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kentuck's Journal
kentuck's Journal
August 31, 2020

Trump is the most transparent President since George Washington...

..the Father of our Country.

Like some people, he would never ask for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from anyone that worked for him. He has nothing to hide.

That is why he fights everything in Court, including his tax returns?

What does he have to hide? The government is like the Mafia...give them a little and they want more. He will appeal to the Supreme Court, if the Appeals Court denies his request tomorrow. It's none of anybody's business who he is doing business with.

There are just some things that the people who put him in office do not need to know, I suppose?

August 31, 2020

Donald Trump is like a black cat crossing the road.

He is bad news.

Bad stuff happens wherever he goes.

He is number 13. He is bad luck for everyone that comes into contact.

You don't have to be superstitious to see the cloud that follows him.

Does anyone have a mojo hand?

August 31, 2020

The Sweet Spot

It's like when Sandy Koufax would throw a shoulder-high curve-ball and it would suddenly dip and drop and hit the low outside corner of the plate. The strike-out to end the game.

Politicians are always looking for that issue that hits the "sweet spot" with the voters. Joe Biden may have found it?

Most voters know Donald Trump cannot be trusted. They believe he hooked up with the Russians to win the election in 2016. They see incompetence and a bad example for their children. But he has been able to get extremely high mileage out of his lies and bullshit. It has kept him in the game.

However, when Joe Biden points out that he wants to "unite" the country and bring our people together, it touches a nerve with almost all the voters. They look at Donald Trump and they see a "divider", someone that will continue to tear our country apart.

This is the issue that hits the "sweet spot" with American voters. And Trump cannot help himself. It is his nature to divide people into different camps, one for him and one for his enemies. Americans of all stripes understand that about him.

August 30, 2020

I'm a Soul Man

August 30, 2020

Demand that the DNCI come before the Congress immediately.

And demand that he give the Congress the intelligence they need to know.

If not, begin impeachment proceedings.

If there are not enough Republican votes in the Senate at present, wait until after the election to put it the hands of the US Senate.

This cannot be tolerated. Send Mr Trump the message.

The People shall not surrender so easily.

This is a showdown.

August 30, 2020

All Along the Watchtower

August 30, 2020

Roly Poly

August 29, 2020

Only Love Can Break A Heart

August 29, 2020

Why the stock market is doing so well in a crap economy?

It began with the $2 trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy.

They did not use it to create jobs. They used it to buy back their stocks and drive up the prices on the stock market.

As if that were not enough, much of the stimulus subsidy went to the most wealthy, rather than to small businesses that were in need. That also contributed to the rise in stock prices, even as tens of millions of Americans were losing their jobs.

Also, the Chair of the Fed had announced that he would spend whatever it took to keep the stock market up. The big gamblers on Wall Street had a no-lose proposition.

But, it should be noted that Wall Street has very little to do with Main Street at this time. They are only gathering their gains.

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