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Name: Mister Rea
Gender: Male
Hometown: Houston
Home country: Moon
Current location: afk
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 50,717

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mostly harmless

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Everybody dance now!!

Give me a music!

HG Wells offers some hope on the MAGA Movement. Also, congratulations to Daniel Rodriguez

“In the end the red weed succumbed almost as quickly as it had spread. A cankering disease, due, it is believed, to the action of certain bacteria, presently seized upon it. Now, by the action of natural selection, all terrestrial plants have acquired a resisting power against bacterial diseases—they never succumb without a severe struggle, but the red weed rotted like a thing already dead. The fronds became bleached, and then shriveled and brittle. They broke off at the least touch, and the waters that had stimulated their early growth carried their last vestiges out to sea.”

H. G. Wells, The War of the Worlds

Video Shows Alleged Insurrectionist Wondering If Capitol Rioters Were Actually Just Stupid

The first video released of an FBI interrogation of a Capitol riot defendant shows the man crying, wondering if he’s just stupid, and describing his use of a Taser-like weapon on a Capitol Police officer.

“Are we all that stupid that we thought we were going to go do this and save the country and it was all going to be fine after?” a tearful Daniel Rodriguez asked the two FBI agents interrogating him toward the end of a multi-hour interview.

“We really thought that. That’s so stupid, huh?”

Rodriguez was indicted, arrested and interrogated in March. He was indicted again this week alongside two other defendants, this time on charges of conspiracy, inflicting bodily injury on certain officers using a dangerous weapon and obstructing an official proceeding.

Congratulations, Daniel Rodriguez, you just became the smartest Republican in the world

Evangelicals getting unhinged over Trump worship. I promise this isn't parody


If all of this is too dark for you. Enjoy this undiscovered truth: Donald and Barron Trump are Chess Grandmasters

And I thought ISIS and the Taliban had a bloody feud going on


Maybe this is how it got started

WY GOP no longer recognizes Cheney as a Repub, nor virology as a science, nor the law as binding

They no longer recognize coups as threats to the Republic, nor lies as dishonest, nor corruption as morally corrupt. They certainly don't recognize Christian teachings as pre-requisite for Christian identity, nor respect for the Constitution as a sign of patriotism, nor voting as a right endowed by the Creator to all citizens.

These fuckers are such a mess.


Wyoming GOP votes to no longer recognize Rep. Cheney as a Republican
Caspar Star-Tribune
Victoria Eavis | Nov 15, 2021

Wyoming Republican leaders voted this weekend to no longer recognize Rep. Liz Cheney as a member of their party.

The resolution, which does not strip Cheney of any tangible power, passed the Wyoming GOP Central Committee by a vote of 31-29 during a Saturday meeting Buffalo.

The symbolic move came after roughly nine county Republican parties voted to no longer recognize Cheney, Joey Correnti, chairman of the Carbon County GOP and one of the officials spearheading the effort, estimated. A number of those county central committees passed the resolution with much wider margins than the state committee, with some passing the resolution unanimously.

The Cheney camp didn’t hold back.

“It’s laughable to suggest Liz is anything but a committed conservative Republican,” said Jeremy Adler, a Cheney spokesperson. “She is bound by her oath to the Constitution. Sadly, a portion of the Wyoming GOP leadership has abandoned that fundamental principle, and instead allowed themselves to be held hostage to the lies of a dangerous and irrational man.”

Sanity lost in a squeaker.

MSNBC: How Trump's WH became treasonous and nearly succeeded overturning the election

Really is a minor miracle that Mike Pence didn't go along with Trump's coup attempt. Lots of mainstream Republicans (McConnell, McCarthy) and Jared Kushner what were willing to at least look the other direction while Mark Meadows and John Eastman tried to force Pence to sabotage the electoral college. Faced with an attempted coup, they knuckled under to a bully. Zero backbone when it comes to facing fascism.

"There's something about an Aqua Velva man"

Johnny Mnemonic trailer

"I can carry nearly 80 gigs of data in my head"

What is that, like two animated powerpoints?

The Five Laws of Stupidity

The five universal laws of human stupidity
Carlo Cipolla considered this {the third law} the golden and most important law, never to be forgotten. He did not consider stupidity a matter of IQ, but rather a lack of relational skills. In particular, he believed that it is possible to classify people based on their behavior. Stupid people are the ones who harm others and often themselves. On the contrary, the behavior of intelligent or overly naive people is aimed at helping others.

Specifically, he believed that stupid human beings behave in an irrational and difficult-to-understand way. This does not mean that their actions do not have an impact on your life. On the contrary, you are very likely to remember people who hindered you, causing you difficulties, frustrations, and suffering. What is even more surprising, that such stupid people may not even gain anything from their behavior. In fact, Cipolla stated that “there are people who, by their illogic actions, not only cause harm to other people, but also to themselves. Such people belong to the genus of the super stupids.”

The Five Laws:
1. Always and inevitably, everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.
2. The probability that a certain person (will) be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.
3. A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.
4. Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular, non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places, and under any circumstances, to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.
5. A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.
(this is from the Wikipedia article on Carlo Cipolla)

A good summary:

The matrix:

I think there's a thing inside Republicans that just want daddy to punish them

It's not a big leap from "You only care about his mean tweets, snowflake" to "Hit me harder, daddy, I been a baa-aad boy"

(I apologize to any masochists I've offended by this. If you're a Democrat I know you keep it out of politics)
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