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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
December 2, 2023

Should the campaign of any politician supersede a criminal trial of that politician?

Whether it be a City Councilman, a Congressman, or a Former President, should a criminal trial be delayed or postponed until the campaign is over?

It's a simple question and one that should be obvious to every American citizen. No, justice cannot be delayed to accommodate a political campaign of any politician.

That would run counter to everything our Constitution stands for.

When that politician says that the Justice Department is interfering with his election, the truth is that he is attempting to interfere with the people's justified pursuit of justice.

The correct response to such a politician is "No, we will not delay your trial and we cannot permit you to interfere with the pursuit of justice and if anything should be delayed, it should be your campaign."

There is no need for the confusion.

November 24, 2023

Is Justice and the rule of law fighting for its survival?

What happens to the concept of justice if the people cannot prosecute a former president?

How much favor should be afforded a former president who has committed serious and treasonous crimes against the people and the Constitution?

Is the Justice Dept up to the task of holding every criminal accountable?

Because if we lose the ability to equally apply justice in our democracy, then we have lost our democracy.

In my opinion, it is not a sure thing that justice will prevail.

We want to feel secure in knowing that Justice is winning and that its gears grind exceedingly fine.

November 24, 2023

As you probably know by now, Donald Trump lies with every breath.

Every breath.

It's sad and unfortunate that so many Americans have chosen to believe him.

He is not a "victim". He simply does not believe in the rule of law.

Not only does he believe in unlimited "freedom of speech", he also believes in unlimited deception upon his supporters.

I do not know how to impress upon those folks to take a second look?

Without truth, all is lost.

November 24, 2023

If Trump were to win election, would you accept him as a legitimate President?

Would you accept as your President a criminal defendant with 91 charges against him? Sooner or later, he must stop saying he is the "victim".

Would you accept someone who stole military secrets and incited insurrection against our country? And has spoken out against the Constitution which defines our very being as a nation.

Do you think that guy would be a legitimate president?

I think the Republican Party needs to get its shit together. The people are not going to accept this criminal wannabe autocrat. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it?

Personally, I could not accept him as the Leader of our Country. That is just one opinion.

If he were to win, it would be a most divisive and angry victory.

How that would manifest itself, I do not know.

November 22, 2023

Jordan Klepper, from The Daily Show, was talking with a Trump supporter at one of his rallies...

And he had on all types of Trump paraphernalia and was complaining about the price of gas and the price of eggs.

Klepper asked him how much his "Trump socks" cost? He said $20. Then he asked him how much he paid for his MAGA hat?

"Forty dollars", he said.

Klepper then asked him how much he had spent in total on his Trump paraphernalia?

"About $2 thousand dollars", he said.

And he was worried about inflation and the price of eggs

November 22, 2023

Who is in charge of the House of Representatives?

When Kevin McCarthy was Speaker, we thought he was in charge. Until he went down to Mar-a-Lago to kiss the ring of the criminal Trump.

Then they kicked him out of his position and put in MAGA zealot by the name of Mike Johnson. There was hope that things might change a bit with a new Speaker, but it was not to be.

In a few short weeks, Speaker Johnson accepted the invitation of Donald Trump to come down to Mar-a-Lago and kiss his ring.

The new Speaker wanted everyone to know that he was "all-in" for Donald Trump.

Meet the new Boss - Same as the old Boss.

November 22, 2023

Republicans have no respect for justice or law and order.

They do not believe there should be justice for crimes committed. They believe it is simply a matter of politics - whomever has the power gets to punish their opponent.

That is why they are trying to impeach Joe Biden. It is all a political game for them.

What else is one to believe?

November 21, 2023

Republicans have come to the realization that Trump will be their nominee.

And they have decided to support and promote his candidacy, lies and crimes and all. That is who they are.

They have made the choice to lie about January 6th and all the crimes that have been committed by their nominee. Power is of utmost importance to them.

Senator Mike Lee of Utah is the latest example. He has decided to promote the conspiracy theory that it was the FBI that was leading the attack upon our Capitol on January 6th and posts photos of "an FBI agent" flashing his badge during the attack. (The fact is that the person he says is an "FBI agent is now doing time for his part in the insurrection).

The sad part is that Mike Lee knows it.

They are going to ride this horse until it drops dead.

November 21, 2023

Does a criminal defendant have the same 1st Amendment rights as everyone else?

Especially since he is a criminal defendant mostly because of what he has said and done under his "1st Amendment rights"?

It was his 1st Amendment rights that he exercised on January 6th of 2021 that incited a mob to attack our Capitol.

Now they say that the government, We, the People, do not have a right to prohibit the speech of a criminal defendant.

No doubt, if TFG is hit with a gag order, he will use it to his political advantage.

However, if he is not prohibited from his inciteful language, then the political consequences could be much worse.

There is no good choice.

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