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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Oregon
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Female. Retired. Wife-Mom-Grandma. Approx. 30 years in broadcasting, at least 20 of those in news biz. Taurus. Loves chocolate - preferably without nuts or cocoanut. Animal lover. Rock-hound from pre-school age. Proud Democrat for life. Ardent environmentalist and pro-choicer. Hoping to use my skills set for the greater good. Still married to the same guy for 40+ years. Probably because he's a proud Democrat, too. Penmanship absolutely stinks, so I'm glad I'm a fast typist! I will always love Hillary and she will always be my President.

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Lucky Sperm Club. That's the only reason he's covering Capitol Hill for NBC News when he's

barely at the point of needing to shave regularly.

Sounds like the pipsqueak had it coming. GOOD! He should go to Topeka or Temecula or someplace and do a few years covering local news before he steps up the the network level. I guess his only apprenticeship has been sitting at his father's knee.

Watching luke russert PISSES ME OFF! I can think of DOZENS of my own colleagues who've been toiling in the back of the vineyard for years, building sources, credibility, expertise, who would, on their worst days, be better than he is. And some of them are out of work. FAR more deserving than this little princeling. If he can ever get past his own "birthright complex" or sense of entitlement based on who his father was, MAYBE he might develop into something. But I really resent seeing a pipsqueak like him getting one of those big jobs - that you ordinarily would have to spend years building toward, in your own career - when there are others out there who are FAR more experienced, competent, and DESERVING.

"Though she has the special license plate, it remained unclear Tuesday how she qualified for it."

No kidding. I think we can all venture a guess or two.

This is nuts. Getting nuttier and nuttier. Where did I hear the phrase "Real Housewives of CentCom"? I think this qualifies. America sure loves a reality show. They're the most surreal shows out there. Out there indeed!

Welcome to DU, adieu!

I agree! He should have to pay all that back, too. If ANYBODY should have it a little cushier, it's the rank & file who should have it a little better, rather than the overdressed bellhops that supposedly "run" things. By the time the generals get to that rarified air, I think maybe they get so caught up in the privileged life of the upper ranks that they forget where they came from - and where all the grunts they order around still are.

Glad you're here! Let's make sure we protect our winnings and build upon them. It's NEVER over and we can NEVER afford to rest on our laurels (the way some of these over-pampered generals do). The next election starts NOW.

Welcome to DU, MOMFUDSKI!

Glad you're here! Nothing's too clear now, but CONSIDER THE INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED!!! Just remember the kinds of things they're capable of. kkkarl rove learned his shit at the knee of lee atwater, the un-dear departed RNC chair who was a true dirty trickster - I think he learned it at the knee of charles colson and the rest of the Watergaters. They practiced and staunchly believed in the political Dark Arts. They stopped at NOTHING to make sure they'd win. Crime? HAH! Who cared? Winning was the ONLY thing that mattered. Besides, if our side gets in, all investigations are canceled and even if not, we all get pardons!

I don't know why, but it always seems as though the sneaky, illegal, immoral stuff mostly seems to happen to GOPers. Mostly. I realize there are Dems who are guilty of nogoodnik-ism and over-ambition. But even our worst compare to their worst like a grain of aquarium gravel compares to a brick. I wouldn't put it past some of these fiends to try anything and everything they thought they might be able to get away with.

I remember when little monica goodling testified before Congress how she'd "crossed the line" from legal to illegal during the bush/cheney years:


I think it was she who also recalled, during testimony, how when they were all brand new in their jobs, their main focus was "how do we get around the laws/rules/regs" to do what we want to do anyway? I remember hearing that and thinking - "and WHY can you not accept the rules that are ON THE BOOKS, and give up trying to violate them so much? WHY are you so unwilling to follow the letter of the law when it's not part of your evil little political sneaky-ass hit-job agenda?

These republi-CONS - they're ALWAYS up to something. If they're republi-CON, COUNT ON IT. Take it to the bank. They're prepared to do ANYTHING to win, legal or not. Sneaking, conniving, lying, distorting, dirty tricks, bribes, cheating, cutting corners, breaking the rules, violating the law. Is THAT what they mean by "freedom"? Is THAT the "freedom" they're always yowling about that our side is supposedly hell-bent on taking away from them? THAT kind of "freedom"? Thank God that sometimes they're stopped. For all their protestations about how Christian and moral they are and how important their "morals" are - they are the MOST UN-Christian and amoral individuals ever to suck air off our planet.

Sheesh! No KIDDING! Well, michael isikoff is ALIVE AND ON FIRE! He sure loves a sex scandal.

