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It is my understanding that the federal government subsidized the growing of hemp---

marijuana---during WWI because its fibers were necessary for the making of the large ropes then used to rig and secure our warships. This was long before synthetic fibers were used and the hemp fibers were judged a military necessity and we could not risk relying on foreign supplies.

Where, I wonder, has that common sense attitude gone as auto plants shut down because our supply of foreign chips has been interrupted by covid?

(As a side note, in the past folks from southern Illinois crossed the state line to harvest "Indiana Ditch" weed---remnants escaped from prior farm fields. It was not high quality----so I am told---but the price was right for a little buzz.)

Currently in the minority, the GOP insists that the Senate's filibuster is absolutely ESSENTIAL

to the appropriate functioning of our government and democracy may perish without it.

So,------if the Democrats get rid of it, will Republicans quickly re-establish it as soon as they regain control?

For the sake of clarity, of course I know the answer to that question.

I'd just like to hear it asked of Mitch and his crew.

Tens of thousands will commit suicide this fall.

This is just today's crowd at one college football game:


This scene will be repeated dozens and dozens of times before MAYBE some will notice that the crowds are getting thinner and thinner.

I am without words to describe the combination of fear, anger and disgust the above video stirred in me. I just-------------------!

I wonder if there would be any interest in a "Chautauqua-like" movement in rural America.

For those who have never heard of Chautauqua, see: Chautauqua https://g.co/kgs/hUo1zx

It would have to either exclude all religious content or expressly require a diversity of religious thought.

I think there are a lot of people who might listen to a combination of local and guest speakers discuss issues like vaccinations, systemic racism, immigration and general explanations of how our government was designed to work.

I am sure there would be some protests and disruptions, but I don't think we should let hecklers veto a worthwhile educational program.


From a typical Texas "versologist"----

Old boy, keep this strictly between us
Because libruls'd love to demean us
There's no reason, y'all
Women can't do it all
It's just that they ain't got no penis!

I once thought that I'd visit Texas

Then they passed all those laws just to vex us
Now abortion's a "NO!"
But, your gun is a "go"
And, they've redefined "war of the sexes"!

Isn't Texas an "anyone can carry/stand your ground" state? nt

If you can listen to Janis Joplin's "Ball And Chain" at the Monterey Pop and not get goosebumps,

you have my sympathy.


Drill down into the sub-strata of all the negative press about the Biden administration and

you find this naked truth: ending the ridiculous 20 year war in Afghanistan will cost a lot of "Very Important People" billions---if not trillions---of dollars.

95% of the "righteous" indignation about our "abandonment" of the people of Afghanistan is astroturf. The rest is the very reliable willful ignorance of rally-goers.

Unless we allow THEM to write it, history will be kind to Joe.
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