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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 62,068

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Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

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That's a really important thing to remember, Whovian.

"Treasure each encounter you have with another. You may not get another."

Thank you for posting this and sharing a very difficult moment with us. DU will buoy you up. I will never forget, after I posted about my mom's death, the reaction I got from people here. Comfort, support, sympathy, solace, many many shoulders offered for me to cry on if I needed them. People here were wonderful and so kind. It meant a lot. This is a great place. Glad you're here at a time like this.

Welcome to DU, chillfactor!

This makes me awfully nervous. While I admire John Kerry greatly, and under any other ordinary circumstances would be a STELLAR Secretary of State - OR Defense, I'd hate to see that seat open up. Because believe me, the bad guys will stop at NOTHING to re-install scott brown there. I wouldn't assume for one nanosecond that he'd be unelectable because his time has passed. These are dangerous waters. I wish we could avoid them!

Glad you're here, though! We need you. Stay vigilant!!! Especially if this does come to pass. We're gonna need all hands on deck and ready for battle again, immediately!!! Actually, Dems in Massachusetts should be preparing NOW.


Proud union member here! Chris Matthews made a good point on his show - every time you make cuts in federal spending, that's a check that won't be going out to someone. Someone who may be disabled. Someone who may be a veteran. Someone who may need the help to keep her kids fed.

Cutting federal spending all too often means laying people off. Getting rid of JOBS. This from the self-styled GOP "job creators."

Their relentless and willful idiocy and contrarianism make me sick to my stomach sometimes.

Welcome to DU, caveat_imperator!

Glad you're here! I dunno - does anybody sue for slander and/or libel in situations like this? Frankly, I think that should happen - and A LOT. Tie them up in court and force them to prove what they said was not a lie or an attempt to mislead. But it seems to me that if it was doable, Pox Noise would have been sued so often that it'd be bankrupted.


Good to have you here! Basically they're clinging to ANYTHING that might a) take their limited minds off the FACT that even they can't ignore - that President Obama was reelected; and b) serve as raw material they can use to manipulate public opinion, turn citizens against our President, and maybe, just maybe, use it to drum up enough of a scandal that they can somehow plant the seeds for impeachment. Because Hell knows they sure weren't able to get rid of him on Election Night.

If voter suppression doesn't work, there's always voter nullification. Unfortunately, these assholes don't know when to quit. Which means we've GOT to stay vigilant!!!

Welcome to DU, Dakota Flint!

No. And - to use that phrase I HATE: "both sides," they do indeed lie about both sides. They make up all kinds of bad stuff about people on our side, in any way possible. They ignore and/or cover up all kinds of bad stuff about people on their side, also in any way possible.

Glad you're here! The more of us who see through their lies and other assorted bullshit, the better!!!!!

Welcome to DU, jeaps!

Mine, too. Indeed they will NOT be denied. Hell, WE will NOT be denied. Because they are us and we are them. As Mad-Eye Moody always warned Harry Potter: "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!!!!!" I find it really rather an outrage - that this kind of thing is happening in 2012. Two Thousand and Twelve. This isn't the Middle Ages. This isn't the 18th Century. It just shows the quiet nobility of everyday heroes. They would NOT be denied. And they struck a blow for every single American presently on this side of the dirt. But adding insult to injury is how voting rights were presumably SETTLED. ALREADY. And all of a sudden it's a damned issue again! This was settled. And now the bad guys are back, making it an issue again.

Glad you're here. We need you. Stay vigilant!

I think that may have been the biggest crowd there, EVER.

My son was there, too. He got invited as what they called a "Presidential Scholar" in high school, for his great grades. He said he damn near froze his feet off, but he was so excited to be there that he didn't care. Our brainy boy forgot his cold-weather boots, of course. Also, he said his group was nearby when georgie-poo and laura departed from Washington afterwards. He said he saw their helicopter lift off, and he was in the crowd that was singing "Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, goo-ood-BYE!" He sang along, too!

That's my boy!!!!

Welcome to DU, PennsyvaniaMatt!

Sadly, that was just indicative of everything that was to come. These assholes were just bound and determined NOT to accept Barack Obama as duly-elected President. SHEESH! And they called US the Sore Losermen. They were, and unfortunately still are, just gonna find fault with EVERYTHING about him.

Glad you're here. I, too, hope john roberts is sufficiently ashamed of himself and chastised enough that he will swim nude up the Potomac that January day rather than blow the soundbite - AGAIN. That was a frickin' national disgrace. And if he had been a Democratic appointee botching the Oath for a republi-CON President-Elect, we'd never be hearing the end of it.

Welcome to DU, Catch2.2!

That's the whole problem, though. We as a nation are not feeling well. We are ill. We have norquist disease. I'm trying to think up a good word for it, like romnesia for wrongney. But he is a disease. An opportunistic infection that has blighted most of the country, kinda like a political Dutch Elm Disease.

And yes, I'm attempting, in my word and phrase choices, to dehumanize and minimize him. To make him a thing. All the easier to despise.

And remember that - quite literal - "war of words." The newt gingriches and frank luntzes of the world have thought up all these verbal devices to help paint the correct word pictures to get the desired meanings across to the unsuspecting targets (ie: ordinary citizens and potential low-information voters). They do focus group testing of words, phrases, concepts, slogans, and figure out just the exact perfect ways to convey messages. What words and phrases don't just say something, they INFER or IMPLY or SUGGEST. It's almost like subliminal advertising.

