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Seen on a GREAT tee shirt:

"He Who Hath Not A Uterus
Should Shut The Fucketh Up"
--------Fallopians 19: 73

Republicans MUST savage Ms Hutchinson. If they allow a 25 year old WOMAN dare to tell the

truth about the seditious conspiracy, other insiders may think they can get away with it, too, and where would that leave the "Grand Old Party"?

The growing discomfort in the GOP caucus has a very simple explanation:

their human suits are starting to itch and chafe.

This "OMG! A 'source' close to Secret Service says" gobbledygook is the equivalent of


Trump has responded to the testimony he behaved childishly in the Oval Office dining room:

"I'm rubber; you're glue!
Bounces off me and sticks to you!

After nailing Meadows, Ms Hutchinson to Vice-Chairman Cheney:

"Leave the testimony---bring the cannoli."

Simply the awareness that millions of those who heard Ms Hutchinson's testimony today would

still gleefully vote for Trump again is enough to make one fearful for our nation.

We can't let that fear lessen our determination to reclaim our democracy. That reclamation begins with bringing Trump and many of his aiders and abettors to justice.

How does one submit a bid to construct the planned steeple atop the SCOTUS building?

How about stained glass? Will it be put in all windows, or just those in selected chambers?

Contractors need this info ASAP!

We must begin looking into the mirror as these midterms approach and asking ourselves the

question Officer Jim Malone asked Elliot Ness in "The Untouchables": "What are you prepared to do?"

And, then, answer that question---really.

I know this has been asked before, but if the Republican "originalists" on the SCOTUS insist

that the words in the Constitution can only mean what they meant when the framers scrawled them down on parchment, how in the world can the sacred Second Amendment authorize possession of any firearm that is not a muzzle-loading black powder single-shot weapon?

Do ya think maybe the Constitution is a "living document" only when the actual words are inconvenient?
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