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When did the "Big Lie" become the official strategy for the Republican Party?

In my opinion, it began when Kevin McCarthy made his sojourn down to Mar-a-Lago, about a week after the attack upon our Capitol. When he returned, he had completely changed his tune from a week earlier. He no longer wanted to talk about how he pleaded with Donald Trump for help as the entire House was being hunted down, as the Capitol police were being assaulted. From that moment forward, he did not want to talk about it and he did not want anyone in his caucus to talk about it.

In my opinion, Trump requested that McCarthy come down to Mar-a-Lago. He wanted to discuss what the message should be going forward. The one issue that he believed was verboten for the Party was any talk about an insurrection or attack upon our Capitol. That was an issue they could not win.

They could spin and survive the Big Lie but they could not spin the attack upon our democracy.

The Republicans in the House, except for a couple of exceptions, bought into the new strategy, hook, line, and sinker.

Liz Cheney would not shut up about the attack upon our Capitol and thought there should be a Commission to determine all the facts. In my opinion, that is why they are going to vote her out of the gang this Wednesday.

The big mistake was made when McCarthy made the trip to Mar-a-Lago.

Did anyone see Chris Cuomo and the Capitol rioter who claims he had "Foxitis" ?

He was on a split-screen with his attorney, with Cuomo in the center. It was interesting but depressing. He said he had asked God for forgiveness. (Of course, there is nothing like a hanging to focus the mind) He also said that he had put Trump above Jesus Christ. How could anyone be so stupid? He said President Trump asked for him to come to Washington and had some misquoted or misunderstand scripture about God wants us to obey the government? (Perhaps he was thinking of the scripture about "give unto God that which is God's and unto Caesar that which is Caesar's?)

But, I had heard his story before. I have a cousin that was/is in the same mindset. She believed that Trump was sent by God. She did not believe anything from any source except from the mouth of Donald Trump. Is it any wonder their minds are so warped?

GOP equals LIE

Why are Republicans OK with being called the "Big Lie" Party?

They know that Joe Biden won the election and if there was any stealing going on, it was from the Trump side. We know how he tried to steal votes in GA. Even today, he is still trying to steal AZ. He lost the election by a huge popular vote, the most in a very long time. All the experts and the State Legislatures also declared Biden the winner. As did over 60 court judges when presented with the Trump cases. Even the conservative Supreme Court shot them down. So there is no doubt but that they are indulging in a "Big Lie". But why?

They don't mind being called "liars". But they do not want to be called "traitors". In fact, they are both. It was their promotion of the Big Lie that led to the treasonous act of January 6th. Make no mistake, it was a terrorist act. People feared for their lives. They barricaded themselves behind doors and under tables. Their lives were threatened as the angry mob ransacked the Capitol, smearing feces on the walls, breaking windows and causing millions in damages, and screaming epithets and threatening to hang people. Some people died. (This is why they must silence Liz Cheney)

So the GOP does not want to be associated with that treasonous, despicable act. They would prefer to talk about the Big Lie. Lying is not as serious as betraying your country. Surely their supporters will understand?

And they want the American people to put them back into control of the Congress?

Don't Take Your Guns To Town

Has anyone ever tuned in to this radio station?

Very amazing with radio stations from around the world with just one click of a mouse!


Dan Rather speaks on the Big Lie (Important information)


Do Democrats need to be more confrontational with the liars and conspiracy theorists?

I would not recommend physical confrontation because I am not a violent or hateful person.

But, I do believe that we may need to be more confrontational with our verbal disagreements. They seem to be able to get a free ride with the wildest lies and conspiracy theories that can be imagined.

For example, they want people to believe that the Chinese slipped 40,000 "bamboo ballots" into the AZ election count? They want people to believe that the election was not transparent or legitimate. They want people to believe that against all evidence, Donald Trump won the last election. There were votes hidden under a table in the Georgia count.

All they do is talk crap and they never have any evidence to back it up.

They have shown that they have little respect for our democracy or the rule of law. They act like enemies of our country. And they have been getting away with it. They do not act like Americans.

They do not hesitate to lie. Most Americans are taken aback by their gall. Maybe it's time to show them a little "tough love"? Confront them at every opportunity? Otherwise, they tend to believe all the lies. They need to know that what they are being told is batshit crazy stuff.

Some will say that we are already being as confrontational as possible with this cult. I do not think that is true.

A message to the GOP and their cult...

"I'm really sorry you lost the election."

But it's time to wipe away the tears and wipe your butts and get over it. You un-American, unpatriotic assholes! You are a disgrace to our country.

Not only are you naive patsies that give away your money to two-bit con artists, you are undeserving of any sympathy from your friends or your family. In short, you are friggin' stupid.

The Chinese did not slip in ballots made out of bamboo and nobody hid a box under the table just so you could see them on television. How ignorant can one person be?

The incompetent liar lost the election and persuaded you to give him money to fight the results. He never paid his lawyers. He kept your money. He laughed behind your backs. You were played for a fool.

So, isn't it about time to wake the hell up!
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