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Bucky's Journal
Bucky's Journal
November 25, 2023

Would you rather watch the Marion Cotillard Story starring Kat Dennings...

... or the Kat Dennings Story starring Marion Cotillard?

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November 17, 2023

18-minute mini-doc: "My AI Lover"

Warning: the piano music is attempting to make you feel bad for these people.

and it kinda works
November 17, 2023

Disturbing, enlightening, out of date, and timeless: an Israeli documents life in a West Bank settlement in 2019

Gives a good context to understanding the political hardening of Israel and inevitable complexity of Isra-Pal relations

November 15, 2023

🎼 "101084592B04" 🎶

November 15, 2023

Sorry, but Fani Willis is overreaching

The Fulton County DA says she wants to prosecute the Georgia RICO case "all the way to the top of the ladder" and not just prosecute the flunkies and "street level" criminals in the organized gang.

With all due respect, what kind of lawyer doesn't realize that her jurisdictional authority doesn't include Vladimir Putin?

November 13, 2023

TPM: Mike Lindell Is Not Taking Last Week's Elections Very Well

In an email to his devotees that was filled with technical jargon and odd grammatical choices, Lindell claimed the internet somehow swayed elections all over the country.

“Although electronic voting machine companies have emphatically declared their machines are not online and do not contain Bluetooth modems- we have reports of Ballot printers going online with multiple tabulators tethered to the printing machines during Tuesday’s elections,” Lindell wrote, adding, “This is supposed to be impossible.”

The thoroughly discredited notion that algorithms and internet connectivity could be used to manipulate votes has long been a core part of Lindell’s schtick and the broader Big Lie mythos. Given that states use different election systems, many of which are hand recounted and not connected to the internet, it is a technical impossibility. Nevertheless, Lindell has persisted. As he made his latest shocking allegations, Lindell stopped short of providing any concrete evidence. Instead, Lindell insisted he’s actually withholding further proof because of unspecified dangers.

For now, we are concealing critical details to protect election clerks from retaliation,” he explained. { }

Lindell delivered his fevered assessment of the vote in an email to supporters who signed up after his grand “election summit” in August. Since then, those Lindell fans have been treated to a relentless barrage of election conspiracies and promotional deals for bedding. At his event, Lindell debuted his “plan” to “secure elections” from a mysterious and malevolent cabal he dubbed “The Evil.” Lindell’s plan was a convoluted one involving drones and scanners that he dubbed “W.M.D.,” and vowed would expose the supposed internet connections. He also debuted social media site where people could share rumors and alleged evidence of malfeasance.
October 29, 2023

Jarod Kushner's money... where's it coming from and why does it smell that way?

DUers mostly know this story, but the rest of the world is now hearing about it. The weird thing is that he's not really doing much with this supposed "investment bank" money.

I teach high school economics and even I know the thing you have to do with large sums of cash is to invest it in something, just so you don't end up losing fat chunks of it to inflation.

But apparently Jerod/Jarod doesn't know that. Potentially because the real investment for these still-unidentified foreign entities isn't in whatever brilliant investment strategy li'l Jared/Jered has cooked up in his short happy life, but in the purchasing of gratitude and loyalty from Donald Trump should he manage to slither his way back into the White House.

October 28, 2023

Headlines keep calling Mike Johnson a "Lesser-known extremist" ...

But he's only lesser known because mainstream news outlets do such a shit job of covering the mediocre nitwits and charlatans who putter around in Congress.

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