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Bernie did very well in caucuses in 2016, also.

He has a very good ground game and is very well organized.

Unlike most of the other candidates, he goes in with a base of support. They turn out for a caucus.

But will they continue to turn out for the primary battles? South Carolina will be a real test for him next week.

There is no doubt but that he looks very strong right now, but we cannot forget that he did not do as well in Iowa as he may have expected. New Hampshire was a neighbor of his and he was expected to do well. Nevada is also a caucus state.

In my opinion, it is premature to think Bernie is going to continue at the rate he is going.

Just my opinion.

The candidate that wins the most delgates, even if a plurality, should be on the ticket.

That does not mean he/she should be at the top of the ticket.

Unless they win the number needed outright.

But, if there is a brokered convention, then the person that can negotiate a majority should be at the top of the ticket and the candidate with the initial plurality should be the VP nominee, in my opinion.

I think that is a fair and democratic way to handle it.

Who believes that Bloomberg will make his income taxes public?

Or will show where his money is scattered around the world?

Why should he?

Trump was able to get away with it.

It's a sad fact.

The more that you hate Trump, the more his supporters adore him. The more you point out the obvious lies he tells, the more they believe him. The more you criticize him, the more they defend him. The more you indict him for criminal acts, the more they are assured of his innocence.

It's a form of defense mechanisms. There is no way to win with such a strategy. It's part of human nature. It's like the little boy that cried, "Wolf!". After a while, he was not believed, even when there really was a wolf.

Why would Putin want to destroy America's democracy?

He was a KGB officer when the former Soviet Union collapsed. It was a desperately agonizing time for him. The Berlin Wall had come down. They had been defeated in Afghanistan. Later, they were embarrassed by the defeat of Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. He wanted revenge on the democracies around the world. But, they would fight them in a different way.

He would train people to master the technology for information and propaganda purposes, with the goal of weakening and dividing democracies in Europe and in America. He found an ally in Donald Trump, for whatever reason? Many have suspected some sort of kompromat.

Whatever, it seems to have worked beyond his wildest dreams. He is finally getting the revenge he wanted for the destruction of his old country, the USSR.

America is only his latest target. He could not have hoped for a softer, more naive democracy. He never dreamed that the Republican Party would help him in his goal.

Broomstraw Philosophers and Scuppernog Wine

A moment for Karma


At least five arrested at Trump protest in Colorado Springs.

I saw it reported on the local news. They were blocking the road to the Broadmoor Arena, in an upscale community to the south of Colorado Springs.

I cannot yet confirm but I believe it was said that it was pay-per-view? I did not see the event on FOX News or any other channel? That would be unusual, to say the least.

Pence came in earlier and took his caravan north for a few miles to visit the Focus on the Family facility.

It was another cult gathering.

It's a gamble, but....

The Gang of Eight (minus Nunes) needs to meet in an emergency session.

Granted, we do not know how many of them are complicit. If not complicit, we can assume they have closed their minds, pretending that it is all about partisan politics. They cannot accept the reality in front of them. The President of the United States is a Russian agent.

There is no other explanation. The country is under attack from within.

The government cannot continue to operate under these conditions. It is code red.

If the Leaders of the House and Senate are unable to grasp the seriousness of the present situation, there is no escape from the dictatorship that is knocking at our door.

It is not a fairy tale. It is not a made up story. It is real.

They need to do something. They cannot gamble any longer with the country's security.

The leader is not stable. He has sold his soul to the devil.

Why did Trump fire top Defense official who approved aid to Ukraine?

WASHINGTON (AP) ó President Donald Trump has ousted the Pentagonís top policy official who had certified last year that Ukraine had made enough anti-corruption progress to justify the Trump administrationís release of congressionally authorized aid to Kyiv in its conflict against Russian-backed separatists.

John Rood resigned Wednesday, saying he was leaving at Trumpís request.

The Trump administrationís delay in releasing the aid to Ukraine was central to the presidentís impeachment by the House on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Senate voted to acquit the president. But in the wake of the Senate trial, an emboldened Trump has gone after officials he has perceived as being disloyal.

Rood is the latest official to be purged. His forced resignation comes as Democrats on the Hill express concerns that Trump is on a vendetta in the wake of his acquittal. Just days after the Senate vote, the White House reassigned an Army officer, Lt. Col. Alex Vindman, a key witness in the impeachment inquiry, from the National Security Council, and pushed his twin brother, an NSC lawyer, out with him. Gordon Sondland, Trumpís ambassador to the European Union who also was a key witness before House investigators, was recalled from his post.



It is my opinion that he was fired because Trump never wanted aid to go to Ukraine. Because Russia never wanted aid to go to Ukraine. Putin did not like it. It pissed Trump off and he fired him.
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