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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 53,759

Journal Archives

What are you going to do with your pay raise?

We're either buying a Tesla or going on a round-the-world cruise.

For a kick watch "That Dude Can Cook" on youtube.

Great recipes and he is hilarious.

The latest Trump grift? Burying Ivana at their golf club.

"In his forced (and, he hopes, temporary) retirement, defeated former president Donald Trump has come up with a new undertaking. He’s undertaking.
Technically, his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., is now acting as a “cemetery company.” And he has already landed his first occupant: He just buried his late ex-wife, Ivana Trump, right near the first tee.

He has seemingly turned his late ex-wife (and his oldest kids have turned their late mother) into a tax dodge. Dartmouth professor Brooke Harrington, a specialist in tax optimization, checked the New Jersey tax code and reported that operating a cemetery at the Trump National offers “a trifecta of tax avoidance. Property, income & sales tax, all eliminated.” She tweeted that it “looks like one corpse will suffice to make at least 3 forms of tax vanish.”

Cooking videos

I watch a lot of cooking videos.
Almost all of them apparently are using brand new pots and pans straight out of the box.
Not a scratch or a mar.
Not one little brown spot.

I'd like to see them using something like what we have.

Weird thing today

Doorbell rang, Miz t. went.
Young woman showed her private investigator license, asked if she could park in our driveway for a while.
Miz t. said "OK".
I don't know if I would have.
She was gone 30 minutes later.

DAMN! I am SO curious.
Which neighbor was she watching?
She had a clear view of three houses.

Do we still do the 700 Club.

Back in the day when you hit 700 posts, you posted like hell to get out of The 700 Club.

The new fashion for late teens and early 20s: Bib overalls

For his 20th birthday, our grandson asked for a pair of Dickies bib overalls.
Seems that the latest fashion.
He's going into his junior at William and Mary in August.
I love overalls.
Lots of pockets.
Comfortable, no belt.

But now, it's a fashion statement?
Go figure.

Oh yeah...I looked up 'overalls fashion' and learned that to can pay over $1000 for 'designer' overalls.

Today's word is...DEMOCKERACY

DEMOCKERACY - A mockery of Democracy


Sauteed whitefish, frites, hush puppies, slaw.

I highly recommend "That Dude Can Cook" on you tube.

Great recipes, food history, and the Dude is hilarious.
Possibly manic.
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