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I wish he were just crazy, too, Squinch.


We might get a lot of clarity with the South Carolina primary.

THAT is what Iím waiting for.

By the, too, weíll have had one more debate, and one last primary before Super Tuesday. That should show several things:
1) will Joe Biden be resurrected by the KEY voting group for Dems: black voters? Especially if he has any kind of good finish from Nevada. That would have to be second place. NOT 4th or 5th.
2) will Bernie prove that HE has legs with black voters?
3) will Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren again show sluggish numbers? Could count them out. Amy had a good night, two debates ago, but what started to go up went back down.
4) will Mayor Pete continue as an also-ran? Heíd need a 1st or very strong 2nd finish to maintain his position as a player. Otherwise the momentum will go to somebody else.
5) will Bloomberg rebound after a poor showing in the Nevada debate? Will he learn from that and show heís better-prepared in South Carolina? Is his Nevada debate disaster just a mulligan? Or is it the beginning of the end? He only gets one more shot, IMO.

Again, PERCEPTION matters. Perception is freakiní EVERYTHING!!!

You're not the only one, wisteria.

Somehow, I missed all those other denouncements, too.

Yes. DEFINITELY except James Comey.

Thanks for donald trump, Jim-boy.


Oh good grief...

Ugh! What a nauseating thought.


An encouraging read. We ARE everywhere, arenít we!

And here I thought you'd picked the one about Getting Married in Hell on the 29th!


Hmmm - @jennycohn1. Gotta try that.

Thanks for the tip!
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