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Mr. Scorpio

Mr. Scorpio's Journal
Mr. Scorpio's Journal
March 3, 2022

The Stand By Me Boys vs. The Goonies vs. The Wolverines... Choose your own criteria

The Showdown to end ALL Showdowns!

The Stand By Me Boys

The Goonies

The Wolverines

February 22, 2022

Eyes Without A Face

February 12, 2022

I wouldn't be surprised...

If these so-called "Freedom" anti-vax/anti-mask/anti-COVID mitigation protests are part of a Russian disinformation campaign to disrupt the Western allies.

Just saying...

Either that, or this white grievance apocalyptic death cult that's hell-bent on turning our societies into a huge gaggle of fucking dysfunctional morons is much bigger than I accounted for.


The Media is just simply depicting these groups of wack jobs as bigger and more influential than they actually are.


Perhaps we've generally neglected to build support mechanisms in our social contracts to help people cope with lapses in services, because of the massive inequality of wealth distribution in the world.

No matter what... We all have a lot of work to do in order to get through all of this.

Unfortunately, I have this nagging feeling that we're all now experiencing a prelude to a bigger, more dire global crisis. One that'll render a sea change in the world's balance of power down the road.

Anybody wanna talk me down?

February 8, 2022

This is for those of you who have also travelled abroad...

What food does the US do better than anyone else?

In my limited travel experiences, I found out quite quickly that, for some foods and dishes, the US has been outclassed by other countries. For me, the best Big Mac that I've ever had was in The Philippines, as were some Dunkin' Donuts. The sweet and sour prawns there could not be beat by anything that I've ever had in the US.

Also in Asia, I've sampled the most delicious of Chinese food and could never be beaten by anything that I've had in the states, and I've dined in both the DC and NYC Chinatown districts at times.

In Europe, the chocolates, dairy (milk and cheeses), bread and even breakfast cereals were all much better tasting than anything that I've had here. As a matter of fact, during my time in Europe, I was fully involved in the Cult of Cruesli... A European Quaker Oats cereal that has no equivalent in this country. For me in Europe, the soft drinks, wines and beers, Levant-based cuisines, even French fries (with the assorted condiments), were all much more tastier and satisfying than anything I've had in the States.

My favorite pop of all time has been a Detroit staple called, Vernors and for many years, it was produced in Detroit, in oak barrels, crisp and satisfying and unbeaten by anything else I've had. Unfortunately, the company was sold the Dr. Pepper many years ago, who took the name and label, completely changed the formula (no more oak barrels) and closed the Detroit plant... It's now made in Plano, TX.

For me, I can name three things off the top of my head that's best done here in the states: Creamy peanut butter, BBQ ribs and Detroit/Chicago style deep dish pizzas... (I've never had pizza in Italy, so I can't make any comparisons.)

So, for you, what does The US do better than anyone else?

February 8, 2022

OMG, I got hearts!!!

Thanks for the love!

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