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In which Helen finds her voice again


Margaret, I watched that jackass in Cleveland and lost my voice. I saw a Presidential nominee paint a picture of an America I donít know and have never known. I tried to respond but I couldnít find the words. I watched his wife lie to a reporter saying that she had written every word of her speech. When she hadnít, I watched the media say it wasnít her fault. I tried to respond but couldnít find the words. I listened to children who have known only lifeís riches praise a father who had made his riches by cheating others. I tried to respond but I couldnít find the words. I watched an audience shout down a Senator when he told them to vote their conscience. I tried to respond but I couldnít find the words. I watched amazed as Trump got more popular rather than less and truly I couldnít find the words. But last night, I watched a battle-worn President who had been unjustly treated and unfairly maligned rise above it all. I watched Barack Obama, my President, paint a different picture, a beautiful picture of hope, kindness, forgiveness and humility. And now I am going to respond because I have indeed found my words. Screw you, Mr. Trump. You better give your heart to Jesus because your butt is mine and I plan to kick your ass from the bottom floor to the top floor of Trump Tower and then down again. As I live and breathe, you will never be President. Never.

It gets better. https://margaretandhelen.com/

Germany blast: Syrian migrant 'behind Ansbach explosion'

failed asylum seeker from Syria killed himself and injured 12 other people after setting off a bomb near an open-air music festival in the German city of Ansbach, officials say.

Police said three of the injured were in a serious condition.

Mr Herrmann said the man was known to have attempted suicide twice before, adding: "We don't know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others."


Posted because more information is now known. He'd been turned away from a music festival by security. It seems security in Germany is working and probably saved many lives tonight.
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