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How can the Intel Committee keep the whistleblower's identity if he testifies?

Isn't Devin Nunes on that Committee?

Does anyone think he would not tell Trump his identity?

Although they would probably meet with the whistleblower somewhere besides the Capitol Building?

Maybe they can give him a wig and fake beard?

Is it possible to take the subpoena cases to different judges?

Or does it have to go to only one district judge?

Or should they just let it simmer for awhile? Why not just wait and put them under an umbrella ?

The longer the Republicans wait, the worse it is for them politically. Because they cannot get a replacement for Trump and there are surely many more crimes and embarrassments to uncover?

The House needs to get a Court to rule in their favor.

Until then, they have no choice but to keep adding charges to their tab.

Those that do not respect the law do not deserve the respect of the law.

Those that lead cheers for lawbreakers do not respect the law.

They do not respect our Constitution or the laws within it.

They parrot lawlessness and division.

Yet, they want their voices to be the dominant ones in our country. They preach guns and violence.

They have not shown they deserve the respect they demand.

Obeying the law does not mean getting away with whatever you can get away with.

The Gambler

Wittingly or unwittingly, Barr, Giuliani, and Pompeo have been used as Russian tools.

We do not like to think anyone would betray our country wittingly.

But, it is very difficult to explain the actions of William Barr, Mike Pompeo, and Rudy Giuliani except by "they were just following orders".

Barr, who has been under a cloud since he took the job of Attorney General, is maybe the most difficult to try and understand. How is it anything except betrayal to travel to other countries to get information from their intelligence services about our own FBI and CIA? Why would he trust them more than our own people? Could he not find anyone in our intelligence agencies to help him investigate? Does he think they are all "deep state"? Or is he simply doing it to appease Donald Trump?

We now find out that Pompeo sat in on the phone call with the Ukraine president and, as far as we know, did not say anything to anybody? He has been one of the most loyal water carriers for Donald Trump since he moved over from the CIA to the State Dept. He has been complicit, at every step, with Donald Trump.

Nobody knows what the deal is with Giuliani? He seems to share his pathologies with his friend, Donald? He likes the limelight. He likes to spin lies to counter the most obvious facts. He is very adept at distraction and muddying the waters. Sometimes he travels as Trump's attorney and sometimes he travels as an envoy of the State Dept and sometimes he travels as a private citizen. But all his efforts to impress Donald Trump are really for the benefit of Putin and Russia. It is a huge gamble to have him testify before the Intel Committee. He has a way of turning everything upside down.

Tilting at their conspiracy windmills, do they understand the extent to which they have betrayed our country?


What happened to the "promise"?

When this story first broke, it was reported that the whistleblower talked about a "promise"?

Did we ever find out what that was about?

Was that in the full transcript?

Who made the "promise" to whom?

The day that s.o.b. leaves office should be declared a national holiday.


It's beginning to look like the entire Ukraine fiasco was created for the benefit of Russia.

Rudy and his fellow lawyers were working for Trump to try and persuade people that the election meddling in 2016 had nothing to do with Russia. They were good little soldiers. The proof was hidden is some huge server in Ukraine. The Ukrainians stole the files from the DNC. Russia is being falsely accused.

That is what Trump wants people to believe. He is doing just as he is told. He is Putin's Puppet. Everything is done for the benefit of Russia, not America. He suggested that the new president of Ukraine talk to Vladimir Putin and resolve their differences. As if he had invaded Russia and took part of their territory.

It seems that way.

Dig A Little Deeper - Doc & Merle Watson

Diving into the Deep State

The present usage of this word, primarily in many right-wing circles, implies that there are some sinister forces deep in our government.

As prominent propagandists have noted, the more absurd the lie, the more the tendency to believe it. It is what some have called "The Big Lie" theory.

Somewhere along the line, the story changed. Republican conservatives were once the proudest defenders of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and other "deep states" of the government.

Now, they seem to see "spies" in all these organizations? When did this transformation take place with these Republican conservatives? Or do they no longer consider themselves conservative Republicans?

The "deep state" seems to imply a hidden enemy? They are invisible.

Yet, they exist. Some folks are now saying that "deep state operatives" are at work in our government. The transformation seems to be complete.

Is that a paradox?
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