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Biden, antifa getting blamed for vandalism of Florida GOP office

Just like the graffiti on pro-life centers appeared after Dodd.


The morons tagged using the Anarchy tag again. Of course, thereís no camera, and the vandals were surprisingly neat, staying on the glass with their paint.

8yo Angelina tribute to Dinah Washington.

Any feel on rumors of Colin Kaepernick getting 1year deal with Browns?

Rumors are all I have seen.

Iím keeping fingers crossed, though. Iím buying THAT jersey. Or 4. 😁

Whatcha hearing Cleveland?

Dems getting slammed for spending millions to elect MAGA

Republicans in primary races over Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.

CNN just reported that Dems spent $44million on promoting Trumpís endorsed primary candidates. The report is really making Dems sound sinister and pettyÖAnd unprincipled.

I donít like Dems spending campaign money like this. I can understand a few moves here and there, but, $44m dollar campaign is a major commitment to a dirty tactic.

Just my opinion, but, the way the news networks are reporting the meddling reinforces some of my discomfort with the entire strategy, though these are not ordinary times.

Your mileage may vary.
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