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If the House impeached him again....?

And held up the Articles of Impeachment until after the Election, what would be the impact?

What if the Democrats take the Senate but Trump keeps the White House?

Could that be leverage for the Democrats?

I understand that is a lot of "what ifs" but it is not impossible.

Is that too "hard ball" for the Democrats?

Why Donald Trump will choose to NOT push thru his SC nominee at this time?

Make no mistake, Donald Trump calls the shots for the Republican Party.

Whatever decision he makes must be in the interest of Donald J Trump.

Uppermost in Donald's mind at this time is, what can help me win the election on November 3rd?

If he pushes thru his nominee now, there may be less incentive for some Republicans to vote for him in November? The only reason they voted for him the last time was solely for Supreme Court picks. He might actually lose votes if he chooses a Justice at this time.

Also, Trump understands that he is behind and he needs all the help he can get. Do Republicans want Joe Biden to pick the next Supreme Court Justice or do they want Donald Trump to make that choice?

When the political options are all weighed, Donald Trump will decide that it is in his best interest to leverage the Supreme Court pick to get more Republicans to the polls.

He can see it no other way, in my opinion.

McConnell will try to make a deal with the Democrats on Supreme Court pick.

It's just the way he operates.

He would like to get a promise from the Democrats that, if they win the Senate, they will not change the 60-vote rule for passing legislation. In that case, even if Republicans lose their majority, he would still maintain control of the Senate, even as the Minority Leader. He could freeze up the Senate just as he did under Obama for 8 years.

If Republicans lose their majority, the Democrats would get to choose the next Supreme Court Justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In my opinion, that would not be a deal the Democrats should accept.

Wouldn't it be nice?

If the voters of this country proved everybody wrong? The pollsters, the Trumpsters, and even the folks here on DU?

What if they came out in such huge numbers that they kicked the Republicans and Donald Trump out of all positions of power in our government? The turnout would be unparalleled.

What if the American people showed the world that they cared about America and how we are viewed by our friends and allies around the world? What if they showed the people of this country that they are not the fools that many believe them to be?

What if the people took back their country in dramatic fashion, with the biggest landslide since LBJ in 1964?

It would be nice.

Peace in the Middle East (cartoon)

How do Republicans put themselves back together after Trump?

Trump is not going to release his supporters to the Republican Party. They are his army. They are his militia. He will continue to use them to further his own interests.

Old-line Republicans will have to start over or they will all have to become part of the Trump Party.

Surely, this is something they have thought about?

How do they become a legitimate political Party once Trump is no longer in power? He will not surrender control of his cult to anyone. They will dance with him or they will dance with no one.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of cowards.

I just watched Judgement at Nuremberg

Did anyone watch the Nicolle Wallace show today?

She has a unique ability to get to the very heart of the most important issues, in my opinion. She asks very intelligent questions and tends to have very intelligent guests to help her with the answers.

In these times, she is must-see television.

Today, she covered AG Barr very thoroughly.

Are you ready to put the Trump presidency behind us and move forward once Biden takes office?

Or do you want to exact some sort of political revenge for the damage he has done to our country?

How important is it that the new President try to heal this nation and put the division behind us?

Are the problems too great to continue investigations of the present Administration?

Would this be a losing political issue for the new President?

Does anyone else have a bad feeling about the two months after election?

It feels unsettling and unpredictable, much like the feeling after Trump "won" the election in 2016.

We don't know what is going to happen, but we know it is not good.

We know it is coming and we are not prepared.
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