Words and phrases are carefully analyzed and categorized as to whether they're positive or negative connotations. Words with positive meanings or associations are deliberately and purposefully to be used when speaking of things or concepts or individuals that are supposed to be regarded positively. The same exercise is done with more negative words and phrases. Those are, in turn, supposed to be used whenever referring to something you don't like and you want to turn others against as well.

gingrich had a whole book full of them, developed through his GOPAC during the early 80s when he rode into Congress on reagan's coattails. For all things CONservative, regressive, republi-CON, or GOP-related, you were told to use positive words to associate them with. Words like "family," "American," "concerned citizens," "freedom," "liberty," "people of faith," "traditional," "hard-working," "God-fearing," and more. For all things Democratic or liberal or progressive - oppositional or negative words and phrases were used like "socialism," "hippie," "limousine liberals," "the looney left," "tree-huggers," "unAmerican," "godless," and worse. What used to drive me mad was that the term "do-gooder" was actually a put-down. A put-down!?!!!?!?!?!???? Doing good is a negative thing? Since when??????????????????? But yeah. It was. It was a derogatory term. One step lower than "nanny state." But in a "You're On Your Own" world, or an IGMFU world (I Got Mine, F-U), we can't have this "kum-by-ya" crap. Even "kum-by-yah" is a put-down. So is "peacenik." And "women's libber." Some of us were demeaned by the use of the term "bra-burner."

frank luntz and others were the ones who focus-group-tested all these words and phrases to see what registered and how. They made a science out of it.

So - if you wanna change the tax laws or cut taxes or whatever, the word "tax" has to be rendered SECURELY negative. Why not attach
the word "relief" to the word tax - because the phrase "tax relief" implies that taxes are something bad from which one yearns for relief. Notice, in the last few years - since Obama became president - the phrases "job-creating" and "job-killing" have been added to everything from legislation to toilet paper brands to actual people. Slap "job-creating" on any crap-ass legalized piracy legislation and BOOM! Instantly you have this nice little mental sticky-note or audio earwig that's gonna bury itself into your tissues and take root, and make itself a nice permanent home. BOOM! "Job-creating" - whatever it's attached to suddenly becomes something good, positive, desireable, admired, coveted, something to be hailed, promoted, protected, increased, accellerated, enforced, even worshipped. "Job-creating!" Hey, says the low-information viewer/listener. Well, THAT thing creates jobs! Must HAVE! And on the flip side, a "job-killing" fill-in-the-blank-here is a total negative, toxic, a loser, an undesireable, a poopy-head (to quote the ever-eloquent overflowing bathtub candidate), and something to be avoided, hated, defied, ignored, demeaned, scorned, bad-mouthed, minimized, vilified, brought down, destroyed.

They've been on this for at least 30 years. More like 40, I think, 'cause reagan didn't just arrive, fully-formed, on a half-shell on the ocean waves. A lot went into building him and the favorable, fertile environment of the national mindset in which he was to be planted. lee atwater was at work back then and there have already been clips of him giving lectures about effective wording and phrasing. In one clip, he referred to what we now all recognize as dog-whistles, describing how people used to use the "n-word" regarding the racist feelings they had, but you really couldn't say stuff like that in polite company anymore, so you could say OTHER things - like "states' rights" and so forth, to subtly telegraph what you meant to say, and other fellow racists who felt as strongly about the rectitude - even nobility - of their own racism and had no intention of changing their views would understand your message very clearly. And if they didn't, you keep on doing this and they'll pick up on it soon enough. It used to be NOT respectable to be greedy and selfish. Once even regarded as sinful. But these lovely folks changed all that and made it respectable - through this lexicon they developed and the way they evangelized it across the American political and social landscape.

It's the money talking. The corporations et al. The free-marketeers. The rich. They've bristled against the New Deal for decades, because it leveled the playing field, and deep-down, the captains of "the sanctity of competition" hate that more than anything. THEY want the upper hand, the edge, the fix. They want the game rigged so they win. Fairness for all is no fair to them. The more level the playing field, the more the OTHER guy has an even shot at winning, and we can't have that if we're to claw our own unimpeded personal way to the top of the ziggurat. So basically all these annoying "rights" and "programs" and "benefits" and "entitlements" that the rich and elites don't need because they already have PLENTY in all those departments, are bad things. They must be done away with. After all, ayn rand says we're entitled to keep everything and we're not supposed to have to share or make a little room for anybody else.

For example, ever wonder why it's the CONservatives who want to do away with affirmative action? It's total IGMFU. clarence thomas, for example, was MORE than happy to avail himself of all the advantages that affirmative action offered - in its design to help level the playing field and give those who'd been historically shut out a chance to get inside. But once HE got in, he wanted to shut the door and lock it behind him so nobody else could get in after him, and make use of those advantages he used.

These assholes have been at this Satan's Work FOR DECADES. It's perception management. The main objective was to make this shit respectable so it would be much easier, even to the point of being systemic, to enact their agenda into law - and preferably into the Constitution. They've been working on this for a LONG time, trying to change the nation's views from progressive to CONservative. Trying to push the pendulum as far as they can to their side and then tie it in place there. They infuse the mind with positive and negative associations to things - and then the job is done. The impressions are made, and they stick. It's almost like they've made your mind into a mine-field.

At least there are more people waking up to this, and recognizing it as a fact. These are the building blocks of that alternate reality we've known about, and fought against, for years, and that the mainstream media and other Pox Noise/limbaugh critics have only just recently discovered. Thank Heavens the awakening has finally begun.

What WE have to do is make sure nobody dozes off again.

Aw, crap. Glad you're here! Sorry to be so long-winded.