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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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It is a criminal act to use the USPS to influence or suppress the electoral process.

Donald Trump and the new Postmaster General are in the process of committing a crime. What they are attempting to do with the mail-in ballots is illegal.

A judge should have to rule on the matter. Congress should legislate.

This is so obviously a criminal act.

Warning: Republicans and Democrats should act now to prevent "Constitutional crisis".

We know it's coming. They know it's coming.

And it is going to be a real mess and headache for our country and for our people.

Fix it now or deal with it after the election.

Get rid of him now.

Do not wait any longer.

It is for the good of our country.

We know it's coming.

The moment Republicans discover Trump has no coattails...

Fireball Mail

Three-day weekend? Are Republicans meeting behind closed doors?

What would they be discussing? The coronavirus assistance program?

Or might they be discussing the latest poll numbers?

What are their options?

They can stay with Trump and possibly lose everything in a landslide? As a Party, they would be left in shambles. Of course, they are always able to pull themselves back together, as they did after Watergate.

Or do they take a chance with someone else? It is not inconceivable for them to see Mr Trump withdrawing from the race, rather than have an L in his loss column, with just a few weeks left in the race. That is a possibility they have to consider.

Of course, almost unanimously, those up for re-election are attempting to find a way to distance themselves from Mr Trump, especially since his comments about postponing the election in November. That seemed to be on the other side of that imaginary line they have drawn with Donald Trump? Or they are trying to appeal to the few sane Republicans still left in their Party?

Do you believe Donald Trump is not part of their discussions this weekend?

Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar

Has the new Lincoln Project ad come up yet?

It's a real production!

Some guy wakes up after he's been in a coma for 3 1/2 years.

His family comes into his hospital room wearing masks...

I saw it on FB. In my opinion, FB is the battleground that the Trump campaign expects to win. The Lincoln Project is well-equipped to challenge their message on Facebook, in my opinion.

Perhaps they need to be visible on Facebook?

Should the Congress be leaving town at this critical time?

With the virus situation, with the budget negotiations, with assistance for the unemployed needing immediate attention, and strict attention to preserving our Constitution, is this a good time for the Congress to get out of town?

It shows how dangerous the Republican Party truly is...

The things they are willing to let pass.

Threatening the next election. Calling it fixed before the people even vote. Suppressing the US Postal Service in delivering paper ballots. Throwing chaos into our electoral process. Republican responses have been very, very weak to non-existent.

It is a threat to us all. Even those that don't know it and probably will never know it?

Dead Skunk

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