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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
March 4, 2020

What can Joe do to get Bernie supporters after the primaries are over?

Does he even need their support?

In 2016, a good percentage voted for Donald Trump.

It is doubtful that Bernie will try to bring his supporters together for Biden if he were to lose. He did not work extremely hard to get them to vote for Hillary, the last time around.

Contrary to what some might think, they are not devout Democrats.

March 3, 2020

When a candidate has spent $500 million dollars, it is hard to get out of the race.

No matter who they may be?

That is a lot of money. All of it spent on ads. They are everywhere. Everybody has seen them.

A few days ago, Mr Bloomberg "misspoke" when he was talking about the politicians he had "bought". He quickly changed his wording from "bought" to something a little more acceptable. He knows he is trying to buy the Democratic nomination.

If he is successful, the Democratic Party is dead, in my humble opinion.

Do we really have to settle for a billionaire Republican, albeit liberal on many issues, as the Democratic nominee?

March 3, 2020

Kill 'em at the polls!

Show the Repubs that there is a huge price to pay for what they have done to our country. It is time to send Mitch McConnell home, along with sniveling ass-wipes like Lindsey Graham. It's time to retire them forever.

Most of all , it is time to get rid of sick criminal now in the White House. The damage he has done to our country and the psyche of our people is immeasurable. It is one of the worst criminal acts ever committed against the United States.

The voters should send all the complicit Republicans to a place where they can never return, The hate and division they have sown in our country must be punished with all the power our democracy can garner.

March 3, 2020

What would you like to see change with the next election?

Personally, I would like to see the divisiveness stop. I would like to see our people return to a feeling of security and safety.

I would like to see the anxieties and fears dissipate from the population as a whole. I would like to see a leader that could restore confidence in the government and lead the nation in a competent way.

I would like to see the adolescent name-calling, the lies, and the tweeting all cease. I think that would do our country well?

I would like to see a leader that stands up for our country.

I would like to see someone that could work with others to fix the problems that confront our nation.

I would like to see a country that did not threaten the rest of the world.

March 3, 2020

Dare we make a prediction?

Nobody knows what is going to happen?

There is no air of invincibility.

The race between Bernie and Joe is taking up a lot of oxygen. Bloomberg is the wildcard.

There is another person in the race - Elizabeth Warren. In the end, it is all about delegates.

Elizabeth is no dummy.

She knows that if she takes a good chunk of the delegates today, in California and Colorado, and maybe reach the viability stage of 15% in two or three other places?

If that were to happen, Elizabeth would have a number of delegates that could help either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Do they try to make a deal with her? Her votes will be very valuable.

It could turn into a very interesting Democratic Convention.

March 3, 2020

Biden wins SC and Repubs pull Hunter Biden out of the hat again.

They have been very silent lately, as Bernie Sanders was tagged as the odd-on favorite to win the nomination.

Now, it appears that Joe Biden is back in the race, and perhaps the new favorite?

It's time for Trump and the Repubs to pull the character attacks out once again.

No one should be surprised.

March 3, 2020

I used to read Chris Matthews in the San Francisco newspaper.

He was a good liberal and he was easy to read. I never thought of him as any type of abuser of women, verbal or physical.

In my opinion, he just stayed in his job too long. He has had serious health problems for quite some time. For those that noticed, this has been coming on for some time.

I think his age and his health deteriorated his mind. I do not believe he meant harm in his comments. I think they became automatic with his senility.

March 2, 2020

The Self-Deception (when everyone is transformed, no one is transformed)

from "They Thought They Were Free":

"And one day, too late, your principles, if you were ever sensible of them, all rush in upon you. The burden of self-deception has grown too heavy, and some minor incident, in my case my little boy, hardly more than a baby, saying ‘Jewish swine,’ collapses it all at once, and you see that everything, everything, has changed and changed completely under your nose. The world you live in—your nation, your people—is not the world you were born in at all. The forms are all there, all untouched, all reassuring, the houses, the shops, the jobs, the mealtimes, the visits, the concerts, the cinema, the holidays. But the spirit, which you never noticed because you made the lifelong mistake of identifying it with the forms, is changed. Now you live in a world of hate and fear, and the people who hate and fear do not even know it themselves; when everyone is transformed, no one is transformed. Now you live in a system which rules without responsibility even to God. The system itself could not have intended this in the beginning, but in order to sustain itself it was compelled to go all the way.

March 2, 2020

A strategy for winning the election in November ?

In my opinion, the Democrats should use the same strategy against the Republicans that is being used against them. That is "divide and conquer". Trump and the Repubs have divided all of government against Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House.

Democrats should divide the Republicans from the Courts. By taking everything to Court, they could force decisions from the Courts that either did not agree with the White House, or would create a tension between the two branches, the Executive and the Judiciary. Trump has been successful in separating the Senate from the rest of the Legislature. They are firmly in his corner.

The Democrats message could be one that would favor both Democrats and Republicans. That is that all voters should vote to protect themselves by keeping at least one branch of government under control of the Democrats. That would protect all of us from the idea, and reality, of total tyranny.

The People should build a "wall" between the House of Representatives and the other branches of government, which are effectively controlled by Trump and the Republicans at this time. The one protection that is in the interest of all Americans, including Trump supporters, is a strong House of Representatives.

It is possible that Democrats could lose both the White House and the Senate in the next election. The House is of utmost importance to all Americans, whether or not they know it?

(A side benefit of voting to protect the people by making the House stronger, is that it may allow Democrats to take the Senate. A stronger House will make Democrats, and all of America, much stronger.)

This is just one opinion.

March 1, 2020

The Calmer-in-Chief ?

Should a President attempt to calm the citizenry during times of crisis? Should we just expect that from the leader of our country?

Rush Limbaugh says it is nothing much more than a common cold. The World Health Organization says it is a possible pandemic. Who should we listen to? Should we take precautions?

Trump orchestrates the message thru people like Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, and others. Then he has a rally in Charleston and calls it a "hoax". When informed of the possible political consequences, he changed his answer to say something like "the Democrats are the hoax". It was plain to see what he said the first time he said it.

There is no useful purpose in orchestrating fear and anxieties. People want to live in safety. They want to know that their leader stands with them.

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