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"...owned by the American Ideas Institute...

...a nonprofit organization that advances a political conservationism.”

“Political conservationism”???

Now there’s some verbal fancy dancing!

No kidding. Butt plug is an apt description.

"Loathsome Lindsey" works too.

And I’m sorry, but again I’m compelled to ask the same question about him that I’ve been stuck on, with people like him, since this dismal era began:

What does that say about the voters who see fit to sent a puddle of piss like him to Washington on their behalf. If THAT is who, and what, they want to represent them, then that must be who, and what, THEY THEMSELVES are.

That's an insult to all decent honorable men everywhere.

To lump Lindsey Graham in there is almost literally a sin against the truth and truth-tellers everywhere.

Lindsey Graham is a piss ant.

That John McCain hung out with him puts a big blemish on McCain’s integrity. But then again, every Yogi Bear needs his Boo-boo.

Lindsey Graham waffles in the wind like a piece of tissue paper. And stands up to it equally as effectively.

Yeah, unfortunate but true. Both sides! BOTH SIIIIIIIIDES!!!

Frankly, all I care about at this point are the history books.

All this sturm und drang will pass and be one meaningless. Few people care who was manipulating or browbeating back when Andrew Johnson was impeached. And the jackals who swarmed Bill Clinton and impeached him because he lied about a blowjob from a consenting adult will all be long forgotten. Their names are named elsewhere here but nobody’s gonna remember. Especially as those of us old enough to have watched it happen die out.

But that impeachment vote (if it goes in the House the way we all expect it to) will stick. It goes straight into the history books. On the record. Cast in stone. That will always be front row center on his so-called. legacy and in his eventual obituary. You can talk all around it and “over, under, around, and through” like TV commercials used to say. You can spin it any way, excuse it any way, downplay it in any way, but that doesn’t change OR erase OR amend the fact that he’ll have been IMPEACHED. And failure to convict in the Senate does NOT wipe it away or or reverse it or nullify it or make it any less legitimate or any less of a blot on the ol’ bio. Just ask Bill Clinton.

Straight into the history books! Where it belongs! So his grandchildren and the kids and grandkids of all his rich friends and non-wealthy supporters will read about it in school and have to study it in history class. Same when there are movies and miniseries about it, too, and books galore. Just ask Richard Nixon.

And, for that matter, ask the ghost of Andrew Johnson. For probably most of America, by now, that’s the only thing people know about him.

Ahh, ye olde K.I.S.S. concept.

Keep. It. Simple, Stupid.

Sure, I’d love to see a dozen Articles of Impeachment. I’d love 100 of ‘em! Or thousands - one for every lie he’s told to hoodwink America and CHEAT his way to a “win.”

But this is okay. I’ll take two. I’m okay with it.

Whatever works.

Whatever gets us there!

Hey, I like that!

The rePutican Party.


Or maybe just boil it down to the basics: rePUTINs.

I capitalize the key part to make it a visual cue as well as an audible one.


Marry the two concepts. Make them inseparable. Weld them together steely tight so you can’t think of one without the other.

Well said! VERY well said. About time, too.

This is one enlightened police chief!

Totally! But I could think of a hundred charges on which to file impeachment charges.

That said? I will happily take ‘em and not look a gift horse in the mouth (at least not too much).

Grateful we’ve climbed this mountain. Now, onward to the mountaintop!
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