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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 11,348

Journal Archives

Buying a new iPhone

I was very fortunate to have a new iPhone every 2 years, fully set up and supported by my company IT department, but I retired three years ago and now have to buy a new one.
If anyone cares to offer any advice, it would be appreciated.

1- Which phone should I buy, and where is the best place to get it?
2- Will they fully set up the new phone and transfer all of my date, photos, notes, etc to the new phone?
3- Will the new phone then be synced to my computer and iPad as it is now?
4- And finally, is my Apple ID all I need for this process? There is not a separate iCloud ID?

Thanks if anyone wants to weigh in.

Anybody else have a boy sister?

Itís impossible to explain to very young children that adults started out as little people their size.
Iíve tried telling my twin 3 year old granddaughters that their Dad was once my baby, and was no bigger than they are now.
I was with them today, and explained that, at one time, their Dad was a baby and lived with me, and their Mom was a baby and lived with Pop Pop.
One of them looked at her sister for a minute, and then said, ďSo you and Pop Pop were boy sisters?Ē
Close enough. Iíll try again in a year or so.

Doesn't this emoji

Look like Lindsey Graham?

Matt Gaetz as a role model

from the internet:
If you feel you have not achieved as much success as your peers, just keep trying. Matt Gaetz is now a Congressman, and he didn't get his first High School girlfriend until he was in his 40's.

If we called Barack's health care plan "Obamacare"

Shouldn't we call the Corona pandemic "Trump Don't Care"?

Observation on governance

President Biden has listed our four current priority issues:
Covid, the Economy, Climate, and Racism/Equality.
While the Democrats were passing a bill to deal with the first two emergencies, the Republicans were obsessed with Dr Seuss and gender issues involving a plastic potato.
While one party was governing, the other was showing that they have nothing to offer.

Is a secret ballot at the end of the Impeachment trial no longer possible?

A few weeks ago, there was speculation that a majority vote (50 Dems and the VP) could order that the final vote be by secret ballot. Several articles pointed out that this win for the Dems could also be a boon for the GOP, since they could remove Trump from future contention while not having to acknowledge their individual vote. Some articles even speculated that a genuine secret vote could get 80 plus votes, meaning a majority of the R's.
I haven't heard any speculation on this since the trial began, so my assumption is that this would have needed to be in the original agreement on conducting the proceedings.
Anyone have any ideas if this could still be a possibility, albeit very much a long-shot?

Question about Impeachment trial

Canít find a google answer: Is the Senate going to skip Saturday as requested by one of Trumpís lawyers who says he is an Orthodox Jew and canít work from sundown Friday through Saturday?

I know theyíre saying now that the trial will last at least till Monday.

I tried to defend Trump on a social media site

The post had his picture with the usual "Best President Ever" caption, and asked people not to post anything derogatory without admitting to some of the good he had accomplished. My post:

All he did was send a mob to try to kill Congress. And they took him off Twitter just as he was getting ready to post his
taxes and his beautiful healthcare plan (remember, the one he was going to release the afternoon of his inauguration?). He did
try to build a wall and harass black and brown people. Promises made, promises kept, country trashed.

New Georgia Senators

I've seen several posts about when we can expect the two new Senators to be sworn in.
GA Sec of State has until January 22 to certify the results. Two points: He can do it before then; and both races ended up outside the 1/2% margin for automatic recount.

Once he certifies, they can be sworn in right away.
So, since the House and Senate have adjourned until the 19th, they likely could be ready to take their seats once the new President is sworn in.

Then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars......
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