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Hometown: New Mexico
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
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From the Bald Piano Guy. I think he's onto something.

(courtesy the ladies' knitting circle and terrorist society)


Well, that didn't last long

Newly erected Arkansas Ten Commandments monument destroyed

A new monument in the US state of Arkansas listing the Ten Commandments has been destroyed less than 24 hours after it was unveiled.

A suspect is reported to have driven his car into the structure early on Wednesday while filming on his mobile phone and posting footage on Facebook.


Yeah, he's bonkers. However, he's got good taste. This is the second piece of Christian idolatry he's smashed up.

This wins You Tube for the whole week, Fake News alla Rossini

"Mail Order Abortions" Deemed Safe

Conclusions Self sourced medical abortion using online telemedicine can be highly effective, and outcomes compare favourably with in clinic protocols. Reported rates of adverse events are low. Women are able to self identify the symptoms of potentially serious complications, and most report seeking medical attention when advised. Results have important implications for women worldwide living in areas where access to abortion is restricted.


Since it is affecting your mental and physical health together, consider disengaging

Tell extended family you are sick of politics and will delete anything but personal stuff like photos of the kids. Then stick to it.

Turn off the news. Nothing made me crazier than the bullshit infotainment the corporations shovel out at us every night. My high blood pressure went away and I was a nicer person within a month. It had only been a habit, a bad one. I found it rather easier to break than I thought I would, and I didn't have a satelitte dish at the time.

You've got access to the NYT delivered right to your door for news. I had to get a WaPo subscription for my Kindle since I now live in godforsaken noplace NM and the local paper is right wing fishwrap. WaPo has been fun, their editorial staff is not fond of Dolt45.

Once you disengage, you'll find that print news is keeping you a lot more informed than the boob tube ever did. TV is great for sports, sitcoms, movies, and the occasional PBS series. It sucks for news. Yes, it's effortless getting sound bites fed to you by the spoonful between ads for beer, cars, and hemorrhoid cream, but it's just making you angry and not informing you.

I felt sick on election night as one tossup state after another went for Dolt45, even though I knew that Comey's interference had ended Clinton's hopes. I felt sicker when DU was targeted. What has given me the most comfort is that this is not my fault. It's not your fault. And we can't be expected to fix it for them, not this time. Remember, there are more of us than there are of them, and even his own lousy, corrupt party is starting to fight him on key issues because it's so obvious he doesn't know what he's doing.

It's not hopeless, it's just our turn to have a complete lunatic in high office. He's a bad smell passing through. His power is limited and he hates that. My guess is that he'll resign at some point after a major temper tantrum over one of his pet projects, like that stupid, useless wall nobody in a border state wants.

It's not hopeless. Let your family continue to try to convince each other they didn't do something so colossally stupid they'll have to live it down for the rest of their lives. Not your circus, not your monkeys. Disengage and stay that way.

Still no pictures on the ground at the Syrian airbase

but it sounds like the Trump/Putin/Assad bromance is over.

I'm thinking more and more that Asshole isn't fully in charge any more, with Bannon's ouster followed by this.

Adam Ruins Everything: Why a Wall Won't Stop Immigration

Yeah, he's got one of those faces you want to slap when he disses a favorite sacred cow, here he is telling morons why building a border wall won't do squat about undocumented immigrants. Mentions deportation, too.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Heavy on the budget and hilariously infuriating!

About that terrorist infested hell hole known as Sweden

Swedish police featured in Fox News segment: Filmmaker is a madman

Why were you interviewed?

”It was supposed to be about crime in high risk areas. Areas with high crime rates. There wasn’t any focus on migration or immigration”.

How did you react to the news segment?

”We don’t stand behind it. It shocked us. He has edited the answers. We were answering completely different questions in the interview. This is bad journalism.”Anders Göranzon continues: ”It feels like hell. The real questions should be shown along with our answers. We don’t own the rights to the film, but the end result is that we don’t want to talk to journalists after this. We can’t trust each other.”

Have you done anything to stop the news segment?

”We just saw it. What can we do? One thing is talking to you. The excerpt they showed doesn’t say anything, we answered a different question. We don’t stand behind what he says. He is a madman.”


Toilet Training the Cat

Stuart McLean has died and the Vinyl Cafe is now closed, but here is one of my favorite bits of his:

"Dave Cooks a Turkey" is also great.

RIP, Stuart and thanks for the laughs.
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