Just saw him on MSNBC, and was struck by his body language. Eyes wide open, almost bugging out at times, eyebrows dancing up and down, leaning in toward the camera with his head slightly cocked to the side, "lettin' you in on the dirty stuff." He reminded me of Rona Barrett, the onetime Hollywood gossip columnist. She always delivered her lines, on camera, with her head cocked in this sly little sideways posture where she was kinda looking at you with a wink and an "oooh, tsk-tsk, guess what I found out!" He made me think of her immediately. Almost shameless. He was damn near drooling. Somebody needs to give that guy a bib! Or maybe his own peep show.

Same stuff went on during the Monica Lewinsky business. OMG was he slobbering back then!!! And when all that settled down and the scandals and potential scandals in the bush/cheney administration came and went with nary an eyelash batting, and he'd reliably come up with SQUAT time after time, I concluded that the guy was utterly useless, and couldn't find his way around an investigation unless there was a stained blue dress and a Clinton involved.

Well, michael isikoff sure is back up and cranking today! He's got a juicy new sex scandal to sink his teeth into. Oh boy! I swear - he could hardly sit still. I'm surprised he didn't arrive on the set with a knife and fork.

But, with a hard-on like this, I'm sure he's probably gonna dig up some kinda dirt. This kind of story is REALLY his thing!

Absolutely! Look who the players are and what their agenda is. cantor is a ruthless partisan.

I think if there was anything in ANY of this that he thought he could use for his own political gain OR wrongney's, it would CERTAINLY have been used. I wonder if maybe he was hoping HE had the "October Surprise," but then it didn't pan out the way he was hoping. So we're only finding out about it now. AFTER the election.

I was just watching michael isikoff on MSNBC and he was practically drooling. He's a guy who seems to LOVE a sex scandal. For a LONG time after the Clinton administration was over, I suspected he couldn't find his way around any story unless there was a stained blue dress and a Clinton involved. Well, he's got himself another sex scandal, and his eyes were almost on fire on camera a few moments ago! This is really turning him on. Wonder what's in HIS closet?

So do I.

I still want to know what he was hiding, and trying to put over on the American people.

ANOTHER reason why I'm so delighted and relieved that wrongney didn't win. Imagine the bad precedent it would have set, for later republi-CONS, or later ANYBODIES, for that matter: "well, president wrongney never released a lot of tax returns and it didn't hurt him any. Certainly didn't keep him out of the White House! So you CAN get away with it!"

Interesting theory. I think you ALWAYS have to suspect the worst, considering who we're dealing with

here. eric cantor? Good Grief!!! That's NO innocent bystander or altruist, by any means! You can ALWAYS count on somebody like him being up to something bad for our side. He's ruthless. ANYTHING he could use to damage our side, or President Obama, or both, he WOULD use.

Hmmm... what's that smell? Something increasingly fishy maybe?


An interesting additional paragraph - glad they point this out:

"In other words, this instance of whistleblower was not conducted as it normally would be, through the appropriate committees, but instead went to the guy whose job is primarily political, leading the Republican caucus. - as in eric cantor.

"One more note about the timing. The interview–and this alert to Cantor–happened after the time the GOP was going full October Surprise mode on Benghazi. There were tensions between CIA and FBI because CIA had not shared video fo the attack with investigators. Again, there’s no reason to believe this is Benghazi related. But there were certainly institutional tensions playing out just as the FBI interviewed the head of the CIA about his mistress’ access of his email."

Goes back to my original question just after this story broke: since when does some partisan pipsqueak like eric cantor get access to information like this before the President does?

Stuff that keeps bothering me:
1) Never did trust petraeus OR was ever all that impressed with him, even though the wrong-wing was (and still is, at least up til now) practically burning incense to him all the time. Remember how they had his back when MoveOn.org portrayed him as "David Betray-us"? Also - he DID, after all, come to prominence during bush/cheney. That's a suspicious mark on his record, automatically, in my eyes anyway.
2) FBI Director robert mueller. Okay - there's another bush/cheney alumn. Got the big fancy marquee-level job from the opposing team, so his loyalties may already have been compromised long ago. AUTOMATICALLY MAKES HIM SUSPECT, AS WELL, at least to me.

I'm sorry. I just go straight partisan on this, myself, when I start looking at who some of the players are here. Especially involving some weasel like eric cantor - who can't even be trusted by his own party (you think for one instant that boner sleeps well every night, knowing eric cantor is sniffing around at his ankles all the time and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take over his job? Just think! The first Jewish Speaker of the House...). You've got to know that eric cantor would have used this as an "October Surprise" against President Obama if he thought there was anything in there that he COULD use. Since this didn't come out before the election, I suspect cantor concluded this was a dead end - nothing damaging enough to use to the republi-CONS' advantage. You KNOW DAMN WELL they would have, if they thought they had something damaging to the Obama White House.

OMG!!!!! Hilarious!!!! Kicking!!!

"Porta John's Pizza"!!!! Whoever thought that up -