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Those lucky enough to have fruit trees to care for will understand this.

An apple or peach or cherry tree, well cared for, has no major problems caused by insects.

Dormant oil spray in spring, a good orchard spray at budding and flowering and fruit-set takes care of most of them, but an occasional spritz of fungicide might be required in wet years. And, then, there's the absolute necessity of pruning.

Broken branches, dead wood and crossing branches must be cut away if the tree is to prosper for many years. It may seem counterintuitive, but one must regularly cut away and discard part of the tree or it will fail.

Ignore any of the above for too long and the tree will either soon die or become an overgrown and diseased producer of small misshapen and blemished fruit.

And, that embarrassing eyesore is an invitation to the insects I spoke of above. They will happily destroy what you lazily took for granted.

Democracy is more like an apple tree than we acknowledge.

On some days---and this is one of them---I feel like a passenger in a bus full of people

that's driving slowly but steadily toward a cliff.

Everyone on the bus can see where we're headed.

The bus driver seems like a nice man but he is texting on his phone instead of steering.

Those of us on the bus who fear the cliff are labelled "alarmists" and are repeatedly assured that the driver knows what he's doing and will eventually "do the right thing".

And, so, we all continue to just watch and hope that "someone" will do "something".

So, Rick Perry (snicker) sent the "aggressive strategy" text to Meadows?


Too often lately, the enormity of what can accurately be described as an assault on

democracy sinks in and I am compelled to confront how puny one person is in the face of it.

United we can stand.

Divided we will certainly fall.

Let's suck it up, Democrats----close our eyes and hold our nose if we feel we must----and support EVERY Democrat in EVERY way we are able.

At this point, the alternative is acceptance of Republican state legislatures "electing" our next POTUS and if that doesn't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up you should "pull your head out!"

OF COURSE I'm still "Ridin' With Biden" and, frankly, I don't understand how anyone calling

themselves a Democrat can't or won't say the same thing---PROUDLY.

So, President Biden has not YET accomplished all that he said he would.

So far, is that HIS fault?

Has he not tried mightily to herd the diverse cats in the Democratic party into a unified force for progressive causes?

Unlike Trump, we really DO have many of "the best people" and anyone with a lick of sense is proud of them. Millions in "dark money" funds are being spent to disparage, nitpick and slander everyone with a "D" after their name. Most of that stream of sewage is aimed at OUR president.

Joe Biden is a smart, decent and talented POTUS with genuine concern for and empathy with ALL Americans.

If you have his back, that's me beside you.

"Autocracy: a country, state, or society governed by one person with absolute power."

Read that definition.

Read it again.

Let it sink in-----wrap your head around it.

AUTOCRACY is now the sole political purpose of Trump's party.

Republicans do not want to govern; they want Trump to rule.

Let's not pretend they are a political party; they are a nest of vipers unabashedly striking out at any who dare oppose them.

Despite those yellow flags, the time has arrived to "tread" on them.

Maybe one of our resident trolls will pass this on to Lara Ingraham----

Ms. Ingraham:

Recently it was revealed that, on last January 6th, you were VERY concerned that Donald Trump was "destroying his legacy". After only a moment's reflection, it seems that you somehow do not understand that MOST of America is praying that we will be able to destroy Trump's "legacy" within our lifetimes. Have you ever taken stock of just what Trump's "legacy" amounts to?

In the course of Trump's four year regime:

---he gave us more racism, religious bigotry and misogyny;

---he told us that Klan members and other violent white supremacists were "fine people";

---he made "grab 'em by the pussy!" his most popular quote;

---he fed us over 30,000 verified lies;

---he represented us on the world stage as an arrogant, rude, vulgar and classless fool;

---he coddled foreign butchers and cozied up to any powerful autocrat who flattered him;

---he left us with hundreds of thousands of unnecessary dead Americans by ignoring the seriousness of the covid pandemic;

---he caused nations that have been reliable allies for decades question whether WE were reliable friends;

---he used the prestige and power of the presidency to enrich himself and his spawn;

---he was impeached twice---a record---and was spared conviction and removal from office ONLY because of the transparent partisan corruption of his party in the Senate;

There's more, Lara, but I will end this by reminding you that, not only was he not re-elected, he threw a tantrum about his defeat and incited a violent insurrection in an attempt to seize the presidency he had just lost.

This has been but a sampling of the loss, pain, grief, disgust and fear which constitute Trump's "legacy, Ms Ingraham. It will be difficult to "destroy" and impossible to forget.

But, we are damn sure going to try.

I. B. Warpt, landscaper and dog Walker, announces the Grand Opening of his newest

business venture---the "Duck Farm Covid Clinic"!

"I may not have a medical or any other kind of degree, but I have done LOTS of reading on the internet and I am totally educated about what works and what doesn't.

I named my clinic the Duck Farm because 100% of our covid treatments are called "quack medicine" by all those liberal elites who want to stick you with those vaccines rushed out by Big Farma.

We have a whole closet full of ivermectin, hydrochloroquine, zinc, mega-C and several vials of snake venom so, "you name it---we've got it!" AND, all of our available substances can be administered orally in either capsule or elixir form OR, if you prefer, by enema!

To keep our overhead expenses down, we are a "cash only" business. A $50 consult fee is payable in advance and our curative products range in price from $100 to $350 per dose with three doses usually being sufficient."

Call today for an appointment today! Phone: 462-3665 (IMA-FOOL)

Hopefully, someone on the Select Committee is taking steps to preserve the evidence

they discover in a way that will make it impossible for the Trumpublicans to "lose" it IF they retake the House majority in the midterms.

I do not recall the details, but I do seem to recall the Obama administration tucking information into procedural "cubbyholes" before Trump took over.

If I was "Anthony" from the "Twilight Zone", there's a long list of Trumpies

I would LOVE to "send to the cornfield" because they are "very bad" people.
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