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For Lisa Marie

If FOX had only shown the passionate enthusiasm with Trump evidence and charges...

...that they are now showing with the lack of evidence against President Biden...

Then the country would be much better off right now.

They can barely contain themselves.

But they do not realize they are stepping into an invisible trap, one of their own making.

Because when they make all their charges against Joe Biden, they are unconsciously contrasting them with the charges against Donald Trump.

This is not good for Trump or the Republicans.

It makes it almost impossible to play the "victim" when your opponent is being charged with similar crimes. This is very disarming for Trump.

Because they cannot help themselves, the new radical Republican Congress will see this as the road to impeachment.

This is how they expose themselves and the truth.

Regarding President Biden's "classified" documents, we should not want to minimize it...

..but we should also not want to blow it out of proportion.

More than likely, after the MAL search warrant, Biden requested that his files be searched to make sure there were no "classified" documents that had been inadvertently stored with other documents. When they were discovered, they probably decided to not make them public, so close to affect the next election.

But, as usual, any criminal aspect is determined by "intent". Biden's "intent" was to return all classified documents back to the NARA. Trump's "intent" was to keep the documents for himself and his own interests.

However, that does not mean we should disregard any possibilities of nefarious actors. It was always questionable at how Guiliani had come across Hunter Biden's laptop? Also, we should not forget the Project Veritas case with Biden's daughter, Ashley, when a Florida pair pleaded guilty to conspiring with Project Veritas to steal her diary. So, "dirty tricks" are not out of the question.

Most likely, the documents were inadvertently stored by Biden's assistants, but we cannot completely overlook dirty tricks anytime Roger Stone is involved with the opposition.


Republicans pretend to be concerned about George Santos "lies"....

When they didn't have a problem with the 30,000+ "lies" by Donald Trump. Not even the "Big Lie".

It worked for Trump. Why wouldn't it work for Santos?

Forget the elephant. Santos should be the new symbol for the Republican Party.

I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

Ramble On

Manic Depression by Hendrix

You Are The Law, Frank's Closing Statement, The Verdict

Despite all the differences, it is still a crime to possess classified documents.

Is it not?

Are there still facts that we need to know about why Joe Biden had possession of classified information for years after he was no longer the VP?

Or did he receive the "classified" documents when he was a private citizen?

Why did it take him so long to "clean out" his offices? And why did he get lawyers to do the job?

Is it fair to ask these questions?

Or should we wait for right-wing media to ask them?

Does Joe Biden owe anyone an explanation?

We should note that Joe Biden did not receive a subpoena for the documents. He did not lie to the FBI about possessing them. He did not obstruct the DOJ from doing its job.

There are major differences but it is still illegal to possess Top Secret documents when no longer in government.

"Thanks Joe!... For getting me off on that espionage charge."

"I was really worried about that one".

Something really smells about the Biden "classified documents" discovery. It is too early to call them "stolen documents".

It would be interesting to know what was in them. Were they about China or some other country's nuclear capabilities? Were they Top Secret?

It is a relief to know that the FBI did not have to get a search warrant to get them. And that Joe Biden did not try to hide them or lie about having them.

But it does raise a little suspicion that they are discovered more than two years after Biden is elected President. And when the heat is getting so close to Donald Trump and his many crimes.

However, it will probably make it much more difficult to now charge Donald Trump with stealing government secrets.

Very few believe that Joe Biden had the documents for any nefarious reasons.
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