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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
December 31, 2019

What is it good for?

December 31, 2019

Should the Embassy workers be evacuated?

It sounds really hairy at the Baghdad Embassy.

They have no choice but to defend the Embassy, the largest in the world.

They should, at the very least, ask the workers if they would prefer to evacuate? If the Iraqi government cannot disperse of those attacking the Embassy, then what? Give them an ultimatum?

December 31, 2019

Give him a couple of scoops of ice cream and tell him how great he is...

Do anything to distract him from real world problems .

It's as good a strategy as any. Give him some crayons and a coloring book. Drive him out to the golf course.

Anything to keep him busy for one more year. His inability to concentrate or to understand complex problems must be carefully controlled.

He is like a child that threatens to burn down the house if he doesn't get to watch more TV and doesn't get to tweet to his hearts content.

Keep him talking about Hollywood and what a big star he is.

If the impeachment is an effective distraction, keep it going until the election, if possible.

Keep him busy. Tell him he did not win the last election legitimately. Tell him anything, but try to keep him away from the military and the red button.

Tell him there is a poll from Podunk that shows he is far ahead of all challengers. Just keep him busy with diversions until the election is over.

Tell him Putin thinks he is great. Just keep him away from serious issues.

December 31, 2019

Who is more guilty?

Yes, Donald Trump does some crazy sh*t but the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, always stand behind him.

There was evidence from Intelligence sources, before the election in 2016, that Donald Trump may have had some questionable foreign acquaintances, including many in Russia.

Barack Obama attempted to inform Mitch McConnell about it. He wanted there to be a bi-partisan effort to get to the bottom of it. McConnell refused. He thought it was all "political".

Then James Comey was fired and a Special Counsel was appointed. McConnell was pressured by his own Party to name Robert Mueller to lead an investigation into Russia's influence upon our most recent election. Mueller found a lot of evidence, and even put some people in jail, but in the end, he refused to make any pronouncements of guilt. The evidence would have to speak for itself.

In collusion with his new Attorney General, William Barr, they were able to create a new narrative about the results of the Mueller Report, mostly by withholding the Report from the public for about three weeks. It was the beginning of the cover-up.

No sooner than Mueller had finished speaking his last words about his investigation, Donald Trump was on the phone with the new president of Ukraine, looking to replicate his previous campaign, by looking for foreign assistance. Unfortunately, he was caught.

Not only was he illegally asking for foreign assistance, he was threatening to withhold much-needed military support from Ukraine. Only after he was caught, were the funds released.

It was simply so brazen and unbelievable, that Pelosi had no choice but to conduct an impeachment inquiry. It was only then, after numerous very credible witnesses, that the picture began to come into focus. They discovered a shadow foreign policy, led by Rudy Giuliani, that was operating counter to the interests of our country, and successfully led a campaign to get rid of Marie Yovanovitch, the anti-corruption Ambassador to Ukraine.

These same shadowy characters were also involved in a character assassination attempt against a Democratic Party rival, the one most feared by the Trump campaign. Trump wanted the new president of Ukraine to go on CNN and announce an investigation against the same Democratic rival. The blatant act of asking a foreign leader for assistance in the next campaign, and tying it to weapons that they seriously needed for their defense, was something that no one could consciously ignore.

Donald Trump was impeached, by Democrats, who were willing to take a stand for our Constitution and the law, voted almost unanimously to impeach him. Republicans stood united in collusion with their president and their Party.

At present, the Articles of Impeachment are held by Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House. She will not tolerate or assist in any type of sham or unfair trial in the Senate. She must be shown with guaranteed assurances that the process is fair and constitutional.

On the other side, Mitch McConnell is doing his best to hold his caucus together. They have to hold at least 51 votes to legitimately call it an acquittal, in the public arena. (By constitutional standard, it would be considered an acquittal, but public perception might be somewhat different?) It is no easy task.

As usual, it is Mitch McConnell that says he is going to work "hand-in-glove" with the White House counsel and there will be no daylight between he and the White House. He has publicly stated that he cannot be an impartial "juror".

There are witnesses that can clear up, one way or the other, the disagreements over the charges against this White House. The Senate is balking. Mitch McConnell does not want witnesses and he wants this "sham trial" over as soon as possible. Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are asking for four witnesses up to this point.

If there are no witnesses, many people will see the Senate "trial" as nothing more than a "cover-up".

In the meantime, the crimes continue.

December 30, 2019

Who is Michael K. Atkinson ?

How many had to Google the name?

He is the Intelligence Community Inspector General that accompanied the "whistleblower" in front of the DCI and the House Intel Committee and said that his information was "urgent".

How is he still in his job? Didn't Trump try to fire him?

Why isn't he mentioned more when the "whistleblower" is discussed?

December 30, 2019

What did Trump and Putin discuss yesterday?

Nobody knows? We get all our information from the Russian media?

It's a good thing Trump is not an asset of Russia or we might think Putin has complete and total control of our foreign policy?

It's good that Trump is thinking about what is in America's best interest, rather than his own, or we might be real nervous about this secret relationship?

It's really good that Trump is playing Putin like a fiddle, or we might have reason to be concerned about the security of our country?

Also, it's encouraging that the Russian media is so trustworthy.

December 30, 2019

Flashback to the Stephanopolous/Trump interview earlier this year.

When George asked him if he would accept information from foreign sources that might help him in his next election, Trump sort of brushed it off by saying, he saw "nothing wrong with talking to them"?

But the fact of the matter was that Giuliani was doing that very thing in Ukraine as Trump was trying to legitimize it. He knew then he was going to take foreign help if he could get it.

We should have known then, that he was up to no good.

Stephanopolous acted surprised that Trump said he would "listen" to what info foreigners might have? We now know he was willing to go much further.

December 30, 2019

Should we steel ourselves for the election in November?

Because that is the only way Donald Trump will be removed?

He has been impeached, to the credit of the House and the Democrats. But there is little expectation that it will go much further, unless more bombs start falling around us? Then, the Republicans might notice? I guess it is human nature?

Speaker Pelosi will have her people and "managers" ready for the impeachment trial much quicker than McConnell and Schumer will have negotiated the rules for the trial, I would suspect?

The country is sort of in a political purgatory until the next election, it seems to me?

Unless, of course, more bombs begin to fall around us.

December 29, 2019

Is someone trying to start a war ??

What are these attacks upon Iran and Iraq?

Is the tail wagging the dog?

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