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How many Republicans in Congress will read the Mueller Report?

And if they do read it, will it change any minds?

Is there even one Republican member that would see anything wrong?

Is there even one that might ask for impeachment of Donald Trump?

I suppose that would be too much to ask?

Barr lied:

He said that Trump totally cooperated with the Special Counsel.

He said that with a straight face.

In fact, he obstructed the investigation at every turn. Every day, he attacked it as a "witch hunt" and a "hoax". He got extremely angry with Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, rather than protecting him. He fired James Comey and cleaned house at the FBI, firing McCabe one day before his official retirement. He reportedly attempted to fire Mueller himself, thru the WH counsel, Don McGahn.

Not only that, he refused to be interviewed by the Special Counsel. He refused to answer written questions on certain subject matters.

So, Barr began his news conference with a lie. There was little cooperation from the White House.

Democrats' options in regards to Mueller Report

First of all, they can do nothing. They can hope to inform the voters before the next election and win the political battle.

Or, they can impeach in the House and bring all the facts forward, to inform the voters in a different way. But, this is not something the Democratic leadership looks favorably on.

Or they can issue subpoenas and put everything into the Courts. Let the Courts decide. It may take a long time, perhaps past the next election, but at least they will be doing something.

What other options do they have?

If Republicans are silent in all of this...?

Then, each and every one of them should be voted out of office.

They are as indecent and complicit as Donald Trump himself.

This should be the campaign message of 2020.

Did Barr let the White House do their own redactions?

And that is why it took an extra couple of days to release the Report?

Last week, he was going to release the report on Tuesday or Wednesday, most folks thought? Then, they came out to let everyone know that it would be released on Thursday, just before the Easter recess.

Also, did Barr release Grand Jury and secret intelligence to Trump's lawyers that he has denied members of Congress?

What a hack! Safire was right. He is the Cover-up General.

The theme song that will be playing as Barr gives his news conference early tomorrow morning...

Who will NOT support Bernie if he is the Democratic nominee?

In my opinion, Bernie is the clear favorite at this moment. He has a loyal base from his last run. I don't see any candidate in the mix at the moment that can compete with him. Are we ready to support Bernie if he is the people's choice?

The Democratic House is not going to pass anything that the Republican Senate will vote for...

All the talk about healthcare, jobs, pick your issue, will be blocked by McConnell and the Republicans.

Yes, Democrats prefer to talk about these "bread and butter" issues instead of impeachment, but neither one is expected to be more successful than the other?

It makes some feel good that talking about these "kitchen table" issues will be more effective than talking impeachment, but there is no evidence to prove that.

Most likely, votes on either issue would fail in the Republican Senate.

We should stop pretending that talking about healthcare and jobs will have any more success before the 2020 election than talking about impeachment.

It's all talk.

What if we didn't know what we already know about Mueller's investigation?

For two years, we have been fed a steady diet of all the crimes and possible crimes of Donald Trump, from the moment of the firing of General Flynn, to the firing of James Comey, to the threats of firing Jeff Sessions and Bob Mueller himself, to the secret meetings with Putin, to the Moscow Trump Tower, to Don Jr's meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower, to the treasonous acts of Paul Manafort, to numerous other despicable and anti-American acts.

If these had all come out at one time, how much of a difference would it make? In hindsight, it appears that the Mueller investigation, in many ways, has diluted the seriousness of all the criminal acts by breaking them to us one at a time, drip by drip?

To look at them in totality, they are over-whelming.

I'm Moving On

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