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Have You Ever Seen The Rain

I am withdrawing from Social Media for a while...

...including DU.

I do not wish to be used as part of a propaganda plan to affect the next election. I'm not sure any of us would recognize how we might be used?

I will look in from time to time to see what is happening but for those that might wonder, I am voluntarily leaving the scene for a while.

Trump accuses Democrats of cheating with mail-in ballots.

He wants to get rid of ballots altogether.

He would hope to create enough chaos and doubt to get the Courts involved and to be able to dispute the results of the next election. In simplest terms, he wants to cheat.

If Democrats were capable of fixing the mail-in ballots, they would have done it in 2018, when Mitch McConnell kept control of the Senate and increased their number by a couple.

It is neither logical or rational to believe that Donald Trump is going to be cheated in the next election. The votes are verified and validated. I, personally, have been voting for several years with mail-in ballots and we feel very secure in the way it is counted. (How in the world did Cory Gardner win with mail-in ballots?)

He is spewing out bullshit and lies because he is afraid that he is going to lose.

The ballots will be counted. The in-person votes will be counted. The candidate that gets the most votes will be the next President. It is not a "hoax'.

If You Wanna Get To Heaven

Don't buy the criminal bullsh*t.

All his life, he has manipulated and used people. Don't let him do it this time.

So long as we have a shred of law left in our people, he will not call the election for the American people. He can talk all the bullshi*t he wants.

Reporters make the mistake of asking him if he will support a "peaceful transfer of power" because it permits him to set the narrative.

However, it does bring out the fear and anger that he is now feeling about losing the election.
He cannot bear the thought. Winning is everything. It really doesn't matter how you win, by hook or crook, so long as you win. Bribing and stealing are always options.

Instead, reporters should ask about where he and Melania will live if they lose the election? But, of course, that would probably send him over the same edge?

For the benefit of the country, I would like to see the leaders of both political Parties come together in a Conference Committee and recognize that the nation has a problem with Donald J Trump. First, they must admit the reality.

Republicans need to do an intervention with their leader, Mitch McConnell.

"Oh Mitch! Do you really and truly agree with Herr Leader that the ballots are rigged and do not need to be counted and that we need a continuation for Donald J Trump?"

If so, you need to be removed from office. Immediately. You are just as big a threat to our democracy as Donald Trump.

Somewhere there must be some rational and sensible Republicans? Somewhere? They need to intervene with Mr McConnell.

For the sake of our country.

Quote from Aristotle:

Don't forget. There was no trial with the last impeachment.

Mitch McConnell is in charge of the Senate and he would not permit even one witness. John Bolton wanted to testify and was refused.

None of the evidence was permitted to be put forth.

If there had been a Democratic Senate, the people would have known the facts.

That is the difference between a cover-up and a real trial.

The American people deserve to know the truth and the facts about Donald Trump and his Republican accomplices.

Category 5 coming and everybody wants to shelter in place?

That's what it seems like to me.

Donald Trump is telling everybody what his plans are to steal the election and everybody just hunkers down.

It is insanity.

Maybe it will pivot and change course?

Harry Dean Stanton & Ry Cooder

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