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Name: Mister Rea
Gender: Male
Hometown: Houston
Home country: Moon
Current location: afk
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mostly harmless

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I finally checked to see why I hadn't got my stimulus check from the IRS

They told me my stimulus would go out on May the 15th. What the hell? Other people got theirs already. I want to be stimulated... and I want to be stimulated right NOW!!


guess I'll have to just stimulate myself


But seriously, why are they going out so slowly? Is this an alphabetical thing? If you've already gotten your stim, what letter of the alphabet is your last initial?

Mike Pence is a reprehensible manslug, but those boxes weren't empty


The Jimmy Kimmel show edited the Pence photo op for comedy purposes (which is why it's important to get your news from news sources, and just use the comedy shows to get your sanity back from the world's daily assaults). Pence brought in real boxes of supplies and only joked about picking up empty ones.

Of course Mike Pence person delivering a few supplies doesn't make up for the whole administration screwing up supply distribution from back in January when they first knew we would be under attach by a pandemic.

But I think we should stick to honest talking points. If in war truth is the first casualty, let's at least make sure it doesn't get killed by friendly fire.

Coronavirus Found in Semen of Covid-19 Patients


This is bad, obviously, yet part of me has to wonder under what circumstances this was discovered.

"Doc, I'm going fast... but... I have... one... final request..."

Coronavirus Is Found in Semen of Covid-19 Patients
By Preetika Rana
May 7, 2020

The new coronavirus has been found in the semen of infected individuals, according to Chinese researchers, raising the prospect that the virus could be sexually transmitted.

The study, other researchers warn, also raises many questions. It doesn’t explain how much viral load was present in the sperm; nor did it examine whether the virus can be transmitted through sexual activity.

"Viral load".... get it?

Guess who I'm impersonating: ➡️ "China, China, China"

It's Donald Trump playing "Fuck, Marry, Kill"

Yes no if


Interesting twist in the news about Boris Johnson's recovery


Jenny McGee from New Zealand and Luis Pitarma from Portugal, he said, embodied the caring and sacrifice of National Health Service staff on the front lines of the pandemic, which has already killed 28,131 people in Britain.

Johnson’s close call is reflected in the name that he and fiancée Carrie Symonds gave to their newborn son. Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson was named after Johnson and Symonds’ grandfathers and after Dr. Nick Price and Dr. Nick Hart — the two doctors who saved the prime minister’s life.

Johnson’s actions since leaving the hospital suggest the NHS has a powerful new advocate as it seeks to reverse a decade of austerity that has left Britain’s doctors and nurses struggling to treat the flood of coronavirus patients with inadequate supplies of protective gear. Dozens of NHS workers have died in the outbreak.

Oh, look what conservative suddenly learned what compassion means. From the land of Ebenezer Scrooge. Fucking typical.

What is the precise (or approximate) number of women accusing Trump of assault?

and/or sexual harrassment?

Mitt Romney wet dream

New U. Minnesota study of Covid19 - duration, herd immunity threshhold, predictions


Their findings include:
  • The length of the pandemic will likely be 18 to 24 months

  • Given the transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2, 60% to 70% of the population may need to be immune to reach a critical threshold of herd immunity to halt the pandemic

  • This may be complicated by the fact that we don’t yet know the duration of immunity to natural SARS-CoV-2 infection. Based on seasonal coronaviruses, we can anticipate that even if immunity declines after exposure, there may still be some protection against disease severity and reduced contagiousness, but this remains to be assessed for SARS-CoV-2.

    There's could be 3 {possible} Scenarios following the first wave of COVID-19 in spring 2020:

    Scenario 1: a series of repetitive smaller waves that occur through the summer and then consistently over a 1-to 2-year period, gradually diminishing sometime in 2021

    Scenario 2: a larger wave in the fall or winter of 2020 and one or more smaller subsequent waves in 2021

    Scenario 3: a “slow burn” of ongoing transmission and case occurrence, but without a clear wave pattern.

    Whichever scenario the pandemic follows (assuming at least some level of ongoing mitigation measures), we must be prepared for at least another 18 to 24 months of significant COVID-19 activity

  • (summary from Worldometer.com)

    Land 0'Lakes Butter lady: It's amazing how my perspective changed once I learned some facts

    I was pretty neutral on the symbolic "Indian removal" act by Land O'Lakes. While I dislike the archaic and demeaning use of ethnic minorities as stereotypes for pushing consumer products (the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo being the most egregious, but hardly the only example), I don't think I'd put the butter mascot (who I've found out has a name, "Mia" in the same category. Her artistic depiction was culturally specific, but didn't seem demeaning. It seemed random to have an American Indian represent butter, the manufacturing of which is not particularly a traditional Indian cultural practice.

    So when I read this editorial by the son of the Ojibwe artist who designed the current version of the late icon, it cast the blink-and-you-miss-it controversy in a very different light. The tl;dr on it reads:
    "In my education booklet, “Rethinking Stereotypes,” I noted that communicating misinformation is an underlying function of stereotypes, including through visual images. One way that these images convey misinformation is in a passive, subliminal way that uses inaccurate depictions of tribal symbols, motifs, clothing and historical references. The other kind of stereotypical, misinforming imagery is more overt, with physical features caricatured and customs demeaned. “Through dominant language and art,” I wrote, “stereotypic imagery allows one to see, and believe, in an invented image, an invented race, based on generalizations.”

    I provided a number of examples. Mia wasn’t one of them. Not because she was part of my father’s legacy as a commercial artist and I didn’t want to offend him. Mia simply didn’t fit the parameters of a stereotype....

    With the redesign {of the label's artwork in 1946}, my father made Mia’s Native American connections more specific. He changed the beadwork designs on her dress by adding floral motifs that are common in Ojibwe art. He added two points of wooded shoreline to the lake that had often been depicted in the image’s background. It was a place any Red Lake tribal citizen would recognize as the Narrows, where Lower Red Lake and Upper Red Lake meet.

    With this awareness in hand (and I encourage you to read the full article), it recasts the same newspaper's applauding of the company's disappearing of Mia in a very different light. In their editorial page, they wrote:
    So we have to assume that the company realized times have changed and so (thankfully) have sensibilities about the use of Native people as mascots, logos and other adornments. We wish the company had been more candid, but what is important is that it recognized the harm caused by its Indian stereotype. Others should follow suit....

    There was, of course, predictable blowback from critics who saw the company as caving in to political correctness and from some consumers who fondly recalled the iconic logo as part of growing up."

    There's plenty of room for disagreement here. Certainly there's an inherent white cultural triumphalism involved in using Indian imagery as a short hand for "all-natural" or "from the earth" idea in corporate branding. On the other hand, bleaching cultural specifics from American shelves doesn't really serve the ideal of America acknowledging and embracing its diversity. Mia is presented no more harmfully or exploitively than Betty Crocker or Cap'n Crunch, artistic expressions of whiteness that no one objects to. But more to the point, the Washington Post editorial staff revealed its own non-fictional triumphalism by simply assuming there was "harm caused by its Indian stereotype" where the artist himself clearly drew nothing of the sort. They saw a Indian woman depicted in art in traditional dress and chose to read stereotype into that image. But that seems to be a function of the WaPo staff's lack of cultural awareness.
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