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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 271,084

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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You're Welcome, she.. and Thank you for being such a wonderful ally and advocate for

our GLBT sistahs and brothers!

The President Campaigns with Tom Wolf to a Packed House in Philly! This is how the media describes

an "unpopular" person.. The "Enthusiasm Gap"?!

Tom Wolf @WolfForPA
It's a packed house @LiacourasCenter @TempleUniv to see @BarackObama help #GOTV for Tom Wolf in Philadelphia. #PAgov
1:55 PM - 2 Nov 2014

"Packed house, and there are people standing.. Seats 10,200!" How will the "media" spin that? They'll studiously Ignore it!

TheObamaDiary.com @TheObamaDiary
.@WolfForPA: "I know you're not here to see me"

Voice from crowd: "Yes we are!"

@WolfForPA: "Is that you Mom?"

2:31 PM - 2 Nov 2014

TheObamaDiary.com @TheObamaDiary
What do we have to do?

2:49 PM - 2 Nov 2014

TheObamaDiary.com @TheObamaDiary
If Jake Tapper wrote headlines:'Obama fails to hold crowd's attention at @WolfForPA rally'
3:03 PM - 2 Nov 2014

KSK(africa) @lawalazu
Aaaah. So in America this is how you describe an unpopular person? pic.twitter.com/R3djvJt5A3 I must go back to Mars and tell the citizens. Rolf!
3:15 PM - 2 Nov 2014

TheObamaDiary.com @TheObamaDiary
Enthusiasm Gap: President greets supporters after speaking at a campaign rally for @WolfForPA
3:31 PM - 2 Nov 2014


[font color=blue][font size=lg]GOTV2014[/font][/font]

"What are you fucking stupid?".. :o

Wow! Beautiful, your family! Nothing like an Hawaiian Graduation..

And, I get told my "approach is heavily politicized".. Rofl.. by pointing out that Putin is a

homophobe and President Obama is Pro Gay Marriage. The distractions the Putin Pretzels come up remind of..

Pravda (Hearts) Tea Party: American Conservatism Embraced By Russian Right-Wing And Vice Versa

"...kneeling at Christ's Holy Sepulcher which Obama never does when visiting Jerusalem. They see him going to church when they know Obama favors Muslims who attack Christians and their churches. They see Putin establishing laws to protect the church and laws against homosexuality. This they admire and this brings them hope. Hope in their upside down world where there is a leader willing to follow Christ. They have no Reagan but they see Putin whom they wish was their president."

"There you have it. Obama is an anti-Christian, Muslim lover, while Putin is the Second Coming of Ronald Reagan. A devout, law and order Christian who can inspire the Teabagging masses. Putin is their 21st century savior who can restore America and the world. The article even includes emails that the author received from Americans wishing Putin could be the U.S. president. And to top it all off, it closes with an evangelical sermon lambasting the "lamestream" media and exalting Putin's piety and the glory of Christ's guidance to the "Truth." [FYI: Pravda, in Russian, means truth]."



Blatant Weasels! Comment on blog from NorthJersey.com about this story..

"Bravo to Mr. Keady! More people should be so brave to stand up to Christie and his corruption, misuse of tax payer's funds. Remember the town that received Christie Sandy money though they did not have any damage from the storm but supported him therefore got the money? How about the millions he spent to have himself and family in the TV commercials. There is so much and so deep, hard to keep track, can't wait until it's over. Again, bravo Mr. Keady!"

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