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I'm only gonna vote for him if I have to.

I took the Indivisible Pledge. Whoever winds up as our nominee gets my vote. Even him. I will do so reluctantly, but so be it.

I won’t run off with some pie-in-the-sky independent and I sure as shit ain’t votin’ for the Orange Turd.

A House vote to impeach would be nice, too, though.

I really like this idea!

The more I think about it, the better I like it.

Deny Moscow Mitch the “happy ending” to which he thinks he’s entitled. Pass impeachment and the. DON’T send it to the Senate.

Let it hang there indefinitely, with the successful vote to impeach, and then leave it at that. The impeachment is the goal. The impeachment is what will be in the first line of his obituary for all time. Let it stand. And let the election happen and then we take it from there.

DO NOT give trump the opportunity to be saved in the Senate. Don’t even let it get there. Might even use it as leverage against ol’ Moscow. You wanna play the big rescuer of trump, overseeing a Senate trial sure to go his way? And win yourself some VERY temporary brownie points with this snake who lies all the time, and changes his mind depending on the hour of day and capricious mood he’s in and who he thought he just talked to last? Not so fast, pal. We’ve got more than 250 bills gathering dust on your desk. You get some of those bills to the Senate floor for a vote. Then we’ll talk about giving you your chance to play hero in a show trial for donald.

Hang both of those miserable bastards out to dry and let ‘em wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And maybe that’ll give us enough election cycles to get the Senate back. And THEN we reassess.

Cue the "Sad trombone"!

That his brain is in the toilet so he can't tell what color the light bulbs are -

OR recognize widely-recognized general truths.

I thought she was a whole lotta wonderful.

Even so, we still HAVE TO impeach.


Ya think?

I thought that was some sort of explanation for the appearance

of the Orange Asshole.

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