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I'll bet Tucker Carlson is the type who'd kick if they hung him with a brand new rope! nt

Could we stop wringing our hands and whining each time one of ours makes an

"inelegant statement"?

You can be sure there are hordes of RWNJ's ready to pounce on and amplify anything a Democrat says that they can make sound terrible. If nothing is said, they'll just make something up. This is a given---to be expected.

What should not be expected is one of us publicly agonizing about "Why did he/she say that? This is going to offend/shock/piss off potential voters! OMG! OMG!"

Yeah, I know we are free to criticize our own, but I am just suggesting that we cut our own some slack and remember that there really is no comparison between their thousands of intentional lies and our handful of misstatements.

Excuse me all to hell, Mikey!

I just listened to Mother's Boy say that a Kemp victory in Georgia will send the message across the nation that the Republican Party is "the party of the future!"

That was a joke, right, Mike? Your party is doing all it can go take us BACK to a time when abortion, contraception, "fornication", sodomy and smoking pot were crimes and women and people of color "knew their place"! And as to "cohabitation" by unmarried heterosexual couples, mixed-race or same-sex marriages---fuhgeddaboudit!

You went for the laugh and got wild applause, amiright, Mikey?



Have we normalized and pretty much accepted that our candidates don't just need to win,

they need to win by a margin so big that the election is too difficult to steal?

Given the Sickening Six controlling SCOTUS, would ANY margin make an election "too difficult to steal"?

Asking for a lot of friends.

There are some basic facts which most dare not mention, let alone discuss. We may not

want them to be truisms, but they sit there like vultures at the fringes of our consciousness.

When, for whatever reason, a group of people openly and repeatedly attempts to destroy you and your efforts to reason with them are rebuffed and laughed at, there are but two alternatives---both of them ugly: you can either respond in kind or perish.

We have often counselled each other to resist the impulse to "go low" when the opposition savages us. We have insisted that our side be "the adults in the room".

Adults acknowledge reality and deal with it.

They don't "reach out" to the barbarians at the gate.

They don't take butter knives to a gunfight and hope for the best.

Let's be adults.

I believe it to be true that Clarence Thomas could not even be prevented from taking part

in a SCOTUS review of Ginni's appeal of her criminal conviction if that were to occur. He is free to CHOOSE to recuse himself, but he cannot be forced to do so.

Apparently, the only way that he might be influenced to recuse himself is if the weight of BIPARTISAN public opinion was to become unbearable. With regard to that, would there be widespread outrage and loud demands for him to recuse IF GINNI WAS CALLED AS A WITNESS by the January 6th Committee and/or a criminal prosecution of a person charged with criminal acts to reverse the Biden victory?

I agree with those who say there is already plenty of reason for a reputable Justice to recuse from taking part in any review of a January 6th-related appeal but, obviously, Clarence is not such a Justice. Would Ginni being called to testify possibly be enough to put his back flat against the wall?

How could any judge sit on a case in which his wife had been a wiiness?

I recall being instructed by my Dad as to several "rules to live by" beginning back when

my age would still be in single digits for several years. One that has come to mind often these past few years is " A wise man can change his mind; a fool never will."

I think that there are many voters, perhaps millions, who, in that time they spend staring up at a dark bedroom ceiling and very privately considering "How am I doing?", writhe in disgust as they confront themselves with "Trump? What was I thinking?" But,---they consider themselves "locked in".

They can see no way to get off the "Trump Train" that they boarded so gleefully when it seemed that "everyone" was getting on board. They realize belatedly that all those terrible things the "liberal socialists" said about Donald Trump were---and ARE---true. He is anarrogant,self-centered lying sexual predator who is also a spiteful racist, bigot and misogynist. And, it has finally sunk in that he has never cared about anyone but himself. But, admit that they were terribly wrong, vote for a Democrat or---CRITICIZE their tattered hero?

Huh-uh! No way! That ain't happenin'!

If he was in a really generous mood, Dad would have "only" called them fools.

People who say they're willing to vote for "good" Republicans apparently believe it's possible

to pick up a turd by the "clean" end.

Since at least November of 2020 when the election was called for Joe Biden, everyone with

a pulse has known it is highly likely, to say the least, that the SCOTUS will be called upon to decide cases involving Trump and his inner circle and their efforts to overturn the election "by hook or by crook".

And, during this time, while the SCOTUS was expected to soon be ruling on these cases, Ginni Thomas---wife of Justice Clarence Thomas---was emailing state legislators and urging them to ignore the actual vote totals and simply submit a "clean slate" giving the state's electoral vote to Trump.

Does anyone believe Clarence was ignorant of this?

This is a situation which in virtually any other court in the land would require that Thomas recuse himself from any case involving Trump's actions in trying to cling to power. In any other court, judges are required to recuse themselves not only from cases in which they have a clear conflict of interest or bias, but also in cases where there is the APPEARANCE of bias or a conflict of interest.

Thomas's refusal to recuse himself from these cases where it "appears" his household strongly favors overturning the 2020 election, is not just shameful, it us despicable. He may as well buy a full page ad in the New York Times stating " Yes, of course I know that you know I will vote in Trump's favor in any case brought before the SCOTUS. SO WHAT?"

Does anyone care?

Our democracy is not designed to be governed by the majority.

It is designed to be governed by the majority OF THE CITIZENS WHO VOTE.

Those who give a damn VOTE.

Those who don't are willing to let the crazies rule.
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