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Awwwww! I still have my postcard on the wall from 2008 that says: Si se Puede!


And, she tweeted this about President Obama..

[/img] Terra Firma ‎‎@SDzzz
Susan Sarandon strikes again at Nevada Caucus this time saying "Obama didn't go in clean...he already had his ties." https://twitter.com/SDzzz/status/701614068432384002/video/1
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7:46 PM - 21 Feb 2016

So much BS so little time to expose it

She conveniently doesn't mention tad devine's "ties"... such a wonderful strategy for Hillary that the BSers are running against President Obama, too.

Mahalo, Rose~

#MothersofMovement.. Oh, I'm glad I saw this.. I missed it yesterday.. thank you

rivers. the beautiful pictures bring tears.

Si se puede, obamanut!

Whoa! good.. I bet their meal was delicious, brave! why would anyone want to come

in and interrupt it?

Ben Jealous.. not the reaction he was hoping, eh?

WEST COLUMBIA, S.C. — The problem began as soon as Bernie Sanders walked into the dining room of the revered, and predominantly black, Brookland Baptist Church. Instead of flocking to him, as people do at his large college rallies, many of church’s 780 members looked up for a moment, then quietly went back to eating their Sunday feast — unmoved as Mr. Sanders, the Democratic senator from Vermont, tried to work the room.

And, it didn't end any better.. snippets..

Ms. Brooker, who later said she was undecided and had once considered voting for Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, was again the loudest voice. “Amen,” she said.

“Yes, fired up,” a few more in the crowd offered, but most continued to eat silently.

LOL.. "yes fired up".. Brawaaaa President Obama would have none of that.. they would actually be FIRED UP AND READY TO GO!!!

The phrase was actually coined for Obama! BS is not taking that.

Gracias bravenak!

Damn! This is Perfect, rivers! All this crap that BS has been pulling right in your OP.. Gracias!

Sexist remarks. Harassing civil rights leaders. Trashing successful Dem presidents. Cheating. Lying. Stealing. #NotMyRevolution #ImWithHer

#JustSayin Correct the Record!

Wow rivers.. these are spectacular!

Clinton's win was powered by strong turnout among minority voters

They're what helped President Obama in the GE in 2008 and 2012!


All that money down the drain.. Hillary had BS, the M$M, the gopropaganda machine against

her and she still won Nevada by 5% or 6% wasn't it?

Hillary Clinton Verified account 
The feeling is mutual, Nevada.


There's some of that gonna on.. no doubt, Stuck..


Victory for Hillary in NV. Coalition of Women, African Americans, Hispanics, Older voters, STRONG!

The coalition Hillary won Nevada with:

1. African-Americans.

Hillary’s Nevada result with the African-American voters was 76% to 22%. Turnout from African-Americans was 13%, not that much of a drop from 2008 when this group’s turnout was 15%.

2. Obama folks.

People who want to continue Obama’s policies, strengthen them and making them better, not go into a different direction.

That segment was 49% of the Nevada electorate. Hillary won this segment 74% to 22%.

3. Women.

Women turned out in large numbers for Hillary. Women made up 56% of the Nevada electorate. Hillary won the women vote 57% to 41%, a huge gap. While Bernie won the male vote, the gap was a lot smaller, almost half the gap that Hillary was able to get with women.

4. Hispanics.

Early projections among Hispanics have turned out to be wrong. It appears that Hillary has won the Hispanic vote by double digits, based on strong numbers out of Clark County. Hillary appears to have won Hispanics in Nevada by double-digits.

5. Older voters.

Young voters were mostly with Bernie, but they didn’t turn out. Only 18% of the Nevada electorate were voters between 18 and 29 years of age. Another 17% was the age group between 30 and 44 years of age. However, 35% of Nevada voters were from 45 to 64 years of age, and 31% of Nevada voters were 65 and over. That 31% of 65 and over voters is strongly better than what Nevada saw in 2008.

Hillary got 74% from voters age 65 and higher, and 61% from voters age 45 through 64.

Bernie won young voters, but they didn’t turn out in the ways the older voters did.

6. Democrats

It’s our party. Actual DEMOCRATS strongly support Hillary. Among registered Democrats Hillary won 57% to 41%. Actual Democratic party voters took the race away from Bernie today.

(More in link)



Gracias for that article rivers.. Delores Huerta knows what she saw and heard.. she has a stellar

reputation.. the bernbros don't.

This interview with the WaPo has good insight..

Dolores Huerta says she was shouted down with ‘English-only’ chants from a Sanders crowd


Two sources — both of whom are neutral and not affiliated with the Sanders or Clinton campaigns — told BuzzFeed News that it happened the way Huerta described.


Well, something just happened in Las Vegas that might really and truly challenge that. Dolores Huerta, longtime civil rights and farm-labor activist as well as a confidant of the late Cesar Chavez, tweeted this Saturday night from a Nevada caucus location:

And unfortunately for Sanders's supporters, there's video that at the very least backs up Huerta's claims that there was an awful lot of shouting and hissing while she was on stage at a Nevada caucus location. A caucus organizer had called for an interpreter willing to explain the process and latest updates to Spanish-speaking or Spanish-dominant caucusgoers. Huerta, clad in a Clinton campaign t-shirt, volunteered.

You can see in the video up above that wasn't so well received. Some sanders supporters may have been disturbed by the idea of a Clinton supporter interpreting events for the entire crowd. But, that alone can not explain all that Huerta said she heard from the crowd.

"It was mostly the organizers," Huerta continued, "the Bernie organizers were shouting 'no no no.' Then a Bernie person stood up and said said no, we need to have it, I can also do translation or whatever. The person who ran the caucus said, well we won’t have a translator. The sad thing about this is that some of the organizers were shouting 'English only! English only!' The Bernie organizers."


Now, Huerta is a woman in her mid-80s. So any kind of shouting or hissing required a special kind of temerity to begin with. But for those not in the know, Huerta is about as close to a living legend in Latino civil rights circles and labor activism as they come.

end snip//

"It’s kind of a crash-and-burn strategy. If we can’t have it our way then we can’t have it at all," Huerta said. "I think that definitely Mr. Sanders should talk to his people. They are very aggressive, they are very belligerent in all our encounters that we’ve had with them. I think he needs to talk to his people and say you’ve got to show some respect. Its not about attacking the other side, it’s about getting our message out to people. Even when we go against Republicans, we need to be respectful."

MOre~ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/02/20/dolores-huerta-says-she-was-shouted-down-with-english-only-chants-from-a-sanders-crowd/

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