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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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The Reckoning Is Coming.

We have been waiting four years for this.

We have seen our country torn asunder, divided and angry and uncertain of our future. We have seen a madman break all the rules and laws of our nation without regard of any consequences.

We have seen elected Republicans in Washington put their Party ahead of their nation. They have defended impeachable crimes and have been complicit at every step in their cover-up.

We have seen people fall prey to the lies and propaganda of a narcissistic autocrat. It has been heart-breaking and tragic to watch our nation fall to such depths.

But the people of this country are more than just members of a political Party. Most of us consider ourselves to be Americans before we are Democrats or Republicans.

The worm has turned.

Just today, we heard the news that Admiral McRaven, the military leader responsible for the capture and assassination of Osama bin Laden, and Michael Steele, the former Chair of the Republican National Committee, have both committed to voting for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for President of the United States.

With only a couple of weeks until the election, a new reality is beginning to form. Many Republicans will join with Democrats to over-throw the wannabe dictator and international criminal. On election day, the petulant child now in the White House will be lucky to get 40% of the vote. Americans of all stripes will fight to save our nation and our Constitution.

However, nothing can be taken for granted when dealing with liars and thieves. Every person must still go to the polls and let their voices be heard. We cannot let up until our nation has been liberated.

Even after the election, it will not be over. It may not be over until the super-conservative Supreme Court rules that in our democracy, we have a peaceful transfer of power. The appeals of the wannabe dictator will not be heard. Most likely, the Court will rule unanimously.

The reckoning is coming.

Surprise Attack?

The last debate between Trump and Biden is this Thursday. Should Biden not attend? At the very least, in my opinion, he should take a test for the coronavirus and insist that Trump do the same. It should be public knowledge. If Trump refuses, call off the debate.

No doubt, the Trump campaign will be looking at this debate as a venue to chop Joe Biden to shreds. They are probably debating whether or not to do the same tactic they did the last time, in an attempt to rattle Biden? Some are probably recommending caution? But, Biden should be prepared for a personal attack? That is the only weapon they have at this time.

The biggest surprise would be if Biden went on the attack. Perhaps he should?

Maybe Biden is being advised to "look presidential"? Don't get down in the mud with Trump. He's a pig and he loves it.

Biden does need to understand that they are coming after him.

The "back-up" October Surprise

America has been anticipating an "October Surprise" since the day Trump was successful in appointing John Henry Durham, a US Attorney - with the assistance of William Barr at the DOJ - as a Special Investigator to expose the crime of "Obamagate".

Then, just a few weeks ago, Mr Durham stepped down and filed his "Report" with William Barr, the Attorney General. Mr Barr has refused to make the "report" public as of yet.

This was Trump's "ace in the hole", which was going to be the "October Surprise". It appears that there was no evidence against President Obama or any in his Administration? Therefore, it would only be more embarrassing if it was released.

So, they lost their "October Surprise".

But, wait! There is more.

Rudy has a plan. (Of course with some Russian help) Somebody took Hunter Biden's lap-top to the shop to be repaired? Someone got a copy of the "emails" and gave them to an attorney for Rudy or Steve Bannon, to give to the NY Post? Are there other important facets to this story that need to be told? Is Rudy being used as a "Russian asset" in a complex and sophisticated propaganda campaign to steal the American election for Donald Trump?

Since they were not able to find evidence to prosecute anyone in the Obama Administration, they had to have a "back-up" plan. If it sounds too absurd to be believable, then perhaps it is too absurd to be "believable"?

If it weren't so tragic, it would be comical.

Freight Train Blues

Do the people have a right to know if their president has a serious medical condition?

When did Trump last test negative for the coronavirus?

How serious was his condition when he was helicoptered to Walter Reed Hospital?

Did he have pneumonia?

What was the condition of his lungs?

Was it a mild or severe case of corona?

As of today, nobody knows except his doctors.

And they aren't talking.

This should not be acceptable to anyone.

If Trump wins, it will not be a "legitimate" election.

Especially if the polls stay where they are at the present time.

Democrats cannot be ready to accept Donald Trump as the "legitimate" President again. He has stolen one election already. He cannot be permitted to steal another.

Democrats, in my opinion, should not be bashful about calling Trump's actions unacceptable and illegitimate, and they will not be accepted if he wins.

Would AG Barr be so bold as to indict Hillary Clinton and others before the election?

No doubt, this type of rhetoric is intended to fire up the base for Trump.

But, Barr is almost as unpredictable as Trump. Would he pull a stunt like that just to create chaos and turmoil and division?

I am not 100% sure that he wouldn't try such a stunt? Today the DNI sent over 1000 pages to the DOJ as "evidence" against them?

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

I am withdrawing from Social Media for a while...

...including DU.

I do not wish to be used as part of a propaganda plan to affect the next election. I'm not sure any of us would recognize how we might be used?

I will look in from time to time to see what is happening but for those that might wonder, I am voluntarily leaving the scene for a while.

Trump accuses Democrats of cheating with mail-in ballots.

He wants to get rid of ballots altogether.

He would hope to create enough chaos and doubt to get the Courts involved and to be able to dispute the results of the next election. In simplest terms, he wants to cheat.

If Democrats were capable of fixing the mail-in ballots, they would have done it in 2018, when Mitch McConnell kept control of the Senate and increased their number by a couple.

It is neither logical or rational to believe that Donald Trump is going to be cheated in the next election. The votes are verified and validated. I, personally, have been voting for several years with mail-in ballots and we feel very secure in the way it is counted. (How in the world did Cory Gardner win with mail-in ballots?)

He is spewing out bullshit and lies because he is afraid that he is going to lose.

The ballots will be counted. The in-person votes will be counted. The candidate that gets the most votes will be the next President. It is not a "hoax'.
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