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Has anyone heard ONE WORD that even attempted to rebut the Democrats' evidence or factually

contradict their assertions of Trump's wrongdoing?

I would love to see some talking head display a chart divided by a vertical line down the middle. The left side would be labelled "Evidence of Trump's Impeachable Conduct" and would be filled with numbered bullet points ending with a lengthy quote from the July 25th "transcript" and the "Russia, if you're listening---" quote from the campaign.

The right side would be labelled "Evidence Rebutting or Contradicting the Entries on the Left Side of This Chart". That side would be totally barren of any entries.

"The clock and the calendar!" "The clock and the calendar!" Did the Republicans' consultants

tell them that their base could not absorb more than two words?

Would someone ask them exactly what in hell that even means? Why not pipe wrenches and rutabagas?

To the Trumpies who want Rudy to bring his "report" before Congress:

"Please proceed!"

Most of us have a conscience--- an internal psychological mechanism that pretty reliably tells

us what is right and what is wrong; what's "OK" and what is not. And, most of us find it difficult, if not impossible, to violate our consciences without "acting guilty". We are not good liars and the thought of actually doing something overtly criminal, like robbing a bank or burglarizing a residence, is enough to make us feel queasy. Having a conscience definitely sets limits on a person's conduct, which is why the lack of a conscience is a requirement for those employed by the Trump regime.

When I was in college, one of the larger women's dorms installed a new "largest screen available" (25" ) color TV in their lounge. It is hard to imagine now, but this was actually a topic of discussion on campus, as in "WOW! Have you seen the HUGE color TV in Blank Hall?". It lasted about a week.

On a Friday afternoon, in broad daylight, a white van pulled up to the main entrance to the dorm. Two guys in coveralls got out and, pushing a two-wheel handcart, walked inside and took the elevator down to the lounge. The handful of students watching at that hour were told that the set had to go "to the shop" for "color adjustment". The set was soon wheeled onto the elevator, out the door and into the van. They drove away and the set was never recovered.

These guys just brazenly and calmly committed felony theft in front of multiple witnesses and they got away with it because they acted as if they were entitled to do the acts which constituted the crime.

Trump---and Barr and Pompeo and Mulvaney and Perry---and others---have committed more crimes than I want to take the time to list and they have done so in front of the nation, often in front of the press and, in several instances, have admitted committing the crimes. Their crime spree continues to this day. And, because we mistakenly credit them with possessing consciences like the rest of us, too many of us just can't believe that the Trump thugs are capable of such open and brazen criminality.

And, that's how Blank Hall lost it's new Magnavox back in '69.

An open letter to those who watched just an hour or so of today's hearing and came away disgusted,

saying "THAT is what's wrong with politics!"---

WHO WAS IT---which party---that time and time again interrupted with complaints and objections and, in some cases, slander for no apparent reason other than to delay the hearing, sow confusion and disgust the audience?

WHO WAS IT that seemed to think that screaming their questions makes them relevant?

WHO WAS IT that repeatedly interrupted witnesses to prevent an answer they did not want us to hear?

WHO WAS IT that denied or ignored all the points presented as facts but failed entirely to disprove or rebut even one of them?

WHO WAS IT who wasted our time retelling their view of past events not even remotely connected to the questions now being considered?

If you have read this far, you must realize that the answer to all the above questions is "the Republicans". And, that leads to just one more question:


Currently, "what's wrong with politics"is simple: Trump and his cult of unquestioning followers.

If one were to cross an auctioneer with Sarah Palin, the hybrid would spew word salad

at such a rate as to reduce it to mere noise, rather than an attempt to communicate. It would be named Doug Collins.

I kept waiting for minority counsel, Ms Callen, to to lapse into "Fer shur, dude---totally!" when

she was "questioning" Mr. Castor.

Among the many emotions that are triggered by the Republicans' hypocrisy and childish

obstruction tactics, the dominant one for me is embarrassment.

These are supposed adults who not only have no problem with lying through their teeth, they do so on national TV. Further, and worst of all, they lie while knowing that everyone with an IQ above room temperature KNOWS THAT THEY ARE LYING! Shame is apparently a foreign concept for them, but I feel it for them. I am embarrassed that supposed "leaders" of our nation are publicizing their ignorance, hypocrisy and mendacity.

Maybe no one outside the US is watching, ya think?

Seriously---if you can imagine yourself to be an mildly interested citizen who

has not closely followed what is happening with impeachment, could you possibly watch these Republicans and not ask aloud why they were not even trying to rebut or explain the evidence ; why they were doing their best to rudely obstruct the proceedings; or, why they persist in repeating thoroughly debunked Russian propaganda?


Have you ever watched a fire? I don't mean "Have you looked at a fire" or "Have you seen a fire?".

Have you "watched" a fire; looked into it long enough to let the undulating orange flames begin to mesmerize you; free your buttoned-down mind to drift and wander and go to places it has been away from too long?

Now, will be the first to admit that it helps to pull the cork out of a bottle of something smooth and strong to sip as you stare into the glowing ever changing canyons of what used to be mere wood, but it isn't really necessary. The only requirement is that you relax and surrender your conscious mind to serendipity; you let your mind travel down whatever paths present themselves.

I think there is something primeval about a fire that stirs me to appreciate that, as I sit before it, I am warm and dry and really want for nothing. I am safe and with those who care about me. And, I consider how many in this world are not so blessed.

Whether it is the warmth of the fireplace or the rye whiskey, I sleep better after an evening before the fire. And, as the fire dies and my bed beckons, a fragment of a poem read long ago speaks to me again: "And blue bleak embers, ah my dear, fall, gall themselves and gash gold-vermilion".

Hope your evening goes as well as mine is.
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