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Gender: Male
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 57,768

About Me

I truly believe that we will all live in peace and brotherhood someday. And so that I don't lose my faith in humanity, I will live my life as if that day had already happened.

Journal Archives

For my Lounge friends - "Green Hills Race For California" - Emerson Hart.

Saturday, September 28th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

"O, he is as tedious
As a tired horse..."

Henry IV, Part I, Act III, Scene 1, Lines 153-154.

Talk to me...


I had a patient today who was opposed to the Affordable Care Act.

Not because he was a right-winger, but the opposite: he is an anarchist.

He's uninsured, and I mentioned the ACA because we will be helping our uninsured patients get registered for it starting the 1st of October.

He says he is opposed to a corporate take-over of medical care. (As if we weren't there already... )

I told him that, ideologically speaking, we were close to being on the same side of the political divide. But I also explained to him the advantages of the ACA, and that it would be a lot easier to treat his various conditions if he has insurance.

I never met someone opposed from the left, but I know they're out there...

Stuck in a hotel room awaiting the start of a medical conference. How is everyone tonight?

Life must have been awful for the intercity traveller before the advent of the Internet. Nothing but the Gideon Bible for company.

My hotel room has TV, like every other hotel room in the world. But how 20th Century is that?

500 channels and nothing's on.

I brought my iPod Home with me, and it's currently pumping out Mozart's Greatest Hits.

Who wants to hang out? I'm going to go for some dinner later, but I could use some company. If you're not ashamed to post in a thread as transparently needy as this one...

Happy Hour! Having some drinks with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

Cheers to you all!

"Barking mad."

I don't know why, but of all the varied British euphemisms for insane, i.e. dippy, dotty, daffy, loopy, crackers, balmy, barmy, etc., I think my favorite is 'barking mad'.

That just says it all, I guess. Plus it sounds hilarious...

Question for fans of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange."

For anyone who studies the symbolism of the film. Because Kubrick didn't do anything by accident.

What do you think was the reason for Alex's single large, bizarre-looking false eyelash?

That it makes him look fierce, and slightly crazed, seems a little too obvious, a little too simplistic.

Any ideas?

Happy Hour with Aristus and Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

I'm going to have to stay out of GD for a while.

Stirred up a hornet's nest. There are some GD-ers over there practically screaming for my blood.

No, no. Don't go look. I don't want my Lounge peeps to end up hating me, too.

It seems to be the same crowd that cursed my family even unto the 7th generation for stating that smoking is bad for you, and you shouldn't do it around your kids. You'd think I'd run over their grandmother, or raped their dog.

Anyway, I need a drink after the day I had. Will is here, scratching out a sonnet.

(He just elbowed me and muttered: "Shut it, thou; a sonnet's a-borning...)

Saturday, September 14th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

"Your heart
Is cramm'd with arrogancy, spleen and pride."

Henry VIII, Act II, Scene 4, Line 107-108.
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