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Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Dubya's version

was strumming while New Orleans drowned.

That's an interesting ticket.

We might have to ease America into the idea of a woman Chief Executive, after what we saw against Hillary Clinton.

Maybe the best way forward toward a woman president is to get America used to a woman on the ticket - assuming itís a winning ticket. A woman Vice President would be superbly positioned to go for the top job.

I must admit Iím still smarting from the still-painful wounds from 2016 and what was done to Hillary. Pulling away to the proverbial ďlooking at it from 30-thousand feetĒ buzz phrase, my takeaway was that America may still be nervous about voting for a woman for the top job - even when presented with a candidate who was smart, creative, nimble-minded, fabulously experienced, and who already knew the turf AND all the players nationally and internationally.

So maybe the country has to be eased into this idea. Maybe weíve spent WAY too long seeing the woman up on that stage - in the role of WIFE-of-candidate, instead of THE candidate. In a supporting role, not THE role.

Maybe America has an even bigger problem with gender than with race?

Just some thoughts, anyway.

I'm guessing Biden's debate performance last night

won a lot of voters over.

He did step up, in energy, forcefulness, and willingness to butt in.

Donít know what took him so long, but it was good to see him in fighting for. He looked like a tired anemic well I donít know I just never was a must see for me OK yeah I think it was a guy so too I just I was just never that interested in it OK thatís nice you know and he was a sympathetic character but itís just you know I am in for me it was not a must see TV every week Star Trek is my CTV I started enjoying sex in the city while you were out of town for days and if that were still on I might find batteries must see TV also-ran in earlier outings. This time, last night, he looked like a front runner.

Still makes me wonder what the hell took him so long.

I just saw a graphic on CNN that shows a LOT of people out there agree with you.

about Biden. Heís a strong second choice.

And it appears heís tremendously like able as a person, as a human being. Across the board.

Let's play! drumpftanic!





More fun like weíve had with all the Humpty Trumpty games -

Trumpty Dumpty...


Iím delighted he finally did. But what took him so long?

In other words, They'll CHEAT.

And that should be Said, Read, and SPREAD!

A good link to keep, and keep an eye on.

Thanks, certainot!

Yeah, he did. But then again, he needed to.

He was strong and forceful. MSNBC guest Victoria DeFrancesco Soto said he looked presidential for the first time. I think it may have brought him back from the dead. Saturday's numbers will tell the full story.

Yep. Catholic school!

We're marked.
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