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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Aiken, SC
Current location: Midlands of South Carolina
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 12,946

Journal Archives

A very good year?

I just realized that 2022 could mark the end of Trump, Alex Jones and Elon Musk.
That’s what I call a great year.

Boycotts don't work unless they know it

This is in reference to Twitter, and the NAACP and other groups calling for a boycott of advertisers.
If companies are supposed to wait until they see a small drop in sales and assume that it may be related to their Twitter ads, the boycott won’t be effective.
Instead, keep a template to cut and paste for companies you see on there and send an email to their PR or Marketing department. A suggestion:

“My spouse and I are planning to buy new (xxx) this month. We are honoring the general boycott of Twitter advertisers until the site establishes sensible content moderation and won’t be considering (your company). If you decide to withdraw your Twitter ads, please let me know so I can consider your product again.”

In case you see that SC Senate removed rape and incest provisions from the bill

Please smile and cheer. A victory for our side.
The provision to remove the rape and incest exemptions from the abortion ban passed out of two Senate Committees, 7-4 and 9-8. In both cases, two and then three Republicans, and every one of the Democrats, chose not to vote against it because both sides know it cannot pass the full Senate without those exemptions.
So, a classic poison pill that will doom the full bill when it comes up for a vote, and then they can get to work on the next version. Several GOP leaders even grudgingly commended the Democrats for their underhanded, but successful, use of the process to stop the bill.
And the best response was some haggard looking MAGA loon saying that the liberal Democrats were responsible for the no exemptions ban because they would not agree to any compromises.

Student Loan comment on LinkedIn

Somebody just posted that Jesus' miracle of blessing the fishes and loaves and feeding the crowd was a slap in the face to everyone who had brought their own lunch.

Suggestions on best place to buy online bumper stickers

Wanted to get a "Vote Democrat, we're not perfect but they are nuts" sticker. Every site I have found either has terrible independent reviews or the majority of their products are right-wing crap.
Any suggestions?

On edit: If any of you aren't familiar with this forum, it took me a while to find it, but it offers products from fellow DUers. It is located in the "Economy and Education" topic.

Best conspiracy theory I've heard today

Just suppose that Clarence Thomas knows that what has already come out, and what is still not public info about his and Ginni’s dalliances with the hardcore right wingers, will make it impossible for him to stay on the Court.

What could be more noble than a health issue prompting him to announce his retirement so the great institution of the SCOTUS can have 9 full-time justices? What a great gesture to establish the legacy of this much-maligned man.

Like the conspiracy theories on the other side, there’s not one shred of evidence that this is true, but damn it would sure be sweet.

Trump's SC rally

I heard today that there were 'ten of thousands' expected to attend Trump's rally today in Florence SC. I spoke to a newspaper reporter who was there, and he said that there were about a thousand there at most.
The picture below is from the camera stand behind the crowd. The stage where he spoke is in front of the small stands you see at the far end of the picture.
He was here to rant against two SC reps, one of whom voted for the second impeachment and the other who voted to certify the election results. A sad little man needed a group of people to stroke his ego and help him convince himself that he is still relevant.

Trump didn't even know Ghislaine Maxwell (??)

That is was what I was told by a Trump campaign staffer on LinkedIn. After I posted the link below, with its very first photo being the exact photo that he had said was photoshopped, he still maintained that it was a "fake."
I told him I gave up. He had obviously won the argument by his criteria, which is that shouting "Fake News" loud enough makes any fact disappear. I left him with one of my favorite quotes from George Bernard Shaw:
"Never wrestle a pig. You both get dirty, and then you realize that the pig is enjoying it."


Facebook exchange

“Well, Trump would have secured the airport at Kabul.”
“Hell, he couldn’t secure the US Capitol two blocks away.”

Bob Marley and the abortion debate

Bob Marley injured a toe kicking a soccer ball, and when it didn’t heal, doctors found a melanoma under the nail. He was advised to have the toe amputated immediately, but his Rastafarian faith did not allow him to remove any part of the “temple” that God had created. This decision cost him his life.
What does this have to do with abortion? Opposition to abortion is as much a religious decision as was Marley’s choice not to have his toe removed.
How would anti-abortion activists react if told they would have to die rather than have a toe removed because the Rastafarian majority in the Supreme Court decided to follow their faith?
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