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One of the things about knee surgery - you need a good sofa for recovery.

One that the seat is preferably around 17 - 19" off the floor (including cushion sink when sitting) and around 22 -24" deep.
A couple second-hand recliner/loveseats and my IKEA "club chair" on risers just won't cut it. Especially since the cats have pretty much destroyed the recliner loveseats over the past ten years.

So, what do y'all think of this model set? This is a local company that carries made in America or Portugal.

(The second pic with the sofa, chaise, and club seat, especially...)

Laz and the kidlet are going out tomorrow to look at this for me. We have a very pale blue living-room with a lot of the cafe-black Billie bookshelves and Kalex shelving.

Hopefully, this set meets the criteria! Especially since I just got an amazing bonus for this year's work saving the Navy close to $1.2 million with a new process and reporting artifacts for accurately assessing interoperability.


Who says a "Woke Navy" with women is soft?


The day after giving birth, she gets dressed in uniform, gets up, gets pinned, and then slow matches down a hospital ward pushing her newborn in bassinet saluting all the way. Without help.

And of course, she's going to be standing around for a good half-hour afterwards getting congratulations and chit-chats. All while being expected to act like a Chief.

That's a level of hardcore most people can't do.

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