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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 271,039

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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That's too bad about your friends from

high school.

I attended my 20th from California to a high school in a small town on the Plains of Colorado. We had the reunion in Denver, though.

I was notified about my 30th but it was right before we were in a 4 CAT Hurricane on Kauai.

I won't be going to anymore but I still have dreams about my high school people.. there were only 17 in our graduating class!

Congrats on trending!

Pres Biden.. ".. We are Not defunding the Police."

And, there it is!

It's the damn QOP that's doing that.

Dear Joe with a pic...


Oh my.. what is he thinking

having $7 Million $$$$ in Fossil Fuel stocks when he advocates Against them!

That'd be kinda like talking about the Virtues of organic Veganism & having stock in fast food chains.

Thank you for that.. I see the link down thread.


Happy Birthday to Fourth of July Baby, Malia Obama!

& HAPPY FOURTH of July All!

Light Years Better this Year!

ETA to add Malia & President Obama!


Excellent Tweet Ad from Marcia Fudge's Mom,

Marian L. Garth Saffold,.. it's Brilliant!
Mahalo, she!

Thanks for the Reality Check. this is NOT about "EC"

votes as anybody can see.


& FACT CHECK: Reverend Warnock Does Not Support Defunding The Police

But Kelly Loeffler Has Voted Against Law Enforcement Funding


Yeah.. Mahalo!

In a rare intervention into a party primary, Mr. Clyburn, a veteran lawmaker and the highest-ranking Black member of Congress, endorsed Shontel Brown, Ms. Turner’s leading opponent.

Excellent statement form Rep Clyburn! TY!

“As the leader of this party, I am truly skilled in building bridges and doing it without attacking people or insulting them,” she said Tuesday. If sent to Washington, she added, “I won’t have to start with a long letter of apology.”

Rep Clyburn is NOT wrong.. you are.

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