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Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,111

Journal Archives

Just for fun, let's go back to Trump's dementia test...the one that he "aced".

Yesterday I had my annual physical under Medicaid. I'm Trump's age. I was asked to draw a clock and place the hands at 12:25. I was given three words - captain, garden, picture - and asked to repeat them in order about 10 minutes later. While we were chatting about my medical history, I asked the nurse practitioner why the word and clock test didn't include more questions. She said that if I flunked the word and clock test, they would go ahead and give me a longer, more detailed test.

I "aced" the word and clock test. It's pretty certain that Trump didn't and had to take the more detailed test, which he probably also flunked.

Anybody who can't pass the word and clock test shouldn't be President.

The Lincoln Project should look into this.

Fauci should resign tomorrow.

The Trump Campaign will not take the ad misquoting him off the air and it will do a lot of damage... not so much to Biden's campaign but to the public health. Fauci can do more good now if he is out of the White House.

I am not an alarmist but I think we should all start praying that this nut doesn't

try and start a war. He may feel that it is all he has left and that no amount of election cheating will save him.

I had my son at Walter Reed in 1971. I almost

gave birth by myself because the Colonel Doc went out for a three martini lunch. When he returned, the baby was crowning. I was in the hospital for 3 days and the total bill was $5.23 (the food charge).

He took off his mask. He can't breathe normally. They will be giving him

oxygen before the night is over. He'll be back in trouble very soon.

OK, Mr. President, I won't be afraid of Coovid-19, just tell me where I go to sign in to

the Presidential Suite so that I can get the same medications and treatment you got.

Send him home! Let's save some taxpayer money and spare

the good people at Walter Reed from this circus. If he continues to improve, he'll continue to bury himself with his mouth. If he takes a bad turn, there will be another drama and that will only remind the public again that Covid is serious and this asshole brought it on us and on himself. Send him back to Melania and let her put up with him. Geeze! Enough of this!

I'm Trump's age. I've lived with the threat of Covid for 8 months and I've

played by the rules. He's denied Covid for 8 months and broken every rule. I'm Covid free. He's got Covid.

A 4 year old would understand the lesson in this. I wonder if his "base" will.

He brought this on himself, the damn fool! He denied this virus, did nothing to stop its spread,

ridiculed wearing masks and taking the proper precautions, recklessly endangered others with his rallies...and I could go on and on. He is the Spreader in Chief and I have absolutely no sympathy for him, his family, those who have enabled him. And, as a side note, he may have given the virus to Hope Hicks rather than the other way around. Again, he is the Spreader in Chief and has literally and figuratively made this nation sick.

After tonight, I think it will be Biden in a landslide and then Trump can take

his nasty, filthy, fat ass right to the Southern District of New York. They'll be waiting for him.
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