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Mr. Scorpio

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Is there some school of economic thought that requires the US economy to be periodically destroyed..

As in the way that Republicans seem to destroy it whenever they achieve some unchecked level of power, only for it to be inadequately fixed whenever Democrats subsequently take the reins? Throw in some GOPr hamstringing as well.

One this is true: We all can't have nice things.

Because there is a clear pattern going on here, in that, the economy usually tanks under Republicans, in spite of the myth that Republican policies are good for the economy. They're not. Slashing taxes, especially the top marginal rate has always done more harm than good. It doesn't raise wages, or lowers the debt and deficit, and it does very little to circulate capital for investment.

So, one possible explanation here could be that economic recessions and even depressions are INTENTIONAL. The whole purpose of Republican economic policy is to stick it to the little guy. It's a pattern of control. Patterns to be followed up by a campaign of gaslighting, victim blaming and to pit one sector of wage slave workers against another. And despite and subsequent corrective measures, it's never enough to fix all of the damage done, because all we're left with is a smaller and smaller cadre of the wealth gobblers gobbling up more and more wealth. All that capital sitting idle, for what eventually?

And to what extent? Undermining our basic institutions? Our infrastructure? The basic environment in with we all live? How much of our so-called status as a economic super power is a lie, when a mere more of epidemic imposed economic inactivity has rendered a crippling blow against the entire nation. Of course, there's the malfeasance and incompetence of Republican leadership, especially Trump. But how weak was our society already when all that was needed was slight nudge to send us all tumbling over a cliff?

So, again I ask... Was there an established plan to do this to ourselves? Are we that self-destructive as a nation? Was is only a matter of time before we drove ourselves into this failed state?

Perhaps, I'm asking the wrong questions here. I can't profess some informed insight here, because I never studied economics. So what am I missing?

I leave this here for more informed minds to ponder.

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