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Hometown: San Diego, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
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Oddest thing just came from Amazon...

We just received two huge boxes from the Amazon fulfillment center addressed to our granddaughters who live with us.
Inside each box were two identical Baby Yodas. No paperwork, no receipt, no return info, no idea who sent it.

So we have four large identical toys that probably cost around $40/$50, we don't know who sent to our two grandkids, and they don't watch Star Wars, so it's not a family member - we think.

Could this be related to yesterday's AWS breakdown? These would have been ordered Monday at the latest.
Ah well, once we find out who sent these, Toys for Tots is going to get three Baby Yodas.

Or it could be a Chinese plot. Who knows?


Dang it, I've gotten addicted to Weee.com

Another $35 order of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese snacks.
Laz keeps saying "this is my favorite, I can eat this forever".

King Crab chips, Lay's Black Pepper Prime Rib Pringles type chips, Spicy Masala crisps, weird noodle cups and dim sum..

And lots of odd candies and cookies for the girls.
I think this is a way that international distribution warehouses get rid of their overstock that isn't being bought by Asian or Mexican bodegas. The boxes tend to come next day.
It's better than the international section of most grocery stores.

The reviews section for the products can be hilarious.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Pediatric COVID shots at Rady's Children's Hospital apparently come with

Stickers and Lego mini kits. This is in San Diego, BTW.
As one Reddit poster said "Damn, where was my Lego when I got my shot? Thanks a lot, Newsom..."

We will go out for ice cream after the granddaughter's shots next week.


One Bad Apple spoils the whole bunch is the saying.

Forget the Micheal Jackson song. I'm tired of organizations saying "well, it's just one bad Apple".

No, the saying indicates if you find one bad apple, you have to inspect the lot and quickly get rid of all the bad apples. Not excuse the obvious one and say all the rest are good.

The saying goes back to the Middle Ages, and basically compares the endeavour of either putting apples up for winter and/or making Apple Cider with any group effort - a wormy or rotting apple only takes a day or so to affect all the apples around it, and that infection expands like a zombie apocalypse.

If you have one bad actor in a group of people, s/he quickly taints the rest of the group and what they trying to accomplish along with any respect that group may be trying to gain.


California COVID test lab issues?

Apparently there is a backlog at one of the labs according to the county; it's going on day 5 with the grandkids and we still haven't heard anything back.
This can be dangerous if what they have is COVID instead of a bad sinus cold. We are already 5 days behind if so, and Grandy has a compromised immune system.


Texas is going to lose OB/GYNs and nurses.

This "bounty" on abortions goes back 4 years. That means that even should SB8 be used to coerce doctors and clinics/hospitals not to perform abortions now, but any yahoo grifter who wants to collect money will go after those doctors, nurses, midwives, and PAs who even "facilitated" or consoled a woman who later had an abortion procedure or spontaneous abortion in the past.
These medical professionals are not going to stick around to be hit with a civil lawsuit every month just because they got into women's health and were performing legitimate medical procedures for legitimate medical purposes.

Texas's maternal and pre-natal mortality rate is going to skyrocket. Because women's health procedures apparently figures less in the eyes of Texas legislators than common regulated animal health and fertility procedures.


Eviction disaster looming - Ideas on what to do?

I suspect FEMA might need to be activated to provide temporary housing, as HUD has never (to my knowledge) ever had to deal with a massive housing emergency as the moratorium expires and there's a huge amount of rental assistance not spent or disbursed for a variety of reasons - from states and localities unable or unwilling to make an effort to disburse funds, to eviction so as to raise rents or renters taking advantage of the moratorium to squat until they get kicked out.
This isn't the same as the efforts to reduce homelessness. This is a situation where there is a clear underlying cause, and it will immediately affect hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, Americans, and quickly, just as any natural disaster hitting a major city.

We all know the GQP is just salivating to bring up "Bidenvilles" at the mid-terms. Is there any group working on this immediate issue?


I want cake.

I want a slice of lemony (not really tangy, but with that light lemon freshness) 3- layered chiffon cake filled with raspberries and hand whipped cream. Powdered sugar with maybe some candied violets and lemon peel on top. Just like the one I made for a casual wedding 30 years ago off my Great-grandfather's 1910's recipe notes.

That or a large parfait glass filled with a tin roof sundae. Lots of hot fudge and fresh cranked vanilla ice cream.

Youngsters don't know how good special treats like those were back in the day. I was just considering treating the family, but my hands are beginning to fail me and the granddaughters are fighting us over dish-washing.
They just don't understand how good home made is when using fresh ingredients. "Let's go pick up instead..."
Like you can get a good Tin Roof sundae with real ice cream and non-plastic spray can whipped cream at Dairy Queen.

I hate growing old and getting arthritis...


Somewhat serious - how long does it typically take...

To correct a social security/ birth certificate discrepancy?
Background - slacker soon to be ex-son in law's parents did not coordinate when they signed him up for a social security number. The birth certificate had a hyphenated maternal/paternal last name, and his father's parents took guardianship of him immediately, didn't use the birth certificate but used his hospital discharge papers with the paternal last name only to get his SSN. He was able to get through 26 years of school and get a driver's licence and jobs (mostly under the table) without presenting his birth certificate.
He says he tried getting a Real ID when he let his drivers license renewal lapse for a year, and the system finally caught up with him. His DL and SSN are now flagged and he can't use either, or file his taxes (would be for the first time in his life), or get a job, or as he finally admitted, a COVID shot, even though he still has his expired DL and his old SSN card, and I know people who got shots with expired licences.

Supposedly, he put in the paperwork for the official name change on the BC last November, got the updated BC in January and now he says he's filed to the name change with the Government back in February and is just waiting on Social Security to update his file or something like that to get the SSN flag taken off.

I don't think name changes at Social Security takes that long, and the whole SSN flag issue seems suspicious. AKA changes and Marriage name changes don't take 6 months or longer, nor have I ever heard of someone being flagged when they're in the middle of such name changes.

Since his whole family are well-off GOP/Trumper types with a nasty streak of "laws don't apply to us" (i.e., Orange County Republicans), I suspect the entire story is a lie, and he's just being the sorry slacker his family raised and never put in any paperwork.
So I'm asking, is 6 months a legit amount of time to wait on a name change reconciliation with Social Security?

Would someone's SSN be flagged and unable to be used just trying to get a driver's license renewal? When spouse's DL expired and he waited too long, they gave him a choice between regular old DL or a RealID, and didn't make a fuss about his documents.


Odd discovery on tic-toc currently resulting in research on Twitter.

On Hank Green's (PBS Sci-Show host, other You-Tube/Vlog education channels)Twitter feed he and some other scientists are discussing a tic-toc clip where a spider can apparently see into the infrared spectrum beyond where people can normally see.
At the time I'm posting this, they're also talking about how some people can also see further into the infrared ( as in, they can see the infrared signal from more modern remotes that don't have the extra red LED lights as a battery check) and his Twitter channel is discussing how this can happen and how to set up research.


Social media the way it is supposed to work.

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