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Hometown: GA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 10,301

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Al Franken's Ted Cruz beer glass

Heard this advertised on Al's podcast (which is excellent, by the way). He drew this caricature of Cruz while sitting across from him in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing!

This is just one of several nice tchotchkes available at https://store.alfranken.com/

No shit.

Lee "May-he-burn-in-hell/I-don't-give-a-flying-fuck-if-he-apologized-on-his-death-bed" Atwater gave us the grotesque spectacle of the Willie Horton ad and, I presume, the ridicule of Michael Dukakis for suiting up and riding in tank. (How is this any more ridiculous than George W. Bush donning a G.I. Joe flight suit and posing before a "Mission Accomplished" banner on an aircraft carrier -- when the only mission that had been accomplished was lying our way into a war that killed tens of thousands?)

Trump's clueless narcissism and heartless cruelty combine to create a toxic cocktail of depravity, on full display in this moronic joyless ride.

"Cantaloupe Island" -- Herbie Hancock live with an all-star band, 1985

Herbie Hancock: composer, piano
Freddie Hubbard: trumpet
Joe Henderson: tenor saxophone
Ron Carter: bass
Tony Williams: drums

Edited to add: This is from the film One Night With Blue Note, documenting a concert by Blue Note Records artists recorded live at Town Hall, NYC.

Hope for a Generation: Fat Freddy's Drop Lock-In session for NEW album!

Just released this week, with a message that's right on time. Featuring guest vocalist Lisa Tomlins.

"May I top off your flagon of pauper's blood, sir?"

"Our dessert tray this evening features a rare Amedei Porcelana chocolate torte, coated with 24-karat edible gold flakes and nestled in an arrangement fashioned from the wings of soon-to-be-extinct birds and insects, sprinkled with liberal tears."

Pence deep in prayer following Trump diagnosis

ďOh, Lord, Iíve done so much for you. All I ask is just this one little thing....Ē

(FYI, in case itís not obvious:
This picture of Mike Pence praying with the Coronavirus Task Force is from earlier this year.)

Analysis of Trump's tweets shows he's sleeping less, and getting angrier (Psych News Daily)

Looks like the Very Stable Genius is getting more and more unstable.

Analysis of Trumpís tweets shows heís sleeping less, and getting angrier
By Douglas Heingartner - October 1, 2020
Psych News Daily

A new study of President Trumpís tweets indicates that heís been sleeping less and less. That lack of sleep is hurting his performance, and making him angrier.

The study, conducted by Columbia University researchers Douglas Almond and Xinming Du, analyzed the Presidentís tweets from January 24, 2017 to April 10, 2020.

The researchers used these tweets as a proxy for the Presidentís sleep duration. On a typical day, the President starts tweeting at around 6am. He continues to tweet about once every two to three hours throughout day, with an average of 10 tweets per day.

But, although President Trump still consistently wakes up at around 6am, the frequency of his Twitter activity between 11pm and 2am has increased 317% since 2017.

- more at link: https://www.psychnewsdaily.com/analysis-of-trumps-tweets-show-hes-sleeping-less-and-getting-angrier/

Trump sure didn't convince anybody to vote for him tonight.

His base loves the spectacle of brutality, of course. But I can't imagine any of the few remaining undecided voters were convinced by Trump's torrent of blatant lies, his reliance on his favorite crutch -- random personal attacks -- or the inability to articulate even the vaguest outlines of a plan for the economy, the coronavirus, climate, or healthcare.

Trump's floor is pretty steady -- sure, I wish it would slip further, but the bad news for him is:
  • His current approval rating is 43.7% (source: FiveThirtyEight)

  • Incumbent presidents with approval ratings well below 50% typically do not win re-election. (Source: Gallup)

  • Here's the list of all U.S. Presidents since 1900 who won re-elections during a recession: 1. William McKinley, 1900 (Source: Newsweek)

  • In every election involving an incumbent president since the emergence of the political polling industry, if the president has a negative approval rating, he loses. (Source: MinnPost)

Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweet during debate:

Neil deGrasse Tyson
You canít use reason to convince anyone out of an argument that they didnít use reason to get into.

Jazz from Johannesburg: The Heshoo Beshoo Group

Info on the band's origins:
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