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Trump and his crimes are invisible to Republicans.

They wasted little time going after Joe Biden for informing the National Archives and the DOJ about classified documents he had discovered at his home and office.

As if they were oblivious to the stolen documents and the obstruction by the former president, they attacked Biden as if he had done something horrendous and illegal. They were able to ignore everything that Donald Trump had done. They were able to overlook the crimes he committed.

They were armed for bear. They would destroy Joe Biden with the classified documents that were discovered in his home.

But then, Mike Pence discovered classified documents at his home in Indiana.

Suddenly, it was like their battleship had been sunk. They had nothing to fight Joe Biden with. Pence had upset their dream conspiracy.

It was rather odd. Mike Pence, with his classified documents, was able to derail their intended investigation of Biden and Trump had absolutely no bearing on their plans?

It is natural, and to be expected, for criminals to proclaim their innocence.

No matter if it is a murderer, bank robber, an insurrectionist, or a Congressman, they will proclaim their innocence right up to the execution date. They use victimhood as a crutch.

Yesterday, one of the insurrectionists was proclaiming his innocence. His excuse was that he was not tried by a jury of his "peers". I suppose he thought it would only be a fair trial if he was tried by other insurrectionists, or those that sympathized with them? The jury made short order of the case and found him guilty. He is going to appeal.

The insurrectionists, and the Republican Congress, all used the same meaningless excuse. They were going "to take back their country". The truth of the matter is that they had all become members of a cult and were guilty of a crime. They conspired to overthrow our government.

Naturally, they deny that is the case. Jim Jordan, a Congressman from Ohio, is such a strong denier that he now wants to investigate the investigators. Although he was deep into the conspiracy and acted in a criminal manner.

The supporters of Trump and the insurrectionists do not escape blame. However much they criticize the Democrats and the election process, they were part of the conspiracy. They hide from the truth and make up conspiracy theories to validate their suspicions and to clear their own consciences of any blame.

Comey Was 'Concerned' NY FBI Officials Were Leaking Info to Rudy Giuliani (From Dec 2018)


Former FBI Director James Comey told House investigators that he was “concerned” about FBI officials in the bureau’s New York field office leaking information about the Hillary Clinton email probe to Rudy Giuliani. “I was concerned that there appeared to be in the media a number of stories that might have been based on communications reporters or non-reporters like Rudy Giuliani were having with people in the New York field office,” Comey said, according to a transcript released Saturday. “Mr. Giuliani was making statements that appeared to be based on his knowledge of workings inside the FBI New York.” Comey said he asked for an investigation but was fired before it could be completed. Giuliani has denied the claims.

Is Merrick Garland or Chris Wray running the Biden document investigation?

Yes, Garland is the AG and oversees the FBI.

But the latest searches on Biden's home were done by the FBI.

Chris Wray has been as quiet as a church mouse since the "insurrection" of January 6th, although he did testify once about domestic terrorism and white supremacists. Otherwise, he has been in the shadows.

Although we are told that the FBI is not political, we do recall Rudy Guiliani bragging about working with friends at the FBI during the Mueller investigation. It seems that there may be some in the FBI that are very pro-Trump and anti-Biden.

Can Biden get a fair shake from the FBI?

How concerned is the DOJ about the classified documents Trump refuses to turn over?

It has been reported that they believe he is still holding on to documents.

Unlike Biden, he is refusing to turn them over.

Merrick Garland wants the appearance of balance and fairness in the DOJ.

We do not know what the prevalent attitude is within Chris Wray's FBI?

In my opinion, the DOJ is very concerned about the missing documents that Trump is holding or has destroyed?

Something Strange Going On ?

In regards to the Biden investigation, Biden is the President and he could de-classify those documents tomorrow, if he wanted. But, he has decided to leave the investigation to Merrick Garland and the DOJ.

It is strange to me that Merrick Garland would permit a 10-hour search of the Biden home, unless there was a good reason?

At first, one might wonder if Merrick Garland was calling the shots? Or if the cult followers at the FBI were calling the shots?

Is the Biden investigation a pretext to a larger investigation to come?

How big of a battle is this to preserve democracy?

Is Ukraine the final push by the fascists to tear down the democracies of the world?

Is Justice part of the equation?

There are many questions and things going on that we don't know.

Jim Jordan should be nominated for an Oscar, for pretending to be a victim in his own crimes.

He was always slinking behind the curtains, willing to do any of the dirty deeds Trump requested. Maybe he talked with Trump in the evening of January 6th? Or maybe he talked with him in the morning of January 6th? He just doesn't recall.

But there is no doubt that he was one of the leaders of the Republicans in Congress that agreed to overthrow the election and install Trump back into the White House.

But now, he is the victim. And he is pissed. He wants all the files from the DOJ having to do with all the investigations, including those against himself and his Leader, Trump. The DOJ has informed him that that cannot happen.

So he keeps pretending to be the innocent victim when, like the rest of his traitorous comrades, he knows he is guilty of a crime.

They just refuse to admit it.

Two years from today, who will have been sworn in as the new President?

What are the odds that Donald Trump will be the new President two years from today?

The election of 2020 gave the people one last chance to save their democracy. It is unlikely that the next Democrat will get the total votes that Joe Biden received in 2020. Unforeseen circumstances created conditions for a large turnout, with the effects of the Covid epidemic, the drive-thru voting, the drop boxes, the huge mail-in voting campaign. It is unlikely to happen again, in my opinion.

How important will the next election be for the survival of our democracy?

Will we blow the chance we have been given?

The Games People Play

What I think should happen with a Trump prosecution?

He should be treated like any other citizen. Being the Leader of a Cult does not qualify for special treatment.

It should be taken to a jury. If the charges cannot be proven, then he will walk.

If they can be proven, he should be sentenced like any other citizen.

If the next President would wish to pardon him, then he/she would pay the political price. Or they may think there is no political price?

In my opinion, Jack Smith should continue to gather the evidence, but hopefully he will soon file charges against the former Criminal-in-Chief.
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