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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 289,536

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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How about a "standard" of NOT Wiping your nose

on potential voters, deSnotface?
How bout the standard of Not being a fucking Fascist, deMoRon?

TY, Rep Swalwelll, & AG Garland!


Would that stop the EGOtistical

Dumpster Fire Zombie magaBots.
And, this is from Jan 4, 2023.

Dumpster Fire On Steroids

Dumpster Fire Gropebert..

And, this is from Jan 4, 2023.

Doesn't matter what number date it was.

What was Vaper "family values" spokesmagat High on to display actions in a crowded theater with children, and a pregnant woman, that should have been in the privacy of some hotel room?

"Firebrand" Gropebert? They mean Dumpster Fire

And this is from Jan 4th.

TY & Hillary!💙 LOL.. the Queen of I

told you so"!!!

And, Cheers to Tennessee Brando.. how Refreshing!

And, deMoRon is Pro

Wiping his nose on potential voters.
Aloha Lena... in the article it mentioned Jenner and Buck.. do you know what they did today?


Couple of snips from link..

"Marjorie Taylor Green [sic], Kristi Noem, and Lauren Boebert are adultresses. America first should mean family first, which these political leaders have not done," Erickson wrote.

So Ellis if FULL of Shit Re: deSadistShit..

"Between Noem, Boebert, Buck, and Jenner today and Trump's ridiculous wavering on the gender question... I have never been more proud to be an Independent right now. If I re-register, it would be for the sole purpose of voting for MORALS and Ron DeSantis in the primary. I'm so sick of Republican Party leadership being absolute morons and refusing to stand up for basic decency and truth," Ellis wrote.

FU Howler Monkey.

Just ask Joe Biden, whom she infamously heckled at the State of the Union as he talked about American servicemen dying. Rep. Jason Crow called that incident an example of Boebert’s “depravity.”



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