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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 52,907

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"No man is above the law."

I'm almost 78 years old.
(That's OLD.)

All my life I've heard politicians and jurists spout that.
"The LAW is the great leveler."
"All men are equal under the LAW."

I used to believe that.
It sure sounded good.
It sounded right.

And then I got older.
And watched and saw.
If you are wealthy, you get a different brand of justice than if you are poor.
If you are black, or Hispanic, or just any 'other', you get a different brand of justice than if you are lily white.

And then this...this...abomination somehow gained the presidency, with a BIG assist from Russia.
He's been a provable con man and liar and cheater and welsher all his life.
And we are now told that HE is above the law.

Impeach ain't good enough and won't pass the senate anyway.
I want this asshole INDICTED by a grand jury in the state of New York.

Thanks for the vent.

CBS News leads off with...BOEING?


All the other networks' lead story is Mueller.
It's a puzzlement.


I was stopping the mail while we'll be out of town.
I searched "USPS HOLD MAIL".
The first hit was this: "Hold Mail Request | Schedule Your Hold Mail Online"
Just what I was looking for.
I clicked on it.

Took me to a website where I filled in the standard stuff; dates, name, address, etc.
Hit the submit button and got "There will be a one time charge of $9.99 for this service."
Then I looked at the web address.

I cancelled and went to the usps.com website.
Don't fall for this.

Ever tried to 'unsubscribe' from eBay emails?

It ain't easy.
At the very top of the email there's a 'unsubscribe' line.
Click on that and it takes you to as eBay website with a large 'unsubscribe' button.
Click on that and you get a sign in page.

Well, I don't need to sign in because I just unsubscribed, right?
Oh HELL no.
Now you're in the bowels of the eBay website and there's NO WHERE to unsubscribe.

You call customer service and are on hold for 5 minutes, then on with an operator for 10 minutes so far while she says she's WORKING ON IT?

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