That came from the White House. Remember, they did the same thing in 2008 (regular, unexplained access to the Obama campaign data) so Obama knows of what he speaks and he's telling the DNC to knock it off. Shortly after that, Wasserman-Schultz caved.

This issue is far from over as the Sanders campaign has not withdrawn the lawsuit. By opening up this can of worms Wasserman-Schultz opened the DNC up to legal action. That means Discovery which means ALL records, including data excursions into the Sanders data by the Clinton campaign, are subject to review. The lawsuit also calls for an independent auditor.

I think we are witnessing historical events here.

Don't you just love the "Give 'em enough rope" strategy?

It's truly magical. Sit back and let your opponent do all the work for you. DWS got Bernie more publicity than he's seen the entire campaign, disgusted Hillary supporters are jumping ship to the Sanders camp, and Hillary's reputation for dishonesty just grew exponentially.

Personally, I think we should keep DWS. She's worked wonders for the Sanders campaign.


Just got a solicitation from the Bernie campaign, citing the DNC's withholding their OWN information.

The Sanders campaign is going to turn this into gold! I'm lovin' it!

Did you know that the Sanders campaign has been very successful

in phone banking? Did you know that there are thousands of Debate Watch parties scheduled all over the country in which attendees are going to be asked to host phone-banking parties? 'Course, that's going to be difficult now that the Sanders campaign no longer has access to those lists. Did I mention the phone banking events up to now have been wildly successful with over a million calls made?

I've been working with the Sanders campaign

since mid-July and this is what I can tell you. This man is running an honest campaign. There has not been a hint of subterfuge, or dishonesty, or a win-at-all-costs zeitgeist -- it is and has been exactly what you see. Above board. Honest. Above reproach. If it was anything else I would have been out of here at the first hint of sleaze. Sanders recently got the CWA and DFA endorsements and celebrated their 2 millionth donation and not a word from the bought-and-paid for press. Now, all of a sudden, they're writing about Sanders. One day before the debate.

The DNC, however, has scheduled the least amount of debates it could get away with and at times ensuring the FEWEST people would be watching. The fact that the Sanders campaign INFORMED THE DNC that their third-party vendor had lax security weeks ago, and this is, one day before the debates, being released to the press BY THE DNC is more than suspicious. It's business as usual for the Vichy Dem wing of the Democratic Party. You will know them by their works.


story interestingly timed? Right before the debate and coming out of the DNC who has been trying to shove HRH down everyone else's throat. And a data breech -- you know, like someone else we know. Hmmm, who else does that? Blaming your opponent for something you've done? It's right on the tip of my tongue. Starts with "R."

Please Wish Aunt Ruby A Happy 94th Birthday Today!

My Great Aunt Ruby (she's my grandmother's sister) turns 94 today so could you wonderful DUers kick in a nice "Happy Birthday, Aunt Ruby!" and I'll show it to her when she gets up (I am privileged to have her live in my home)?

Thanks, guys!

I just can't stop being blood red angry about this.

The guy that made that highly-edited video should be hauled in as an accomplice. The MSM media needs to be called out for never even questioning the authenticity as well as their shilling for right wing crazies and featuring them as "experts."

I remember when I was in college, I didn't make much money (was putting myself through back when you could still do that) and going to PP to get my birth control pills, pap smears, pelvic exams and breast exams. They were on a sliding scale and it was something that I could actually afford. If they hadn't been there I could have never afforded those services otherwise. The VAST MAJORITY of what PP does has nothing to do with abortions but even if it was ALL they did, abortion is a legal medical procedure. Don't like it? Don't get one. And these anti-choice MEN. MEN have NO RIGHT EVER to determine if a woman is going to carry a pregnancy full term or not. NONE! And don't ever think you do!

I also remember a time in this country when abortions were illegal. Do these vile anti-abortion pieces of offal think that just because it's illegal women won't get abortions? No. The rich and upper-middle class fly to other countries that allow abortions. Middle class women always knew doctors who would perform a D & C and the poor women were reduced to various devices and concoctions, risking their lives to end an unwanted pregnancy.

I can't tell you how I truly hate these anti-choice people. I hate the churches they go to, the media that they listen to and the politicians who control but appease them.

So, are the same people who proclaimed "All Lives Matter"

the same ones who are denying Syrian refugees access to their states? It didn't take long to prove that the whole "All Lives Matter" really meant "White, Male, Heterosexual, Protestant Lives Matter." But we knew that.
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